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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

22.4.2. Professionals and rinok pracі.

Legislation on the right of laboring bodies to organize professional activities, to prevent the seizure of labor interests as a whole for the whole country has played a significant role in the revolution in the labor market.
Professionals є to the birth of capital, the form of organizing workers employed in the profession for the sake of occupation, in order to seize their interests and rights as before the capitalists, so before the state, as well as the right to rest. At the first, professional professions were manifested for example in the 18th century. from the UK, on ​​the cob of the nineteenth century - in the row of capital of Europe and Africa, on the cob of the twentieth century - in colonial and fallow lands. With the development of capitalism, a robotic ruch has settled. Independently on anti-national laws, professional files cynicized, appreciated, and the popularity of the middle representatives of hired companies grew. The decision has arrived, if the bourgeois state has effectively been promoted to professional activities and draw up new laws. The United States has such a law, a kind of legislation that has introduced a new rule in business entities such as “hiring - hiring a robot”, and the national labor law. Universality of the whole in the system of labor vidnosin appeared a new lanka - a professional spіlka.

In addition to the national labor law, we will adopt in the United States in 1935, guaranteeing workers “independent right”: the right to be unified in a trade union and the right to place workplaces with hired workers. You have the right to protect the law for hirers to allow them more robust rights to take advantage of professional associations, to protect and protect people from discrimination when they are hired, to call them to land; Zobov'yazav hiring honestly negotiate with the trade union, organized by the directors of the enterprise.

Organizations of workers in the professional sector to give them the ability to neutralize by singing the monopsonistic tendency corporation monopolistic chi oligopolnogo type, so that the trade union form monopoly on the market price. Universality of the two-sided monopoly form. What are you?

Two-sided monopoly is a tserinok , at a certain one seller (monopoly) protest is a single buyer (monopsony).

Thus, in the minds of new work in the minds of new capitalism, there are two sub-projects: monopsonistic hire and professional spіlka. The ambitious result of the struggle between professional spells for the realization of their interests and the great industrial giants is shown in Fig. 22.2.

Model of two-sided monopoly on the market

Fig. 22.2. Model of two-sided monopoly on the market

The figure shows that a monopsonistic hirer is willing to set a fixed wage rate of Wm, as much as a competitive bid, and a split is dominant, for example, an overly competitive wage rate - Wu. What will be the result? Then M. Tugan-Baranovsky wrote: “The pay and salary are two minds: the productivity of the suspension, the installation of the great product, the fact that the price is reduced, in the order of the robot ”(div .: Tugan-Baranovsky M. I. Political Economy: The course is popular. - K .: Osnovy, 1994. - P. 144). View the strength and deposit the final result, so that the pay rate is payable. Theoretically, she is guilty of the deduction of Wc, moreover, at the point Ec, the rate of salary will be paid if the marginal income is worth (Wc = DG).

22.4.3. Sovereign regulation of pay.

In this way, in the minds of ordinary capitalism, it is possible for people to earn money, and then, to save rent. For such minds, the pay will be charged along with the income of the marginal income, which is the goal of prazya.

An important aspect of the labor revolution is the introduction of a minimum salary , as a rule, between 40-50% of the average salary, forced retirement care, help without work.

The amount of crime in the labor market но the water hour is an indicator of the active participation of the state’s power in the regulated payment of paid, legal, and intellectual wisdom, so that there is a considerable wage of competitive prices.

New work is carried out by the government, as well as actively pursuing the power and being careful to help others, as well as those who are most willing to work together with businessmen and capitalists. On the basis of social partnership, a social partnership of capital is formed on capitalistic enterprises of the utmost forms of power. It is also important that there is a great deal of time for the gross wages to be assigned to the widgets for the income tax bill (Div. Topic 13).