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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

22.2.2. Rinok at zmіshanіy ekonomіtsі.

In the minds of commodity distribution, the pan-like form of economic vidnosin є rinkovi (except for internal vidnosin), ale rinok ceasing to be but a single elementary regulator of the proportions of suspension virobnitz, raspodlyu income. For the form of the “competitive competition” market there is little to do in devious non-monopoly galleys (at the state gratitude of those in n.), Although there is no need to have a free market at the same time, we’ll have to change all of them. I want to form up to 70% of commodity prices for the market (in the US market economy) - even though they do not appreciate the competitiveness of the market, but rather they gradually become the market, and the price of the system is incomplete competition. The adoption of "administrative", "sovereign" prices is reflected in the mechanism of the establishment of a "monopolized" market in the economy. The day-by-day market is regulated, so that competition is not complete, I will need the sovereign and the third-party pieces, and regulated. Rinok modifikuyutsya. Head rinkovi elements to promote evolutsyonuvati: thoroughly competed in incomplete, self-regulation in regulation, poetry in the establishment of the price and so on. Actually, the rink of mechanism is forbidden. Do you want to act on a regular basis, what are the classic commodity-groshyn vidnosini rang up to? suspension product in more developed countries. The role of the oligopolistic, sovereign and the private market, the sovereign monopoly prices is admitted.

22.2.3. Power at the economy.

We have an active sub-economy of the economy at the twentieth century. a state power as a representative of suspension and zakhisnik yogo interests. The material basis of the sovereign regulation of the economy is the development of the sovereign sector, sovereignty and monopoly of political power. Independently, there are parts of the state sector and the state’s role in the economy, the role of the state in organizing and managing the virobility system and the growth of growth. There’s a big deal and a lot of order for a frequent, frequent national product, I regulate the right way to drink, the big deal, the overpayment is up to 50% and more than the national income. The power of development and methodology of economic and social regulation of social and economic issues, coordination, regulation, program of social security and social policy of social democracy. However, there is no way to regulate the inter-system, because in the first place capital is private power and not private interest, not classy interests are private and corporate. From now on, creep in on the new super-transcendence in the system.

By the method of sovereign regulation in the minds of the economy of the economy, the social and economic efficiency of the suspension, the protection of the economy and the social stability of the economy. The head of the state is :

establishment and thorough legal basis of the economy function, establishment of the rules for sub-sectors of economy: laws, norms, rules of state grant for all forms of moisture, structure, sectors; monitoring of the week-end. Owing to the form, I’ll be amazed at organizing and managing the suspension of viral assets in the minds of the economy;

competition competition and antitrust regulation with the help of the unauthorized panuvannyna to the market of one sub'kta state donation and the mechanism of competitive competitive pricing;

implementation of policies of macroeconomic stability, structural regulation, prevention of economic crises, security of employment, stability of price and money, economic and social growth of economy;

an upsurge in the distribution of resources and redistribution in the minds of interconnections and spontaneous market distribution, which leads to negative social and economic problems and inconsistent distribution;

redistributed income as it is necessary in the minds of their own market share, which leads to social polarization and greater significance of the population. Power to conduct social policy, try to think for normal work, to work out the responsibility of the singular police, social insurance bills, medical supplements, financial social programs.

By means of redistribution of income є secured social justice in suspension.