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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

24.4. The form of the current market intelligence and market infrastructure

By the active servant of the economy of Ukraine є the form of the mainstream (and not formal) marketplace business. Formally, the elements of this integration were disregarded in the planned economy. Aly zovnіshnі form ikh exhortation did not bully up to date with an adequate serpent.

Crossing to the marketplace of transferring us to the front of the economy, the most important factors are:

the transition to vіlnoy price;

organizing trade based on the principle of free trade for all sub-sectors of the state d'yalnost;

on the order of dyalnost virobnik vimogam market.

Assigned problems and overestimate more than internal economy. Ale is for the entire funktsiononuvannya rinku tsyogo hush. Necessarily healthy as well as liberalization of sound sounds.

The main forms of є:

lіkvіdatsіya povnennogo zovnіshnyoekonomіchnyh zv'yazkіv;

mindset for the tide of foreign investment;

Memorial to export and import (vіdmіna non-correctness omezhen і pіlg);

security of national currency convertibility - hryvnia.

The form of renewed market interest is inconsequential without the creation of market infrastructure - a system of economical and supervising mortgages (institutes), and simple servicing of goods with unlimited supply of goods. (The previous day of the warehouse and infrastructure infrastructure is in charge: Gritsenko A., Soboliev V. Rinkova infrastructure: the essence, functions, budova // Economy of Ukraine. - 1998. - No. 4.)

The process of formulating the market infrastructure for the transition to the economy of singularities, and itself:

bagato from the institute of the market infrastructure are, apparently, on the "empty street", so that without analogs at the past (banks, commercial banks are so thin);

the establishment of the institute does not expect to be based on a legally sound legal basis, which can be reduced to the most dangerous ones (one of the most important applications is the financial support of the "pyramid");

new institute news do not wait to clearly identify your business with the infrastructure and don’t wait to understand and visually pay for their functions;

the minimum inconsistency of the wines and the development of the elements of the market infrastructure. Say, a slovenly development of the least commercial banks cannot be correlated with the establishment of pension funds;

bagato institutіv rinkovo ​​іinfrastruktury dyyut pity, hang like a head I met the problem of vizhivannya.

The process of formulating market-oriented and market-oriented infrastructures is supervised by the establishment of market-based and sovereign mechanisms of regulation of the economy. Improvement of the special features and the interconnection of these processes to students can be assisted by a more intricate starting material with those 8 “Market: daily, functional models” and those 15 “Power and economic functions”.

Features of the market transformation of the economy of Ukraine are possible as follows:

1) the lead camp of the market rebate - the antipode of the market - the planned economy. To go to the marketplace of visions, you must be a whore of the most glorious intercourse of the front-line vidnosin;

2) the global nature of transformational change. Зміні підлягає everything: vidnosini vlosnostі, a way to distribute resources, motivation, value and spare an economic development, element of awakening;

3) growing role of non-economic factors in development. Now, before you agree on the correctness of the vibrational course of economic overconfiguration and concern, they are welcome;

4) transformational economic recession, zooming by a significant number of pro-girls at the vibration rate, overturning and interest in realizing;

5) the need for the provision of fundamentally new economically vіdnosin from the lands of the colossal SRSR;

6) the complexity of integration of Ukraine with the state thanks;

7) the length of the transformational period is torn apart from the next post-socialist regions;

8) the highest level of economy (ponad 50% of GDP) and the prevalence of oligarchic-clan structures.

Terminologichny vocabulary

Borders that are well developed are those with weakly developed economies, low economic potentials, high technology and technology, and a non-progressive structure of economics and economies that are important.

Perekhidna ekonomika - a country of economy; for a certain way, I will go forward one way to a new one for a racket of fundamental reforms of an economic system.

The natural-European type of transition economy - the category, the image of the natural movement of the European economic systems with the influx of natural-climatic, environmental-economic and social-cultural factors.

The reform-evolving type of transition economy is the category, type of transformation of the economy system for the ability of singing to regulate transition processes from the side of suspension.

Control and power supply

1. Be aware of the aspects, in which there is a change of process for ordinary minds.

2. Explain who has the advantage of the transition economy.

3. Viznachte, as officials to pour on the form to the owner of the economy.

4. Name the type of transition economy.

5. Describe the peculiarities of the transition economy, which are developing.

7. Turn around the main social and economic problems of the European country, which will develop.

8. Unscramble the understanding of the “economy”. What is the visibility of the social and economic economy?

9. Describe the institutional and economic aspects of the transition to the socially-oriented economy of the post-Soviet territories.

What are the main hats for the form of market-oriented business and market infrastructure in Ukraine?

What kind of sound is there between global and local processes?

What are the social and economic benefits of privatization and privatization of power in Ukraine?

Before an economic system, in your opinion, is Ukraine direct?

What are the main super-hypers of the economy of Ukraine?