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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

21.3.3. Effect to scale.

For new technologies, they appeared in the remaining third of the twentieth century. in newer and greater old-fashioned galleys, more efficiently with lower vitrates, tillers are more likely to be able to finish with the great ones as much as in absolute superelevation, so it’s essentially the same as the market itself. As a positive effect to the scale is more significant, then the curve of the middle pre-Gostrati vitrates of the great feast of spadatima in a wide range.

On the graph pic. 21.2 shows a positive effect on the scale , that is, the lower average gross vitrats in singing bands are the oath of virobnitz.

The economy is zoomed in on the scale of virobnitztva

Fig. 21.2. The economy is zoomed in on the scale of virobnitztva

The wealth of the product can be attributed to the low vendor for the manifestation of the single consumer - monopoly. It’s permissible that there may be 5, 10 or 20 pieces of great versts. For virobnitstva 5 one vitrati becomes a bit 2 million UAH. for one unit, for virobnitstva 10 versts - 1.5 mln hryvnia, and for virobnitstva 20 versts - 1.0 mln hryvnia. Sketch: for viral work, there is an oath of production with minimal gross vitrates and for the most valuable resources, the galaxy is guilty of a pure monopoly.

Actually, the monopoly is stored for the time being, as far as economy is concerned, it’s large in size, it’s more important that the song is sold, because there’s a lot more money than the middle, but I’ve got more

As a rule, the law economically expands the scope of the law, the scope of permits to reduce the vitality, make more profit and better position in competition with them, as such.

For the sake of analysis, it is also possible to lower the number of products on a single product to allow monopolistic products to have the greatest oath of products and to signify a lower sale price.

Proteins in large galleys have an effect on a scale that is even lower than the singing range: the reason for this is that in some galluses there are great deeds, in the past there are a number of great, middle and other cities, since there are a lot of countries. As a whole, the basis for the sovereign legal policy is to fight against the monopolization of competition and the competition.