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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

24.3. Social and economic re-creation at the post-socialist territories on a hat to the socially organized economy

The transition of the economy of the post-socialist territories to the reform type of the Europeans is subject to reform. There is a need for transferring the required regulation of the transition processes from the side of the suspension. Suspension of vibraє on ahead of Kintsev’s meta of transformation of economy, which is good for stretching the transition period. By such a method є transition to a socially integrated economy.

The term "business economy" is not a blessing for an unambiguous interpretation. Існує декілька підходів prior to the first visit, but we don’t have to deal with them. Kozhen z pіdkhodіv yes the announcement about the song "Зріз" of the designated category, and that on the other hand, the recognition of the understanding "Зімішана economy" is possible to pay less to the viewer of the limited edition of the notice.

One side of the economy is the characterization of the position of the latest forms of moisture. Looking at the economics of economy on one side, we’ll broaden it. From the side, to the economy, we often recognize and as such, in order to keep in touch with the market and the state mechanics of regulation. You can see the economy as well as the prism of the economic and rational foundations of the structure of ordinary suspension. Now, look at the economy of the country as a day, at the expense of private capital and social security (manifestations of social guarantees).

The economy is characterized by no less than the manifestity of different structural elements, as well as the assertion of specific forms of their latest and final form.

Progressive trend of development of the Ukrainian transition economy in connection with the formally socialized economy. The social organization is not in high school, it’s not in the context, but rather an effective result of the development of the economy. In such a rozumіnnі socially oriented market economy is yak rіzvid zmіshanoі economy - tse:

1) the economy, the yak was based on the basis of a discreetly marketed vidnosin system;

2) the economy of the type, type of communication that will follow the rules of regulation from the side of the state;

3) economy, the yak is based on victoriously overtly intensive factors in economic growth;

4) the economy, social and environmental development of the need for realizing the trio of the front of the rice.

For the purpose of characterizing the basic, basic and direct form of institutional and economic minds, the transition to a socially controlled economy is

СтитуInstitutsіynі umovi - tse umov for the function of the market system, as well as a hat to fall asleep in new legal, economic, social institutes, form of new vidnosin between them.

Saving for the future, for the sake of the future, for the establishment of different forms of power, for the sake of health and privatization, for the establishment and development of the right to economically and freely grant them all. (Report div.: Buzgalin A.V. Transitional economics. - M., 1994. - P. 97—164, 207—229; Fundamentals of the economic theory: the political aspect. - P. 450-469.)

Transitional economy, as it were, a process to develop, dominion of super-hype. All superachnosti not only old, scho vidmiraє, novim, scho people, ale and superachnost all-new. The rest can include: superechnost between the mechanism of self-regulation of the market and the mechanism of regulation of economy from the side of the state; superechnost mіzh orіntsіntatsіyu, from one side, on the development of pidprimnimskih (his їstichnyh) fundamentals of the functionalities of the economy, and from the nth side - on її social wages; superezhnost mid-formality of the economy and the need for the protection of the economy of the environment, the hardship of the virology companion.