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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

22.2. Mechanism of functions of the current capital and economic economy

The interaction of two mechanisms of state gift. Rinok at zmіshanіy ekonomіtsі. Power at the economy.

22.2.1. The interaction of two mechanisms of state gift.

Zmishana is an economical system - we are ahead of the economy, as a function on the basis of two mechanisms of state donation: a spontaneous self-regulation and a regular regulation. It is imperative to extend respect for the functioning of the European government mechanism of “clean” self-regulation to the progressive expansion of the regular regulation of the primary business plan, of the international, national and international The material basis of the European government’s mechanism is the growth of the suspension of the formation of productive forces in the minds of scientific and technical progress and scientific and technological progress on the basis of the loss of practicality and special cooperation in the field of cooperation. All of these will actively require new forms of organization and management of virobnitsv, its regular regulation and plan for macroeconomic.

Evolution of the mechanism of state granting more than one commodity distribution, the most diverse economy and the most elementary approach to the prior presentation of the most prominent business plan, a different plan

In practice, and in particular, economical theory, the need for sovereign involvement in the market economy is recklessly argued. Disputes between theorists are too small for the intercourse of such intercourse, the intercourse of the mechanism of the elemental market self-regulation, the elemental forces of the natural (economical) laws and the mechanics of the natural law of the world.

History, which is more active in manifesting a regulated and economically functional state, is required to enter into a single monopoly, so as to get involved in the mechanism of self-regulating and completing a third-party contract. Vaughn іgnorє іnteresti bіlshostі dіbnyh і mid-virobnikіv. Monopoly relate to interest (deceiving a monopoly sideway), which does not mean that there are no interests of other parties, and no interest of power. The monopoly of the head of significant material assets to the suspension, so that more often than not, get the maximum amount of money to your budget, is necessary to the budget. The state is encouraged to conduct anti-monopoly policies with the clutch of obstin for the plague of sovereign, national interests. Vinikaє the new gospodarsky mechanism - the creation of the market-sovereign. Rinok has established regulation on the side of monopoly, and on the other hand monopolies. Capitalism to switch to a clear new stage of development, as I rejected the sovereign-monopoly capitalism in the Marxist political economy, which is based on the days of the continuation of a new economic union. It’s stinky to become more active, more competitive, more competitive with the suspended regulation of the side of the state. From the first side, the current capitalism is the way the economy is systematic and consistent with the power of the power in the united economy is the system of capitalism.

The main factor is the fact that there are two forms of organizing suspension of virology є the need for satisfaction of growing suspension of needs in the minds of panning of capital moisture (irrespective of form), the same is the result of suspension of virology.

Yakshcho for example 30th pp. XX century The first hour of implementation of the principles of the economy and economy of the country was greatly reduced by the economy of functions, that is, with the development of the suspension and the development of scientific and technological relations, as well as the improvement of the state of the economy. There’s a need to develop socially-economical minds for an expanded vigilance of work, so that the blessed singing welfare for the whole population. All of them are being promoted as a whip of socialization, democratization of government and conduct of power by active social policy, as well as not allowing significant social and economic differentiation and social conflicts. The state is trying to think over to re-create people from the factor of virobnostva (“people are economical”), I always want to specialize in a new roll, not only in virobnitzvt, but rather use it in suspension (“I’m creating people”).

Sochasna zmіshana economy and є regulated socially regulated market economy, as long as on the first person to enter the dayly satisfaction of the growing social and economic needs of the skin and people. Realizuyu tsyu metu mozhe tilki power on the basis of high economic efficiency. Until quiet feast, rest with an economic basis for suspension, capitalism is lost (capitalism), and by the way, there is no need for more business, there is little competition. Oskilki by the method of suspension virology є the satisfaction of the suspension of consumers, and the state є representative of the suspension, then she is tempted to regulate the incomplete competition and the virology for the satisfaction of the growing suspension of consumers. During the water hour, step in the power of the state into the mechanism of competitive state donation, take advantage of the capital economic basis and private interests of the state grant. As a rule of thumb, the regulation of suspension of virology is fixed, it is possible to slightly separate the interests of the private sector, the first for all financial oligarchy, the effectiveness of the involvement in the economy, it is necessary to reconsider. That is why, in the current economies and economies, there are more cyclical variations in the forms of organizational suspension virology: it is possible to adhere to the rink, the poem, the sovereign, and the mechanics of the competition, and the regular, V. Lashny, : Pidruchnik for student universities - K., 2000. - P. 485-487).

The dialectics of the relationship and the relationship of the elementary (competitive) and the desired (planned) in the mechanism of state grants are denoted by both active development of national economies, and so sub-regional boundaries. Along with the initial trend of such cooperation, expansion and strengthening of economic and social functional powers.