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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

19.3. Nepovna zanyatіst and unemployment in the mechanism of labor force

The sutility of unemployment. Naturally unemployed and yogi officials. Cycle of unemployment. Social benefits of unemployment.

19.3.1. The sutility of unemployment.

Zainyatіst є nevid'єimnim і key element іvdvorennya bukupnno ryobo сили si, pradeschatnogo population. Therefore, without a busy local population, subproductive productive power is not a functional factor, it is not a product of a product that is simply ideal for working. Zaynata lyudina pracі є immediately warehouse of productive forces and the nose of the system of economic vidnosin. Functional working robustness to protect the material, know the life of people, universal development.

In the minds of market economy, employment does not mean absence of unemployment. I want to inform you that it’s always necessary to reach the point that if I don’t get unemployed, I won’t overpower the natural rivie. And in Denmark, it is respected that the natural weather of unemployment is approximately 5-6% of the work force. From now on, as many as 94-95% of the working life of the country is taken, then there is no need to work. This form of repeated employment will be called normative market.

We get homeless to get engaged in praise of the great-grandparents of the country, as well as for the reasons beyond them we don’t have to wait for robots, to earn money, to register with our state-owned services and to keep them in good condition.

The main types of є nature and cycle are uncontrolled.

19.3.2. Naturally unemployed and yogi officials.

There are different warehouses of natural unemployment, dignitaries, one who knows how to do it, and one who has dynamism.

Naturally unemployed є voluntary, frictional and structural.

I don’t want to get rid of the winners, since if I don’t want to pay for the fee, I would pay for the robot, I won’t get yukby won. “The voluntary unemployment of the order” on the importance of the correct rosum of unemployment. The economy can be efficiently funded, and you can do it without any harmony. A part of these people ofits oftentimes enter into unemployment. Graphically, motivate yourself in fig. 19.4.

Occupation in the minds of a nonsense pay

Fig. 19.4. Occupation in the minds of a nonsense pay

It is permissible that the paycheck is due for any reason to become W. High-tech robots are important, but the paycheck is low for them. Independently on the job, the pay is not payable. What to work about? Stink. Mensh a small number of employees are paid off, the salary is W вла x WLAST: в you should want to pay for such an earned pay. Kilkіst zanyanyt zh AF get down to AE. The level of voluntary unemployment becomes EF. Tsya chastina robochії sili want pratsyuvati, ale for the salary. Pracnivniki, scho zobrazheni vidrіzkom EF, voluntarily unemployed, because you don’t want to strangely want to pay for these rates of market pay.

Voluntarily unemployed to overstep the courier or to get the job done for the given paycheck. But you should stink at the warehouse of frictional unemployed and joke about your robot before writing college. But stink, it’s possible, low-qualified pracists, like I’m going to overstep, I’ll get through to robots. It is possible to impose unreasonable reasons, through which people voluntarily do not commit for the given paycheck; part of these people ofitsi_no vvatimatsya without work.

It is important to wrap up respect for those who are voluntarily unprotected, we can be economically more effective, although a philosopher and a politician can criticize the fact that it isn’t skinny that you can deny a robot a high payment. So, as a factory itself, I will need spare parts for breakdowns, it’s possible, and I’ll need spare parts, I’m ready to work without a hitch before the robot, if the winery doesn’t work timidly. This is a butt show to which, in a different economy with a high salary, the winners can voluntarily be unemployed (div .: Semyuelson P. A., Nordgauz V. D. Makroekonomika. - K .: Osnovi, 1995. - S. 335).

Frictsyny unemployed winery of the past year population of the species species, regions, as well as at the winter stages of the life cycle. Navigate more economically, take care of people, wait for people to work, like to whisper your work without any worries through moving to your place. Through those simple frictionless robots often joke about the best robots, but at the same time they have a few robots, they can be respected “voluntarily” without robots.

Structurally unemployment means unavailability of food and drink in pracivnik. For the sake of lack of wine, if you drink on the same type of prazrosta, then you can drink on the other hand, and you can’t get hold of it completely. At N_mechchinі, for example, a rhubarb of unemployment, I transcend 10% of the workforce. Water time існує trivalium defіtsit programіvіv.

Vimushene is unemployed by the fact that he is amazed by the changes in the market situation and is characterized by his own triviality. As a rule, the cost of the position of the rink market is not reduced, then the win-win is working. Tilki Chastina Robіtnikіv I’ll wipe off the robot, I decided to stay in the dark. Vimushene is unemployed, seasonally, technologically, and conversion.

Since it’s free to transfer, there’s a bit of skill, you can sell it, then people who have spent time with the robot have been handed over to structural workers, have to go through the middle of re-training, before completing the work. Tomorrow structurally роб more trivial, lower frictions.