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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


20.1. Gospodarskiy mehanizm, yogo sutnist and element

Organizational and economic vidnosini and state mechanism. Functions of the Gospodar Mechanism. The structure of the gospodar mechanism.

20.1.1. Organizational and economic vidnosini and state mechanism.

Organizational-economic vidnosini є the head constituent sign of the state mechanism. Stink to cope with the drive: labor dyalnostі; success and separation of virobnitstva; rozpodilu, specialization cooperation; the exchange of virobnitzva tricks, management; penny obigu; appreciation; finance and credit; to a marketing person; Infrastructure market is skinny. Overwhelmingly vidnosini approve of the state system of organization and management of the economy on the other regions. Gospodarsky mechanism, being a folding, bagatoaspektnoy category, do not disregard virobodnye vidnosiny, scho to understand at the sphere of specific gospodarsky dіy і zv'yazkіv. Winintrug not only basic footage, but also singing elements of productive forces and over-awards.

Pіdsystems gospodarskogo mehanіzmu . Gospodarsky mechanism є the most important element of the economic system. As soon as you can see how economical the system is, then it includes the self-sustaining state system of granting: a planned state system; rinok yak samostіynu pіdsystem gospodaryuvannya; traditionnine (natural) statehood as the state system of state giving. Leather with okremich p_dsystem vidpovіdaє adequate gospodarsky mechanism: sovereign regulating mechanism; market mechanism of self-regulation; gospodarsky mehanism, scho vіdpovіdaє traditional natural statehood. It depends on the fact that the pid-system is the state-owned mechanized engine, it’s characterized by the whole economical system: it’s the same as the market, then the system is the market, the market is the market economy; as if transferring power, the th system is planned (administrative-command team); Since it’s natural to grant statehood, then such a system is whole. Most of the time the market for the country is characterized by a system of economic economy, a reduction in the state of the economy, as a result, the development of a state-of-the-art economy.

Virazhayuchi day and night, save the ezonomichnyh laws, interconnection in the third system, the mechanism of state donation at that very same time is the integral form of the new manifestation. As a rule, there is such a rank, which on the surface of economic life, the mechanism of state donation is a combination of organically-economical forms, for which there is a certain state of power, control and regulation. But at the point of dawning, the mechanism of state donation is not just a sum of organizational and economic forms, but a show, but you’ve got to hear from each other, in exchange, it’s interchangeable, because it is a system.

Gospodarsky mechanism can be characterized on the rivals of the economy of life. First of all, all calls and deposits, which are typical for the system of economic laws, are securely coupled with the mechanism of their residence in the country, are manifested on the surface of the country’s economic system. In a different way, the mechanism of state donation, folding the singing ball of viral companions, and the very organ-wise and economical ones, aren’t only zooming in and out of the other way, but they’re working together in a more efficient way: vidnosini rozpodilu - vidnosini obmіnu - vidnosini lived. In the third place, by and by I will manifest the form of vidnosin moisture, the mechanism of gospodaryuvannya zabpepechuє uzgenezhnost in the system of economical interests and vіrіshennya wines between them of the superlative. Here is the mechanism of state donation є in the way of жен форм в рес рес рес і і і і форм форм форм форм о форм о в в о в о в о в в о ир о форм о о о форм о о форм форм о форм о о форм форм о о форм форм о форм форм форм форм форм форм форм о форм о форм форм форм форм суп форм форм форм форм суп суп форм суп суп суп суп суп суп суп суп суп. On the cutaneous skin, the mechanism of state donation is limited, but it is possible to get rid of yourself — through the func- tioning function, you can save more control over the suspension of the virus.