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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

23.3. The mechanism of the function of "sovereign socialism"

Planning of the organization of suspension of virology. The gigantic role of the power is economical. Centralized planned management of the people’s statehood. Rinok in an economical possession. The crisis of sovereign socialism is overwhelming.

23.3.1. Planning of the organization of suspension of virology.

Behind the plan of the prevailing socialist viral attitude over the usable viral attitude there will be established an uninterrupted sovereign-bureaucratic control, a kind of independent organization of the virobnitz. Tim himself will take care of the songwriting plan of the functional function and the development of suspension virobnitz.

Key lantern planning organization possessed by economy одар nationally-planned plan , as well as directive nature: planning є obov'yazkovymi for all of them р нич р Galuzzi and industrial facilities, which are included for the plan to the system of suspension of benefits, for the purpose of completing the plans for the delivery of the oath, the assortment and the inventory, and the delivery lines. Unsurprisingly secure the uninterrupted nature of the process of virobnitstva. The plan set out a legal law, and together with the governing rights and obligations (postal workers and co-workers), I will enter into a supply agreement.

A review of the plans and the planned goiters is allowed, prote, less for a reason, as a rule, I need to satisfy new consumers. Pereglyanuti plan mabut solidifications vidpovіdnymi vyshimi powerful state governing bodies and planuvannya. At the re-planning of planned plans, it turned out a bit more than an hour, which effectively reduced the efficiency of planning and that of turning it into a fad of economical, scientific and technological and social progress.

The Narodnospodarskiy plan regulates the proportional suspension of virology through the balance sheet of all markets and parts of the economy. In the name of the project of the People's Planning, there are also economic proportions:

a) national gifts (proportionality of the number of virology and satisfaction, the number of virology of interest and subject matter, the number of promises and thanks, awards and satisfaction);

b) middle-aged (general and secondary metallurgy and machine-building, expansion of ore and black metallurgy, middle-term industry and viral industry);

c) vnutrishnogaluzevі;

d) mid-district;

e) internal.

Thus, the omnipotent sovereign-bureaucratic apparatus, having wished to ensure proportionality in developing the economy , is spinning on the strength of the economically-penniless mechanisms, which has yielded to the singing world.

23.3.2. The gigantic role of the power is economical.

Zhodna from the powers of slave, feudal, feudal, capital-economical formations is not a non-contingent quarry of a suspension viral process. Тільки жовтневі події 1917 r. in Russia they left the cob of a new, fully functional country.

Apologists radyanskoї modelі sotsіalіzmu stosovno takoї rolі power in ekonomіchnomu virobnitstvі i vіdtvorennі wrote: "Power Sotsіalіstichna staє bezposerednіm organіzatorom suspіlnogo virobnitstva, sub'єktom sotsіalіstichnogo gospodaryuvannya in masshtabі suspіlstva, od іmenі suspіlstva i for yogo rakhunok ... by Tim Power, zalishayuchis body nadbudovi, staє water hour and the central economic organ of socialist suspension ”(Political Economy Course: 2 vol. / Ed. by N. A. Tsagolov. - Vol. 2: Socialism. - M.: Economics, 1970. - P. 127).

I respected that the function of the socialist power was not born of voluntarism and pretense to communal-gospodar elites before pan-violence, but to successful viral relations, as well as the centrally-owned and centrally-governed state. Power, having deprived yourself of the need for realization, take on your own hands and see for yourself the whole suspension of a functional center. Being such a center, it won’t go in without interruption to the planned organization of socialist virology, the economic mechanism of socialist suspension. On the basis of this power, the target is the controlling and controlling apparatus, a kind of control over the suspension of the first virobnitz.