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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

20.3.2. The problems are better thanks to the state donation mechanism in Ukraine.

Gospodarskiy mechanism of Ukraine , the yak was on the hats of improving economic reforms, one at a time in its own elements of administrative-command and market mechanics. What kind of a mechanism to transfer - to lay down the political forces in Ukraine, the nature of the reforms, what should be done, what’s the message of international production.

Vihodyachi from a vacant food, it is possible to make such a request straight to the gospodar mechanism in Ukraine:

zaprovadzhennya national democratic democratic planuvannya;

reserving regional regulation and planning through laying down contracts between the state and the region with great enterprises, companies, introducing representatives of central, regional and industrial organizations to the warehouse;

health through the National Bank of Ukraine но Single penny-credit policy;

implementation of regional policies, in order to ensure the uniform development of the territory of the country, the planned development of productive forces at the borders of these regions, as well as the whole complex of the people of the city;

health active structural, depreciation, investment, price policies through the national power credit and investment company;

the establishment of rational minds; the development of other and middle means;

health anti-cyclical and anti-crisis regulation of the economy;

health antitrust, privatization, privatization, reprivatization, denationalization;

the protection of the fair rozpodilu and the social zahist masses;

health program and forecast of economy;

the most positive is the positive side of the market and immediately neutralize one of the other negative sides (significant social differentiation of suspensions, monopolistic tendencies in the economy, and too much poverty).

Terminologichny vocabulary

Budgetary system - sufficiency of the state budget in the country in modalities.

State mechanism is the system of basic forms, methods and importance of the victory of economic laws, the development of superelations of the suspension method of virology, realization of moisture, and also of the common development of people, the formation of basic needs of the state,

State regulation of economics is a complex of forms and concerns of centralized energy for the development of economical objects, processes for stabilizing an economical system and that preserving them before the brain, it is important to increase the need for people to consume them.

The state budget (from the look of suspension) is one of the highest power, one side, one of those individuals and one of the law, one of which is driven by the remaining part of the necessary and additional income.

State Vitrati - vidnosini power (privileged) between the state and the legal and physical persons in the process of growing and living part of the national income.

Power gains - supra-state in the form of legal identity (dominance) between the state and the legal persons in the process of acquiring the power by the part of the necessary and additional product.

Deficit to the budget - redistribution of a sovereign of the sovereign budget over income.

Finance is a system of economic vidnosin, which can be stored between the state, the households and the people, which are mainly part of the national income through the mechanism of the subsequent distribution of the entire state.

The financial system is a combination of different types of finances (that they have functions) in their interconnection and interchange.

Control and power supply

1. Describe the basic and supra-element elements in the structure of the state mechanism, their role and interaction.

2. Turn around the main direct form of the state mechanism to Ukraine in Ukraine.

3. Formulate the sutility and methods of financial power politics.

4. To recognize the role of the sovereign budget in the regulation of suspension.

5. Describe the penny-credit policy in the transition economy of Ukraine.

6. Name the main pіdsystem of the state mechanism.

7. Turn around the average state-owned mechanism and economic vidnosinami.

8. What are the main functions of the sovereign forms of state mechanism?