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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

24.2. Special features of economic and social forms of European culture, which are developing

Traditionally, up to the country, it is necessary to develop, acquire young, completely independent powers, have the right to have a different colonial settlement, and also have a different history of independence. spіlnogo z kraїiny pershoї group. (For more details about the country, see how to develop, div .: Fundamentals of the economic theory: the political aspect. - P. 431-434.)

At svіtі nalichuєsya ponad 130 krain, scho bifurcate. Naibіlsha іkh kіlkіst roztashovana in Africa - ponad 50; in Asia and Latin America there are more than 30 such landmarks.

Nowadays, the interpretation of the understanding of “the country that wants to develop” will take root on the most important criteria. One of the main є і ень ень роз development of commodity-groshovy v_dnosin. And before that, it’s necessary to develop, right now, a third interpretation of the same number of European and Asian territories.

There is a need for a clear lack of knowledge, which in some cases has the following meaning: to function two of the virology widgets: neinkova (traditionna) and rinkova. The historical vector of the new design of the rinkov pіdsystem, like the progressive vіntsіn nerinkov.

There is a particularity of market transformation of the economy of Kazakhstan, which can be diversified, those who need to redirect their knowledge of the minds of those who have such changes in terms of their basic nature, are generally unchanged from the previous year. From the first side, the form of market-oriented marketing activities in these countries for specific minds: technical and economic construction is irrelevant; specificity in international cooperation. (Analysis of specific economic forms of the European country, which are developing, div .: Economy of foreign countries / Edited by Prof. A. S. Filіpenka. - K., 1996. - P. 89-139.)

The peculiarities of the transitional economy of the Czech Republic , which are beginning to develop, were magnified by the need to strengthen the strength of the power of the country. Remain explained by the following arguments:

the need for regular regulation of foreign capital with the help of effective effective vikoristan;

Necessity to protest is unacceptable for the purposes of the national economy;

business in the national territory of the country for the suspension of public health;

Necessity of akumulyatsiya koshtіv for awards and expanded vіdtvorennya;

I will need from the most possible ovolodіnnі reach NTP.

Please note that, in the process of transition, the power will not flow only through the control system, but through the power sector. In addition, if there is a small basis for the development of commercial chi non-merchantable goods, the character and the prospect of changing processes are irrelevant.

Socially-economic evolution of the Czech Republic, schwychivayutsya , become involved in a different form. In most countries, the country is being rebuilt in the agricultural sector of the economy. We reiterate the commitment of the agrarian reforms. Significant respect is attached to the development and industrialization, as well as the transfer of technical and economic problems, as well as social and economic problems. Suttnogo znachennaya nabuva is the problem of structurally awakening the economy as a whole on the basis of the success of the scientific and technical progress. It is important that we overcharge the nutrition of the training of national staff.