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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

25.2. International filing and specialization

The sutnist of the international descent. International specialization at the state thanks. International cooperation.

25.2.1. The sutnist of the international descent.

The development of international economic vindication of indictions of supranational factors of virological factors (economical resources). All the way, from one side to the international level of pracis, and from the third to the transfer of these factors among the territories.

Understanding the “international honor” of the image and the process of giving praise to the subregions of the rest of the country on the supreme sovereign.

International Labor - the process of separating different types of labor from the international labor market, as well as modifying and interchanging one, storing up the main basis for the large variety of goods. On the other hand, there are many praises that will arise between the borders of the country, and then we will save the whole country and all the rest. The international praxis of the third step of the suspension of the praxis is the basis of the economical vidnosin and the objective mental and economic interdependence.

Before the industrial coup (Kinets XVIII - the first half of the XIX century), the international community was based on the ideas in the natural and climatic minds of the virology (climate, нrunti, nadra, water and water resources). Such is the natural occurrence of special virology laws and regulations in Ukraine, which was forgotten and reserved until one in the morning.

At the industrial stage of virology, specialization is bestowed, as well as on the principles of the country for the most important factors of capital: capital, praxis, public health, knowledge. In the economic vzaimovodnosiny Krai becoming dominuvati principle of equal revelation. One of the principles of krai is to specialize in viral goods and goods, so that they can be tidied up with clearly lower basins and are torn apart by the western krains.

Form on the basis of technical and technological efficiency, not only economic, but political forces, international efficiency , international productivity, efficiency, efficiency and effectiveness The main forms є international cooperation and international cooperation (Fig. 25.1).

25.2.2. International Specialization in Private State Thanks.

International specialization of virology - this is the form of international servicing, because of the fact that the same number of violated ones is based on the progressive differentiation of the laws of the world. In other words, the introduction of the latest types of products in some countries (or on the domestic enterprises only), and the last types of products - in foreign countries (in general).

Vidomі dvіstorichnyі form of the international special_zalіzatsії - mizhzhaluzeva i vnutrіshnyogaluzeva. Mizhgaluzeva special transmission from the middle age in the okrug of the country of the singing galleries of the radio station with the presence of a large number of main galleys. Earlier the international specialization virobnitzva developed exceptionally as a minor, with the butt of some specialties in Africa, Asia and Latin America for international food and beverage products.

International cooperation

Fig. 25.1. International cooperation

With the singing world, this kind of specialization has been eliminated by the sale of funds and by the advanced countries, which are apparently small beyond the size of the population and population. The prototype of the specialization is often associated with a geographic treasure and natural minds, it is more progressive and characterized by a wide range of industrial products and industrial products. By the butt of such specialization є Switzerland, as a whole house for the whole year, Sweden is the post-publisher of high-tech steel, Belgium is the main part, Finland is the main product. Highly integrated countries to choose their own virobility are not only for the national, but for the international and economic consumption. Vigotovlena them products live in our parts of the world. The water hour will take the opportunity to process the imported syrovini, substitute traditional traditions for the formation of new business words.

The internal specialization is tied with garments, which are not based on natural resources, the results are based on the results of science and technology and are important to expand the boundaries of the country. The price of land is approximately the same as the Galuzev structure and the ability to surround the territory of the city at the international specialization with the opportunity to run the most expensive products.

One of the direct internal tests is subject to special tests, which are included in the latest version of the singing products of the given galaxy in our country. Zokrem, the specialization of the great companies of the USA, Great Britain, the Federal Republic of Japan, Japan, as well as the very same of them in the Russian Federation in terms of possession, synthetic materials and skinny. In deluxe goluzy, specialization is formed on the virobility of the viral singing types. So, the tractor tractor of the United States specializes in the use of violated tractors and tracked tractors, in the UK - the number of tractors in the middle, and the FRN - fewer burdens.

Most of the calls available between the winners of different regions can be found on the basis of the special technical part, which is a special factory in terms of completeness, and there are a lot of details. Such specialization has rejected the rozvity at a wide range of mass products: automobiles, radio equipment, tractors, and so on - to extend to the engine start-up, electrical equipment, gearbox, gearbox, etc.

International cooperation in cooperation with the latest form of international cooperation;