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Financial restructuring in Ukraine: problems and straightforward - Fedosov V., Oparin V.


The main designations of the institutional structure of the financial system є securing maximum changes of mind for mobile, investing in effective financial resources. In Ukraine, the sphere of financial market is being formed in a step-by-step manner, all segments are developing, the form and mechanization are becoming more familiar. However, at the transition period it is impos- sible to secure a proportionate development of usa lanoks. At the earliest stage of the formulation of the market middleware of the overdrive, the club and staff were reunited with good money for the banking system, which significantly affects the role of the lower market share.

The main change of mind of the effective function of the financial system є the protection of the rational state grant. In the process of market transition, the reform of financial innovation is fundamentally a reform of the financial mechanism of business, a kind of maximum year-to-day approximations to the minds of the market economy. Privatization became the basis of market migration in the economy, and now it’s close to the stage of completion. It’s independent on a lot of problems and unrealized problems, there’s the key problem - lack of power. The prototype is about a regular hair-dresser, having secured bi-efficient dyalnist and nadіnnuyu financial vіdpovіdalnost, say it’s violated, the fragments have been formed sooner more administrative capital on the basis of privatization.

Rinkova transformation of financial resources has changed my mind for the entrance to the economy of the economy, as it was in the years 2000-2001. All the desire and significance, the real effect of the reforms. The water hour of the situation in which the real sector of the economy is secured by financial resources is strained, so as to pose a threat to the prospect and the furthest reforms, and the stabilization of economic growth. All one of the key problems, yaku need virіshuvati non-silent. One of the most important strains at the beginning of the given year is to give all the best to the development of the national capital and the development of a friendly investment climate.

In the process of market transformation of the financial system in Ukraine, there is a separate banking system, a safe sector is supported by various types of banking services. The National Bank of Ukraine vikonє all functions, generally pay on the central banks. For the pleasure of a short term, I’ve gone to a great deal to give me a better system of coursework and secure stability of the national penny. Winning and realizing a penny-credit policy of the state, health insurance system, bank system. The head of the reach of the pole lies in the fact that you can practically indulge in control of the situation on the pennile market of the state. The commercial banks have switched over to the market principle of duty. The water hour is sovereign in the third function, I want to change, and then finish the day.

The main problem of the banking system is that it is most efficient and functional financial system, although the resource base is weak. The majority of commercial banks (68%) is rewarded to have a small increase in paid statutory capital - up to $ 5 million. USA. The overseas resource potential of the banking system to become less than about 6 billion US dollars, which is simply not met with the needs of the Ukrainian economy. The water hour is viduvayutsya positive structural infringement in the resource potential. So, the pitoma of the vaga contributed to the physical characteristics of 2001. 43% were against 14% in 1995, when there was a surge in real resources, as before they had been interchanging between the banking systems.

The main direct contribution of mobilized resources ув credit - in 2001 83% The prototype is not obliged to protect the financial needs of the economy, the cost of the non-repayment of the financial market - the lower abilities are penniless, by the day and by the day. The characteristic rice of the credit market of Ukraine є all the more satisfied with high interest rates - in 2000 p. the mid-oblast regional bank rate of the NBU became 30.6%, while in 2001 - 19.7%, interest rates on loans of commercial banks in particular 40.3% 31.9%. When you set the highest level of margin: interest rate for loans and deposits for 2001. became 16.2%. Such a situation is tied up with turnover of turnover, if the main official is to form a profit є not an oath of credit, but a margin. The water hour has established a trend to lower interest and interest rates, and bank margins. So, from sticky 2002 r. The regional NBU rate of the bank was set at 8%.

The form of the market of valuable servers in Ukraine during the period of transformation of the financial system, to the view of the warehouse of the warehouse, it was repaired practically from scratch. Independently on the spot, for five times you can remove the market itself, so it’s necessary for the functional infrastructure. Madly, forgiving the rink of the rain even after semblance and lack of labor, ale vіn postіyno rozvivatsya і the role of yogo zrostaє. Ninya to the market of valuable folders transfer financial bills (more than half the total bid) and shares (trochs less than 1/3). Inshtiinstrumenty - deposit, spare investment and certification, regional government and state posits - there is little role to play. The market itself is far from overwhelming to the non-powerful functions of the problems of defaults (financial bills) and the form, as well as the redistribution of ownership in the process of privatization. The main function - the mobilization of financial resources is poorly implemented.

The key role in the market of valuable servers is to play shares, although I don’t want to leave them alone for a long time. The liabilities of the fixed capital both in the nominal and in the numbered list (due to the loss of investment and investment) are indefinitely increased as a result of the development of the privatization period, as well as the increase in the number of available resources. The part of the equity capital - ponad 90% - is concentrated in concentrating in the non-financial sector.

Organizations of the rhinoceros in Ukraine have more than 7% of their total obedience. The win includes 7 stock exchanges and 2 trading and information systems. I want to be in a kind of market, there’s little competition, because the infrastructure will simply redefine the insignificant scale of the market itself. The first service market is overwhelmingly important, the second one is the trade and information system, in which there is an infernal seizure more than half of the organized market. To find out the structural proportionality of the winter, which is a bit subtle to the market, protect yourself from criticism, be afraid to ruin your control over the collapse of equity capital. For five days, it’s about to complete the delivery of the service and infrastructure, - there are formed institutional trades, registration and registration of the National Depository System. I play an important role in the whole process on the cob that way the commercial banks have played.

To the main arrivals of the furthest devel- opment of the market of valuable daddy нас yogo have the real goods - valuable dignitaries, so as to be sold and bought vigorously for more funfunctional business and interest in other business. There is a need for optimizing the structure of the market for all direct and for types of financial instruments, for more and more organized and non-organized markets, so that we’ll save and save.

The process of formulating the insurance market of Ukraine is unclear in nature - a way to increase the number of insurance companies, and so far it is more important. The financial crisis and competition competition led to the realization of attractively paid insurance companies in the minds of Ukraine. The insurance market will develop stable insurance debt. At once, we will leave you alone, one of the most important segments of the financial market. Insurance payments were paid in the form of GDP at the end of 2001. trochies more than 1%. An entire insurance market has less than 10% insurance premiums.

Inadequately є proportional to в proportional insurance payments ’. At 2000 p. insurance bills paid overdue insurance bills more than 5 times. The reason is due to the formulations of significant insurance reserves, as with 2.4 times overpayments were re-insured. As the situation is, which is tied to the insurance policy, steal negatively for the development of the insurance market.

Suttєvі zmіni vіdbulisis in the structure of insurance services. The role of voluntary special insurance significantly diminished, as in the mid-90s, the rooks popped more than half of the market for insurance payments, for wages, and in the remaining rock less than 1/10 for insurance payments and less than 1/3 for insurance bills. At the same time, the role of voluntary lane insurance was shifted, as if I were reinserting 2/3 due to the oath of insurance payments and becoming half the amount of insurance bills.

Stability of the insurance market in Ukraine є Development of a reinsurance system. At 2000 p. Bulo reinsured half of all rezikіv. Especially important is the stable official of the Bulo, who may even borrow a quarter of the riser bullet was taken over by non-resident reinsurers. One of the keys is to start the development of the insurance market є the form of the first infrastructure - the development of the system of intermediary services through insurance brokers and the creation of rating agencies.