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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

25.1.2. Klasifіkatsіya group of the kraj svіtogo gospodarstva.

Svіtove gospodarstvo yak tsіlіsna system stockpiled from the upper parts, pіdsystem. Such pіdsystems є groups of national economies (groups of krai), as well as singing singing and performance. Їx signify such signs, such as economic growth, social and economic structure of economy, type of economic growth, and the nature and nature of sound sounds. You can find a wide range of classifications of sacred statehood, for which there are three great groups of the country to be violated: the first part of the country, the other part of the world, the other part, the other part of the world. For the inclusion of the first half of the current group, we must commit to these criteria: the nature of the economy (the level of transition) and the level of social and economic growth (the level of GDP / GDP is per capita).

To the group of rooted (industrialized, industrial), enter the powers with the market economy and the highest level of social and economic development, in some GDP per capita the population of the warehouse is not less than 12 thousand. dale at parity of purchasing assistance. Nin tse approximately 30 territory and territory. On them for example the 1990s pp. 55% of the gross domestic product accounted for and a large part of the private trade and international capital.

To a group of Ukrainians, schwo are developing (weakly wrecked) , entering powers with a low economy and a low low economy. Of the 182th Krai, the IMF has 121 members up to the group. Prote, independent of their population, the population is magnificent, they account for more than 28% of the total GDP. The given group is characterized by differentiated differentiation and uneven social-economic development. The top echelon of the Czech Republic, to develop, to store the powers with a regular economic structure, a high index of the development of people, a significant GDP per capita (new industrial countries, the majority of the country in Latvia). The lowest level at the largest group of countries is borrowing the most important ones, the main problem is that they aren’t at the same time and at the same time, the problem is at the last available resources for the second half. There are 47 such lands in the country, part of them are 32 (32) roztashovana in Africa, and reshta in Asia, Oceania, Latin America.

To the group of krains with the transition economy to possess the powers, since 1980-90 pp. Zdіsnyuyut perekhіd vіd admin_strativno-commando economies to market. Tse 12 territory of Central and Scheduled Europe, 15 territory of the Republic of CPR, as well as Mongolia, Vtam. Nearly 17-18% of the total GDP of the country with a transition economy.