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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

21.2.3. The stanische of hired labor for capitalism of competitive competition.

It is necessary to state that the wage of a hired worker is guilty of a costly boundary product (income). Such pidkhid until voznozhennya pay and pay in advance of the Marxist pidhodu. K. Marx meaning that the principle of a hired worker in a capitalistic warehouse is composed of two parts: Persha is necessary praxia (V), the result of which is to take pride in hiring a robot from the form of pay. “That arrangement, so that we can live a robotic worker for 24 years to finish half a working day, anthrochs (we have been blessed by K. K.) does not change the fact that a robotic man has a great day” (Marx K. Kapital. T. 1. - K .: Derzhpolitvidav Ukraine, 1954. - S. 195). Behind a friend, half a day at work, the robot is trying to get the product (m), which he called Marx as the pre-war wrestling, which is a capitalist without equivocation. On the basis of the theoretical foundation of K. Marx and the last followers, they declare the possibility of capitalist exploitation of the working people. Thus, the theoretical basis has been given, according to the law of capitalization of exploitation of paid rights.

Proteus is based on the fundamentally correct theoretical position of neoclassics, which in the minds of competition is paid for the cost of the boundary product, but it is not expensive, and there is no need for exploitation of the capital for capital competition . Istoriya sv_dchit, which is far from the case.

Why? Therefore, for the system of capitalism of competitive competition, it appeared that it was as thorough as possible on the product markets, of which there was a need for capitalization and capitalization. As long as there is a risk to the market, then the competition for capitalism of large competition soon came to an end. Practically won (the competition was not completed) it was brought in by a capitalist class in a duchy of monasticism: Tserinok, there was only one buyer of goods, services, resources, praxis.

The capitalist class of a truly robust class stepping into the market pracі yak volodar, a dictate umov praz pra, including the amount of payment prats. Graphically shown in fig. 21.1.

Compensation fee for thorough competition for the market and for capital monopsony

Fig. 21.1 Compensation fee for thorough competition for the market and for capital monopsony

Yakby competes in the market for domestic and hired robots and capitalists thoroughly, then the pay for robots is more competitive and the cost is higher. Ale kapitalist, koristuyuschie dominion on the market pracі, zastosova monopsony, to enter a payroll lower than the competitive level, say, on the level Wm.

There are socially-economically significant investments in capital monopsony for the market.

21.2.4. Economical rent and exploitation of hired goods.

P. Samuelson will describe in such a way the camp of robots for capitalism of the Dokeynsіansky revolution. At the end of the month, the fee is low. The robots respected themselves with the lord of the Lord. Їхнім become a place of boulevard cogging and darkness. The stench could not stand in the fight with the pride, the strength of the one for the be-conflict of the bull was unquestionably greater. Business enterprises were organized on the principles of dictatorship. Robotnik buv lishche "machine screwdriver", a robot. Such a bullet was the place of work, which is based on historical facts and documents (div .: Samuelson P. Economics. Introductory course: Translated from English. - M.: Progress, 1964. - P. 168).

For such a robotic camp - a needy and unorganized one - capitalists can easily finish the booze at the same time as monopsony, it’s rude to rule the market. Thus, the salary of employees is possible by stretching out the entire capital of the competitive competition by lower alternative labor force. Capitalism svidomo violated the economical law of payment of benefits, which in turn gave them the opportunity to raise their income for the rents of rented goods and labor protection.

I’m established by the payroll, equivalent alternative labor force (Wg), and by the payee, the yak was established by the arbitrarily (Wm), I have the right to have the right to pay, I have the right to pay

Otzhe, in fig. 21.1. The economic rent to become the value, the parallelepiped is equal to Wg Wm Em Eg. The economy of the rent is characterized by the exploitation of the capitalists of the hired companies and the price of the exploitation.

Economical rent - the price is lower than the competitive salary, equivalent alternative labor force, salary and yak form on the monopsonny market.

This is the nature of the marketplace for the entire age of capitalism and competitiveness. In other words, what’s payable and in the minds of all capitalism has grown steadily, but as a rule, by such an order, so that it won’t reach the competitive payroll.

From now on, it is possible to harness the gadgets, especially for practical capitalism of strong competition, which is an economical way, incentives for private power on the speech resources of the virocity, and on the basis of the competitive nature of the incentive.