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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.



25.1. Svitov gospodarstvo: sutnіst that structure

The sutnist of holy statehood and that of yogic development. Klasifіkatsіya group of the kraj svіtogo gospodarstva.

25.1.1. The sutnist of holy statehood and that of yogic development.

Repairing the economy, you need to know how to use it, and to all of the country, you can save the same sounds from one and the same, to get the most out of the way, . The theme itself is dedicated to this food.

Sovereign gospodarstvo - the whole of greater national gratitude, in order to take part in the international vocation of praxis and on the other hand through a system of international economic vidnosin. It is, in fact, a global economic organism, in which they are inclined and grow together with each other and with each other and with our country and people.

Holy statehood є historical and politekonomichny category. This is explained by the fact that the skin-specific historical background of the development of the sacred scale and the level of the virology, the international life and the social and economic structure.

Svitova gospodarstvo thought it took a long time to finish, protea residually as the system was stored nearly a hundred years ago, at the turn of the 19th — 20th centuries. Having become the basis of the first progressive form, the international market, the approval of a certain type of education in the 11th-18th centuries, and especially intensively, from the middle of the 19th century, since the sunset is dominated by the old virobnichestvo.

The main milestones in the development of holy statehood є:

Winnings of the international monopolies, as a result, they added their own sights to Zbutu, Dzherela Sirovini and the spheres applied capital. The result is an economical rozpodil svitu;

the territory of the Great Powers and the assertion of the magnificent colonial empires. Having formed a colonial pratsі, the initial peculiarity of the kind became more and more dependent on the fallow peoples of such virological specialization, the yak відповідає I need capital metropolis;

Winnings of the socialist system, which called before the release of the One Holy New Testament and sent the cob of protestation to the two socially-economical systems.

Pislya other svіtovo vіyni the process of yakisno zmіni system of svitovogo gospodarnosti has come to mind . Win basically ended in the 1960s, if the colonial system was in the past, the colonial system and the number of young independent powers appeared in the arena.

Three remaining decimal twentieth century. get involved in the cob of a new period at the development of an hourly state gratitude. It’s all more and more nabuvaє a sign of peace, which is enriched by a number of singing factors. In the first place, the most beloved people see the vision in the minds of building up a nuclear war and threatening a nuclear war, and sponuka powers to pursue a peaceful peace policy. In a different way, to the rozgortanny science-technology revolution. Ninja zhodna krajina svіtu can’t do it all by yourself, by the way, all the accessibility of advanced science and technology, that’s why you should be guilty of doubling your sousille in this sphere. In the third place, those are perishable and widespread of the international virology and social life, of all economic and spiritual life. Fourth, there is a need for more comprehensive efforts to solve global problems (environmental, global, food, harnessing the wonders of the ocean and outer space, etc.), as well as the need for additional environmental (nuclear) needs.

This process manifests itself in the functionalities of direct sounds between the parties, the partners, the attenuated processes of the specialization, and the cooperation of international organizations, which are open to the public.
Nowadays, this is the development of a state of gratitude by intercourse with an overwhelming factor, which will give you a high dynamism. Before them, at the top of the house, to lay down: scientific and technological progress, growingly interconnected with the national statehoods, radical remuneration of socially-economic vidnosin among the most numerous socialist camps.

Period 1980—90 pp. we are characterized by the fact that, for the most part, the country has become an hour of transition to the post-industrial economy, for the more poorly developed country, the most important country is for the majority of countries, for the whole country the whole - the liberalization of the internal and external life of that globalization.

Svitov gospodarstvo should be classified up to the number of collapsible systems, which are characterized by a great number of warehouse elements and ravnіv, ієrarkhіyu, structured. So, secrecy, economically can be improved in light of time. The three powers - the USA, Japan, Nimechchina (with 9% of the population) accumulate 1/2 of their total income, and they have 1/3 of the purchasing power for all of the country.

By sub-certificates of the state gratitude є TNCs, national state gratitude, international organizations, international integration, both have their own systems є systems.

Vidnosini mіzh okremim elements of the new state gratitude endorse yogo rivnі. So, vidnosini among the powers to store the international rivie, which are governed by international rules and regulations. Vidnosini flows, scho to go beyond the international national cordons, to uproot the transnational rivie - the sphere of dyalnostі fіrm і group іh internal information systems іnformatsії.

The basis of the system of gospel gospodarnosti є internationally and obmezhdeno framework okremich powers nationally virobnitstvo material and spiritual blessings, their rozpodil, exchange and rescue.

Svitova ekonomika ia system mash ilyu metu - її funktsiononuvannya ryamovane for the satisfaction of human consumers (popita), but in the high education systems that meta to modify for the old social and economic minds.