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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

23.3.3. Centralized management of the people’s statehood.

Kerivnstvo possessed by the social and economic economy of being a whip of planning and operational management. I won’t forget about the realization of the people’s national plans, so that I’m reinterpreting them from the real world.

The operational management of all galluses of the state gospodarhood is governed by centralized state authorities - ministries, and between the gulfs - by viral divisions and heads of ministers and ministry committees.

At the kolishnomu SSRM, 11 foreign-union and 11 union-republican ministries bored with machine-building. Ministries of health are directly and indirectly operationally managing their subsidiaries. The tools of such management are boules: a plan that has been hardened for skin care, standards, a command, instructions, punish me carefully.

23.3.4. Rinok in an economical possession.

For the gained social economy, the categories of markets are protected, all parameters are separated, since there is such a basis, since there is private power for a large amount of competition, a large amount of competition. With a greater world of entertainment, you will be able to save items at the stage of retail trading.

The market for obsessed socialism is governed by the plan: better organization to consolidate the business plan for the goods and the price for them, plan the sales of the goods for the business of the industry and trading. Business opportunities, plans and centralized regulations, amusement of the necessary freedom with the functionalities of the market for ambush ambitions.

Naibolyuchіshoy point socialist market ц planuvannya and centralized price. The theorists of the prevailing model of socialism captured all the mischiefs of tools of a centralized, anti-market economy. So, Vidomy Radian economist O. Rum'yantsev wrote: “The centralization of the central planning assignments and the distribution of the centralized commodity needs is centralized. Jacobi’s condolence in socialist dominance was not centralized, since it was quiet, but the use of the plan itself became impotent. People’s statehood of tyranny would have a great deal of versatility and viralism with the dominant authority ”(A. Rumyantsev, On Categories and Laws of the Political Economy of the Communist Formation. - M.: Thought, 1966. - P. 239 - 240). Such a mechanism of functional socialist economy is not very effective. Vitratna economy was put together.

23.3.5. The crisis of sovereign socialism is overwhelming.

Crisis of socialism disagreed with the other half of the 90s pp. XX century

The crisis of sovereign socialism is leading to the collapse of socialism as a model of organisation’s suspension of the economy of the leather environment of the country’s system. Tsyomu spryala a number of officials. Among them, the most important thing is the loan, the fact that the economy for sovereign socialism is inherently inefficient, “vitratnaya”.

The "Vitratna" system of "sovereign socialism" is prone to extensive type of development, which allows you to mobilize in your hands the power of great resources, but not for greater efficiency, more important, and more important etc.). The system was able to realize through the parasitic nature of natural reserves and traditional asceticism to the people. Це - a system of catching administrative methods of administering the economy with respect to the rule of law, political institutes and ideological principles.

The main reason for the deformation of socialism is due to the dominion of power, as long as the state is in the middle of the whole process (div. approval and obsession of unearned gainers with okrimim persons, business, gallows, regions; Zoseredzhennya accept gospodarskih rishhen at the central organs (vidchuzhennya labor_vnik_v vid obob_v virobnitstva, the product that management virobnitstvom i rozpodil); the introduction of all forms of state giving to one - sovereign. In such minds, the power can be controlled by directive administrative-command methods.

The crisis of sovereign monopoly socialism is also manifested through the same way: hardened in the other half of the 80s pp. gross national product and national income; the zneviru population is more progressive; a quick living of material goods and services, a lower life expectancy; crisis of finance and a penny; zrostannya deficit of the sovereign budget, wholesale and retail prices; Zovnіshnyu bargaining.

Radical re-engineering of an economical basis is possible on the basis of re-establishment of a state-of-the-art authority with a gentry of empowerment. The basis of economic support is the transition of a mono-organized system to the manifestity of economic life. The most important moment in this process is the belt of the winter regions, the forms and the subunits. The diversity of forms of moisture and dominance lie at the root of the diversity of forms of state giftedness, which helps to change the mind for the normal functioning of commodity distribution. (Bіlsh in detail div.: Belyaev A. A. The mechanism of managing. - K .: 1990. - Ch. 1.)

Mova, in such a way, іde about a consistent plan and commodity-penniless plans, a plan and market regulation of economy. For the whole, it is necessary that the rhinoceros be merged in one of the most common structures. (Div.: Korna Ya. Shlyakh to economical economy. - K .: Science. Dumka, 1991.)