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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


22.1. Day and night signs of economy

Sutnost zmіshanoї economy. Remember the wisdom of the economy. Reasons for the winnings of the economy. National specialties of economy. Lay and sector of economy.

22.1.1. Sutnost zmіshanoї economy.

“Our economical system,” wrote P. Samuelson, “has a“ quiet ”system of complete privacy and economic control in order to protect yourself from the side, such as private institutes” (div .: Samuelson P. Economics: Introduction: English - M., 1964. - S. 53). About those that are currently committed to capitalism, such as a system of better economy, write the most important economy: K. McConnell, S. Brue, S. Fisher, R. Dornbusch, R. Schmelenzi.

Three main variants of economy are different : 1) conservative, 2) liberal, 3) social reform. Kozhen z them є ma vydmіnnostі. Thus, a conservative version of the economy of the economy for the exchange of hands in a macroeconomic process through the development of minds to develop the private sector and the market is important for self-regulation. The liberal version of the transfer is the implementation of important and institutional and social reforms, the regional integration of the private and sovereign sectors of the economy, the implementation of the system of national planning, and the progress of social and economic development. By the most respectable representatives of the model є in the American American economy J. Gelbraith and R. Heilbronner.

Social reform of the economy, the situation is the need for optimal decentralization and centralism, planning and market, individual and collective forms of government for progressive democratic system.

To the thought of the well-known Ukrainian economist S. Mocherny, the economy is a model of social and economic development, the transfer of private and state forms of power, the plan and reform, and the implementation of further reforms.

We respect, in principle, the process of formulating capital and economy in the western countries, in the United States and in the knowledge of the reform position, which was recorded in the “New Deal” of American President F. Roosevelt at 19. Theoretically, the specific mechanism of the functionality of the capitalization of the economy was given in the English economist D. Keynes, “Theory of the theory of interest, interest and pennies” (1936 p.).

22.1.2. Remember the wisdom of the economy.

Перед Historical change of mind wisdom of the economy є power and expansion of the sovereign involvement in the economy of the world, development of the sovereign power and the sovereign sector of the economy. P. Samuelson sterdzhu щ, scho z kіntsya XIX century. May even in our country there was an expansion of economic functions of the state. To intercede with each other, to engage in private, joint-stock, and sovereign sectors, to develop sovereign-corporate, or sovereign-monopoly capitalism, a new form of state donation is specific. In addition to this, the deceased should be reassigned to the economy of the sovereign-corporate aberious monopolistic capitalism, and the date is dated with the end of ХІХ or the ear of the twentieth century.

At first ten years of the twentieth century. the need for sovereign involvement in economics in the form of regulation and navigating the plan to revive the American interests of J. Dew, W. K. Mitchell, J. M. Clark and especially J. M. Keynes. For example, W. Mitchell, respecting the need for the establishment of a special sovereign body of the endowment plan, will bring to the approval of the economy in the United States, and J. Clark wisely should take into account the great economy of the world.

The last piddid until the third day of economic development is based on the latest, third-party principles of organization and state donation of two systems: capitalist self-regulation and social security principles. American teachings S. Chase pripritsіntsі 30 pp. having imbibed the book “Tyranny Sliv” to understand “capitalism” and “socialism”, to introduce the understanding “zmіshana ekonomika” (div .: Chese S. The Tyranny of Words. - NY, 1938. - P. 280).

Pislya Other svitovo vіyni tsyu teorіu rozvayut E. Hansen, L. Harris, P. Samuelson ta іn. All praciakhs are talking about upgrading systems based on private and suspended power, “clean” capitalism and socialism.

Vidomo, which is privately owned, is dependent on the competition of competitive forms of organization of suspension, and suspension is on schedule of organization of virology. Aly rozvitok suspension virobnitstva p_d vplyom NTP viznacha є evolutsii private property і, і відповідно, Rinkovoy form of organization. The great competitive market of the country is the assertion of great enterprises, corporations, monopolies and oligopolies. Vinayut organization and planning on the equal of the first lanoks (the theory of "organized" and "planned capitalism") and the possibility of regulation of market-oriented monopolies. Corporate economy of the vimaga has the power to strengthen the sovereign hand in economics with the goal of coordination, regulation, and indicative planning of suspension virobnitz. Organizing suspension of virology in the first place with a competitive plan.

It is imperative to wrap up respect for those who have power as an economic basis and a primary element of an economic system, and do not wait for a visible form of organization. Slid pidkresliti, scho "team economy", but "authoritarian", is not the same as a "plan-organized economy, more authoritarian won’t be for a form of power.