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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

21.4.3. Financial oligarchy.

Panuvannya financial-monopolistic capital in the capital economy and private financial oligarchy . Tse - capitalist elita, to some extent lay the upper hand of the monopolistic bourgeoisie, as well as the most successful managers of the largest corporations.

Representatives of financial oligarchs б the most affluent people in the capital of the country. Відповідно, іх іхні revenues є most high in the country and svіtі. For the financial oligarchy principle, the value of the money is not only great grandeur resources, but great packages of prominent corporate corporations. I would like to protect the representatives of the oligarchy’s great economic power, allowing through the participation system to manage giant capital. Zrostaє role in the structure of financial oligarchy of senior managers of great corporations, fragments of an unstoppably zrosta role in corporations.

Terminologichny vocabulary

Vilna (thoroughly) competition - this kind of zmaganny of economical sub'kktiv, for a kind of leather virobnik, some bagato, you can’t put it on the market price, and dodehyde, denying the same skin price, one.

Economical rent - reznitsya between a competitive salary, equivalent alternative work force, and salary, so that you can form on a monopsonistic market.

The effect of the scale is the economics of the vitro virobnostva, it is zoomed to the scale of the virobnostva on the way, the yak is expanded.

Capitalism of competitive competition - economy, incentives for private ownership of speech resources, openings, competitive systems, and competitive markets for the incentive incentive.

Cartel - 1) pleasing among competing sellers with the method of giving the price and sharing the oath of proponuvannya; 2) a form of a loan with great funds about thinking of selling, lines of payment, areas of purchase, quotas for distribution, fixing prices and prices for purchases of goods and services.

Concentration of virobnitstva - all of the largest number of viral resources and production products at the great enterprises.

Concentration of capital - a small amount of capital for the capital of capital (reinvestment) surplus.

The concern is a great bagatogaluzev corporation.

Maximizing the benefit of monopoly is to establish an oath of virobility on such a level, deletion of marginal revenue (GV = DG), and altering the margin of marginal revenue (P> DG).

Monopolistic capitalism is an economic way through the system of great enterprises, which have entered one and the same at the same time in the allied family, and, as a monopoly, they occupy the same place in the economy and the markets of incomplete competition; stage at the development of capitalism.

Monopoly is a market, for a certain number of sellers (sellers) it is insignificant, but a leather seller can be used to inject proprietary goods through the viola (price) goods.

Competition is not complete - the market situation, if the company is ready, the product is delivered and this part is delivered to the product, which can be filled in with the latest order on the form of price.

Oligopoliya is such a situation in the minds of incomplete competition, since the viral attitude in the galaxy is controlled by the small virological force.

Specialist Unia - “re-directorate directorate”, if representatives of the same corporation enter the directorate of the senior, and the first.

Syndicate is a form of monopolistic objєdnan, which should be considered as a metaphor for more competitive competition among participants in the sphere of procurement and procurement of goods. I’m a member of the general government and the self-government.

Participation system - in addition to non-financial and bank corporations, parts of joint-stock capital.

A trust is an active partnership, in a certain kind of partnership, before joining someone else, to spend not only commercial activity, but also self-reliance, to re-establish itself in an active trust.

Financial oligarchy is a capitalist elite, to which it is possible to establish the top of the monopolistic bourgeoisie, as well as the leading managers of the largest corporations.

Financial groups - a combination of financial and non-financial monopolies (oligopolies) based on the system of participation, especially unified and final sounds, including the number of home ones.

Financial and monopoly capital - a bank monopoly capital, which is protected by a monopoly capital of non-financial economy galleys.

Centralization of capital - one of the most important capitals in the form of a single capital of decree of economic sub-sectors in one.

Control and power supply

1. Name and obstunt the institutional basis of capitalism of competitive competition.

2. Why for capitalism of competitive competition of monopsy on the market?

3. What is the reason for the lack of capitalism and competition and monopoly capitalism?

4. Take into account the fact that, with a certain rank of monopoly, we can have a monopoly profit.

5. Why in the minds of monopolistic capitalism isn’t the bagato of non-monopoly capitalism (middle, small and other) enterprises? Point the butt.

6. Name positive monopoly rice. For the minds of monopolies є ob'єktivno neobhodimoy?

7. What is the lack of competition in detail?

8. What is possible to do, what is the economy of monopolistic capitalism regulated by the markets of incomplete competition?

9. What are the officials in the minds of monopolistic capitalism of the great middle, small and other business?

10. Can the US economic formation be called a system of monopoly capitalism?

11. How do you set yourself up for capitalization of financial oligarchy? Chi isnuє taka in Ukraine?