Politically economical - Krivenko K.T.

21.2.3. Становище найманої праці за капіталізму виільної конкуренції.

Zgіdno in poslozhenni neoklasicheorii teorії zabobitna fee hired pravnіvika guilty dorivnyuati yogo marginal product (income). Takiy pіdhіd to viznachennya zabobitnії plati dokorіno vіdmіnny vіd marksistskogo підходу. K. Marx, signifying that the right of the hired prac- tice on the accumulated property is stored in two parts: Persha - neprhodna pratsya (V), the result of which is supposed to be hired by a robot in the form of a crib. "It is arranged, that for a twenty-year-old man to finish half a robot day, anthrokhi (written by us - K.K.) does not overstep the edge of the day, when he strives for the day" (Marx K. Kapital, T. 1. - К .: Derzhpolіtvidav of Ukraine, 1954. - С. 195). For a friend, half a robust day, the master of the work is the dodatkov product (m), which Marx calls dodatkovuyu vartіstyu, but the capitalist without eqvivalent priavlasnyu. On the theoretical basis of K. Marx and the yogo, the messengers are to expand the work of capitalist exploitation of the working people. By this rank, the theoretical basis has been written down, but by the law of capitalism, the exploitation of the naimanoi pratsi.

Prote from the principle of correct theoretical positioning neoclassic, in the ranks of competition, the cost of the board is limited to the marginal product of prac, does not vyplivaye, but the exploitation of naimanoi praci for capitalism is not competitive. Історія свідчить, що це it is far not so.

To Chom? Tomu scho for the system of capitalism of the military competition won yak dokonala on the markets of products, zabotivv vibrobnitsva that capitals. Що ж стосується ринку праці, then here rivalry for the capitalism of the competitive rivalry hovered yak nedokkonala. Practically won (nedokkonala rivalry) was brought kapitalalisticnym class in dyu shlachom zastosuvannya monopsonії: tserinok, on yoyu є lisha, one merchant of goods, services, resources, prači.

Kapitalisticheskii class vidnosno robynichnogo klasyu vystupav to the market pratsi yak volodar, a dictation dictated by the rule, in the number and value of the payment. The graph is shown in Fig. 21.1.

Zabobitna pay for the richer competition to the riches of the praeci and behind the capitalist monopsony

Fig. 21.1 Заборітна a fee for the finer points of competition on the market for the monstrosities of monopsony

Yakbi rivalry of the bula on the ridge of prac- mizm hiring robnitniki and capitalists-pidpriemtsyami thorough, then the pay-as-you-go payment for the competitive WB loan, is equivalent to alternative vartosty robochoy yak resource. Ala kapitalist, korostoychis vladoju on rinku pratsi, zastosovu monopsoniyu, tobto enter zabobitnu fee lower than the competitive river, skazhimo, on the river Wm.

Розглянемо соціально-економічіі налідки капіталістичної монопсонаії на ринку праці.

21.2.4. The economical rent and the exploitation of the naimanogo prači.

P. Samuelson is so described as becoming a robbery for the capitalism of the pre-revolutionary revolution. At the end of the century the payoff of the boulevard is low. Robotnikov vvzhalya themselves tslkvito at the Volodymniy gospodar. Їхнім ставищем були зубожіння і darkness. The stinkers could not stand up to the battle with the enemy, the strength of the Ikogo for the sake of the conflict of the boulevard was unheard of. Pidpriemstva buli organizovany on the principles of dictatorship. Robnik Buv Lisha "gvintikom machine", a robot. Such a boulevard became a historian, but was confirmed by historical facts and documents (div .: Samuelson P. Economics, Introductory course: Translated from English - M .: Progress, 1964. - p. 168).

For such a settlement of the destined - uninformed and unorganized - it is easy for the capitals to milk a boule to cope with monopsony, zbioti by the rule on the market of prazis. Thus, the salary of workers, it is possible, with the extension of the old one, to the capitalism of the foreign competition of the lower alternative capitalist robots. Kapitalii svidomo pomushuvali ekonomichny law pay praci, boo tsealo мm mozhnlivost pidvishchuvati svoi pributki for rahunok naymanoji prazі i zubozhіnnia robіnikiv.

Різниця між заробітною платою, еквівалентноею alternative vартості робоoї сили (Wg), и заробітною платою, the yak was established by the capitalist on a voluntary basis (Wm,), which is an economical rent, yaku kapitalist priavlasnyu, korostoichchis own ruler on the market.

The annulus, in Fig. 21.1 The economical rent becomes the value, I will equal the paraleleptic Wg Wm Em Eg. The economical rent is characterized by the exploitation of capitalists by the hiring of the government and the richest part of the economy.

The economical rent - the price of a riviera is competitive with a rented plateau, an exclusive alternative vartosty robochoi force, and a blanket plate, yak is shaped on a monopsonic rink of prazis.

Such a character rinku prači buv viznachalnim for all the epoch kapitalizmu vіnogo rivalry. Prote slid told, scho zabobitnaya fee і in the minds of this capitalism was postopov zrostal, alik yak rule, such a rank, it did not reach the rivnya rivalry zarobitnosti payi.

Otzhe, mozhomo zrobiti visnovok, scho na praktitsі kapitalizm vіnogo rivalcії - tec ekonomichniy lad, incentives for privatniy vlasnosty on rechovі resource vibrobitvva, vikoristanny naimanoї prači, systems of competitive rynkіv і monopsonії na rinku pracі ta motivuyuchogo stimuli - pributku.