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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


Theme 21. Laws and etapi development of a capitalist economic system

21.1. The economic system of capitalism of competitive competition: day and night development

The essence of capitalism in competitive competition. Signs of capitalism of competitive competition.

21.1.1. The essence of capitalism in competitive competition.

Capitalism of competitive competition is characterized by private capitalistic power in speech resources, and in the vacancies of purely competitive competition system.

In economic theory, there is a significant increase in daily capitalism.

Capitalism - ““ Virology for the market with respectable indi viduals and methods to remove the money ”(Berger L. L. Capital Revolution: Fifty-year Freedom. S. 35).

Capitalism of competitive competition (laisser faire) is characterized by private power on the resource of the system of markets and prices for economic management of the economy” (McConnell, K. R., Bru S. L. Politics: .: Transl. From English.- M .: Republic, 1992. - T. 1. - P. 47).

“Capitalist gratitude є ... such gratitude, for such a slack of vidnosini preoccupied with some members of the tertiary product suspension, priced by the last member of the suspension, poked by the speech commodity mask of the mainstream economy.” : ROSSPEN, 1998 .-- S. 93).

“Capitalism - the remnant of the operational formation, the yak was born at the height of feudalism ..." (Economic Encyclopedia: Political Economy: 4 Vol. / Ed. By A. M. Rumentsev. - M.: Economics, 1979. - T. 2. - C . 103).

As a general rule, in an economical country, you can protect your thoughts in one day.

21.1.2. Signs of capitalism of competitive competition.

There are no other ideas for such institutes of capitalism in competition:

1) private power on the head of the virobnitztva;

2) the system of recruitment;

3) freedom pіdpriєmnitstva i viboru;

4) the market system and competitive competition;

5) the role of the side is important;

6) the role of power is dubbed.

Capitalism is private . In case of a capitalist system of competitive competition, material resources and significant pennies are interchangeable with the property of private property, such as capitalist and capital goods. Private authority is allowed for capital and private funds for their own additional loans, control of material and financial resources and their ordering. The institute of private capitalism can be extended with a stretch of the right to demand, that is, with the right of the hairline, Mayna declare a decrease in the power of death.

The law of authority - the right to mine. Victory is mine and order it - find the right, you want to have a good and effective investment, investment and more. Chi buduv bi whether-that country houses chi factories, yakby singing squad mig bi konfiskuvati tsu power and remake її without відшкодування to power power? The right of power to penetrate the entire sphere of capitalistic virology, distribution, exchange and co-existence.

The order of zim isnu in obmeshchennyh rozmіra і state power.

The system of recruitment . The key element of the capitalist system of the state is ryman praczya, which is obtained from the process of capitalized viral goods and services of the wide category of working people, not having to leave their own property in large factories, factories, and other large factories. aktsіy.

Naimannya robotsii, as shown in topics 9 and 13, greet the capitalists through the purchase of the market. Rinok pracі formed in the period of the first capital accumulation, that is, in the XVI-XVII centuries.

Freedom of privacy and vibration . A quiet sound with private power, freedom of privacy and vibration. Capitalism is paid in one's own warehouses - households and homemaking - ideal for the praise of singing rites, to keep up and running economically more efficiently, passing through a sieve of free rinks.

Freedom of business means that for capitalism of vigorous competition of private businesses you can buy resources vigorously (work power, take advantage of land, land), organize your business by vibrating your goods by selling goods and services.

For the competitive capitalism of the German one-piece interchange codes, which were established by the state with the highest number of virobniks. Freedom to vibrator means that the owners of material resources and pennies can be on their own rosud of vikoristovuvati or realizuvati their resources. This also means that we are working with robots, engineers, managers and managers. - vіlnі will be engaged in a be-kind of pracі, on a kind of stench, I will feel my desire to work out my strength on a be-a-kind market prrats.

To freedom to vibor, turn on and freedom to vibration. Won є the most widespread freedom for capitalism of competitive competition. Respect, "... who will have a loan? Strategically position in a capitalist economy; the singing sensory is sovereign ”(McConnell K. R., Bru S. L. Economics: principles, problems and politics. - T. 1. - P. 52). Between the vibrator, the post-worker of human resources and material concerns, I will add a vibrator to me. Vreshti-resht, he himself is right, he is guilty of viroblyat ekonomika kapitalizmu vіlnoї competition.

Vilna (thoroughly) competition - this kind of zmaganny of economical sub'kktiv, for a kind of leathers for virobnikov, some bagato, you can’t absorb on the price, and the higher income, the refusal of the other, the same price.

For a system of strong competition, freedom of vibration, which can be realized in the form of the recognition of skin dermal treatment, is worthless, the basis of competition is the main drawback of capitalism. The competition is significant: the appearance on the market of the great number of independent buyers and sellers of a specific skin product or resource; the need for control over the values; freedom for buyers and sellers on the quiet and the lowest markets; the wide distribution of economic power, the necessary mental competence, the regulation of public relations and the sharing of power with it; vstanovlennya for buyers and sellers obmezhennya stosnovno realizatsії a special interest.

Vіlna rivalry є nevid є the most important attribute of capitalism is rival rivalry, as though the model is theoretical. In real minds, as a result of demonstrating historical development of capitalism of strong competition, the market of competition and the lowest form of competition is incomplete competition in form monopsony (div. Lower). Thus, capitalism of vile competition was based immediately on the system of competitive markets and monopsony on the markets.