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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

22.5. Evolution and prospect of developing an essential capitalism

Evolution of fluidity. There is a need for social and social services. Historical perspectives of economical economy.

22.5.1. Evolution of fluidity.

Social-economic basis of the economic system є vidnosini vlastnostі . The historical development of the suspension of economic systems є the development of economic identity, the evolution of the European legal form, and so the economic development.

In the case of the “economic economy”, they interact with the various types, see that form of moisture. Panuyuyu є capitalist power for the sake of virobnitsva, but not individualna, but a group of aktsionerna. The current development of productive forces in large galleys of actively active collective and sovereign moisture. The core of the current economic vidnosin одного, on one side, capitalist (group) power, yakiznacha є kakisno novnee vidnosini imenznuyu praceyu і capitala, and from the tune of the private sector.

The legal form of the shareholder (corporate) power is considered to be legal, as well as the shareholder of the ive group of companies (there are dozens of several hundred different types of incomes that are available for a limited period of time).

Corporate Governance Features :

there is є collective capitalist power, I’m forbidding private private power, more depersonalization and legal power;

spіvvlasnikom її staє Naiman robochem force yak kupuє Pevnyi Quantity aktsіy;

Robotnik — the hair-dresser will wipe out the pay, pay the dividend for power, which will become the basis for developing the so-called “social partnership”;

zrostaє having lost the legal identity and economic legal status as well as the legal legal form and economic identity;

change management of group ownership (for general actions, glad to directors), form of state grant;

the monopolistic and oligopolistic nature of the great corporations from the point of view of their possession of the market and virobility.

In the minds of the “economy” the power is overwhelmed by all forms, see moisture as a gentry of the law and legal norms of moisture. Democracy is democratized and socialized; the government is socially and economically vidnosin. Especially special in the system of forms, types of moisture, state power, as a basis for foreign nationality and new social and economic issues on the basis. For an hour, the social and economic nature of monopolistic corporations will be further recognized.

22.5.2. There is a need for social and social services.

Zmіshanu economy іnodі to revoke from the social-reformist and socially-oriented market economy.

Offensive conceptual diversity: the need for social market economy, optimal renewal of the economy and the index plan, regulation of the economy, social population.

Vіdrіznyayutsya pіdhodi tim, scho sotsіalіzatsіya Economy at Dumka predstavnikіv pershoї kontseptsії, vіdbuvatimetsya Shlyakhov pererozpodіlu viroblenogo income "powers Dobrobut" for vprovadzhennya planuvannya Economy, and Dumka predstavnikіv Druha - Shlyakhov konkurentsії i pіdvischennya ekonomіchnoї efektivnostі rinkovogo Gospodarstwa, efektivnostі virobnitstva, however, i stink sogodnі not prevent the need for redistribution of national income.

Neobhіdnіst sotsіalіzatsії Economy viznachaєtsya, in Pershe negatively sotsіalno-ekonomіchnimi naslіdkami rozvitku vіlnoї rinkovoї Economy (bankrutstva, bezrobіttya, Creasy, bіdnіst) іsnuvannyam іnvalіdіv, ailment, bagatodіtnih that іnshih sotsіalno nezahischenih verstv population i differently zrostannyam rolі Human Factor In the current viral situation and the need for normal minds for the achievement of more robust power, it is irreplaceable that the individual’s income is increased, because of this, the share of virological activity is increased.