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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

20.1.2. Functions of the Gospodar Mechanism.

The confusion of gospodarsky mechanism is manifested through the yogi funktsії. To the main of them, in the political and economic system, the following should be established: realization of the standard type of moisture; obtaining and modifying productive forces and virological activities in an economic structure of suspensions; Uzzhenzhennyaya zazpechenny ruhu of economic interests; the development of super-transcendence; the form of the “field” together with the mechanism of the second and the mechanism of the future laws.

Realization of these functions in economic practice is based on the following basic principles of form and function of the state mechanism, such as efficiency, balance, system, social directness.

The dialectic of the mechanics of state giving lies lies in the fact that there is a complete manifestation of the form.

From now on, the structure of the mechanism of state donation is clouded by its objec tive nature and viral fox species with their clay suture - panuyus type of moisture and adequate economic laws. Dominant introduction of the structure to the mechanism of state donation ек Save the law, form I will manifest some kind of and approve of the element of interchange and interchange.

Organizational and economic forms are formally identified as possible. Familiarize yourself with your ob'ktivnoy nature, stink at that very hour є the result of sub'єactive dyalnostі. From the point of view to the organization-economic-law form, I-form the law of economic laws.

20.1.3. The structure of the gospodar mechanism.

Mechanism of state donation as a system of organizational and economic forms including such structural and functional systems: planning, stimulating, organizing, regulation. The skin of its own forms, from its own clerk, from the lacking in its forms, in order to reassure its functions and its interconnections, interfere with the official mechanism of state donation. The plan system including forecasting, pre-row, mid-line and more accurate plan, directive and index plan is lean; stimulation method - economical importance and incentive economy, acceleration of science and technology progress, credit and financial system; organizational system - the formation of organizational management of laws and regulations regarding the rights and conditions of economic sub-sectors.

Thus, it is possible to pay a visit to the state-owned mechanism.

State mechanism is the system of basic forms, methods and importance of the laws of law, the development of the superelations of the suspension method of implementation, the realization of moisture, as well as all-round development of people, the formation of the main system of incentives