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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

20.2. State regulation of suspension of that form

The main goal of the market mechanism of self-regulation. The main functions of the sovereign forms of the state mechanism. The mechanism of state grant is right. The main theory of sovereign regulation.

20.2.1. The main goal of the market mechanism of self-regulation.

Market mechanism of self-regulation ; yes;

effectively distributing resources for the need for the necessary suspension of goods;

Successfully func- tioning for the purpose of navigating mixed information (to give a mother a price about the price of the product and about the vitality of the first virobnitz);

To be safe and sound and to step steadily to the mind, So, rinok vіdpovіv rozrobka alternative energonosіїв, in the time of resource-saving technology, if in 70-rr. prices for naphtha have grown 4-6 times;

optimally vikoristovuvati results of NTP. Pragnuchi make the most of the most profitable move, merchants go to the market, introduce new technologies, scatter new comrades;

Vibrantly vibration and privacy and privacy (stink nezalezhnі in the reception of the decision, laid land and so on.);

the satisfaction of consumerism, consumerism, the availability of goods and services, within the reach of the marketability;

expand the assortment of products, manufacture, sale, sales, sales, and so on. Competitively compete products.

20.2.2. The main functions of the sovereign forms of the state mechanism.

At the same time, the whole power supply complex cannot be made for the auxiliary market forms of the state mechanism, but to protect itself from the influx of centralized sovereign forms. Well, for example, such nutrition: saving resources, which are not possible; formulating an economical mechanism for the benefit of a middle-of-the-line middleware (only legal acts can increase the contribution of environmentally friendly virology); regulation of the resources of the Republic of Belarus, which should belong to the majority of people (for example, the ribnat of ocean oceans); creation of incentives for viral goods and the services of collective corridor (for example, hats, huge transport, lightening); securing the right to praciu and income, redistribution of income; secure medical care at the university; marketing for the most important social goods, and not for the satisfaction of the consumer, be quiet, but small; stable and economical development of all universal characteristics and characteristics; incentive quiet rіshhen, yakі bring dokhid pіdpriєmtsyu.

Characteristic is the mechanism of state donation as structurally functional, a system of organizational and economical forms, it is important to have a higher degree of consciousness, it’s possible to manifest above-the-word forms, formally, legally. The mechanism of state donation will deny the political and legal character as a whole for the sake of politics and law, which can only be achieved through the channel and the method of public health.