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Financial Restructuring in Ukraine: Problems and Straight - Fedosov V., Oparin V.


Strategy and tactics of reforming the sovereign financial state thanks to the government for the revenues of the restructuring of the sovereign finances, for the transfer of the transformation of the role and the budget to the budget based on the budget structure, the system of the budget and the budget In the form of financial support for the financial institutions and the financial market, the reform is implemented in order to reach the standard and the function in the day at the end of the main ambitions for reform. All of them are governed by law, a power of the government is always in place, strategy and tactics, recognition of terms of reforming our financial donation, which negatively impact on the effectiveness of reforms. The whole can mean, reform in the whole sphere of the financial system and it is clear that the time is right.

Reform of the budgetary system in Ukraine with direct restructuring of the sovereign financial statehood. Step by step, the budget of the centralized national product is growing. For the fate of independence, there were two days in the structure of income and view of the budget. Proteins are small and unsystematic in nature, and they are bulletin-proof for the tactful tacts of the moment, and not for the achievement of strategic goals of social and economic development.

Ukraine has made it possible to achieve singing results from the unbalanced sovereign finances on the basis of a quickened account and a budget deficit. At 2000 p. I went to the budget and the budget and profitsitom. The water hour is always clever, clever, rosy-haunky character, fragments of buv dostyagnut for the breech of the most profitable privatization - one-time and obmeshcheny for obedience and hour. The budget of 2001, which was hardened with proficiency, was viscous with deficiency, having become 0.6% of GDP, after having been surplus to finish the established boundaries. The budget for 2002 was approved with a deficiency of such a situation. I prepared a draft budget for 2003 p. The system of non-inflationary financing of budget deficiency has been fragmented and delivered. Tse gave zmog significantly stable macroeconomic and macrophysical situation in Ukraine. Proteus lacked a good tactic for the 1995-1998 pp. called up to the acute financial crisis for the internal market and the Russian market for overbearing, which became the reason for the unplannedness of the Ukrainian state and the necessary restructuring of the borg.

The recovery of sovereign finances on a compulsory basis is taken for the obyazkovoy reform of social policy. The very vidatki on the social zahist population and finance social sphere of the year є the main official, scho wiklik deficit the budget. The head strains are more convincing sovereign finances in the form of pension reform and in the provision of medical insurance. The result of the evolving zmіn was the systematization of social insurance funds and their status was clearly marked. The number of funds in the budget is limited to a minimum. Funds, who won school, interest, and donated at Denmark, aren’t up to speed.

The budget device and the budget process are refined. Protein, as soon as possible, transferring the budget to centralization - transferring part of the income to the central budget. In the budgetary process, the rights prevail over the center, which is essentially “active” on the principle of the “budgetary system unity”. Adoption of 2001 p. The Budget Code of Ukraine needs to change its mind for formulating the foundation of autonomy and budget for a clear income and income. The regulation is based on the delivery of budgetary information. A water hour will require an underdeveloped system of yak horizontal, especially especially vertical virivnyuvannya. The same way to develop the financial virvnyuvannya system, is spelled out on the form of the financial vivancy potential potential, the region and the population of the city.

In Ukraine, it has been decided that the whole person has to pay a damn tax system. At the same time, there is a lack of efficiency in terms of the plan for the implementation of fiscal functions, which will save the budget 70–80% less, so that they are regulated due to a higher percentage of the cost. Rosatok of the new system in the minds of the market transformation is economized by directly lowering the amount of the irregularity by the price of the price and lowering the rates for the main incomes are as low as possible. With the zagalny znizhennі rіvnya opodatkuvannya overwhelmingly high pіvnyanno z steal minor incomes ад rіven іndivіdualnogo pributnogo opodatkuvannya. All this is negatively attributed to the development of virology on the basis of low pay and population, and the absence of dzherela zaoshchadzhen, and later, the first investment.

The paternal structure is progressively reduced in direct and indirect co-op income and the underestimated co-pay surcharge and the lower co-pay surcharge, although I would like to have a good position in Ukraine. The main peculiarity of the Ukrainian tax system є the mid-term support is crucial in the sphere of public relations, which is the unimportant evidence of the administrative economy. Due to the subsidiary structure, it is supernaturally difficult to lower the level of tax on the parental duty. Stuck in Ukraine the mechanics of subsiding, generally relinquishing the most important things to Denmark - applying for a little more and more flexibility, helping to keep your finances more and more profitable.

We are important for the minor to increase the development of the tax system and the systematization of the tax legislation, to adopt the Tax Code of Ukraine, to order the transfer of foreign and local taxes and transfer it to the public from the middle of the year.

The economic and financial crisis has made it necessary to develop a system of sovereign memoriality in Ukraine, fragments for the sharing of fatherly care to ensure that there is no financial loss of the most powerful ones is practical. The restructuring of the Dzherel and Methods of the Formation of Profit and Power was carried out in the name of Zim Bula. Ukraine vikoristovuvala all possible and hats healed posikovyh koshtіv. In the structure of the former, the poziki, the fragments of the internal financial market of the boulevard and the money for being exchanged have been actively exchanged. The main forms of bank loans are loans of international financial organizations (29%), middle-aged (36%) and commercial (35%) positions. At the time of commerce, the poses, which were found to be wanderers, were victorious because of the unbalance of the dzherel healers of posicos.

The system of internal customer acquisition gained in 1995-1998 rubles, while the financial crisis fell into decline. Real estate for government bonds is higher than average for budget. By the day, the bula is formed by the state financial pyramid, like the first donation in the crisis station. The water hour of the victory of the sovereign poses, I wanted to give rise to a lot of problems (in fact, it’s unlikely that I could have been in Ukraine because of an economical economy), I was tempted by a widespread lack of familiarity with the most important criticisms. Tse gave the zmog utrimati ekonomika and social sphere of the view of a complete decline and survive the best period of market transition.

Rosmir accumulated sovereign borg for Ukraine ить to finish the great. A particularly high indicator holding a clear borg per capita of the population - in 2001 p. $ 287 The United States, to establish the third part of the oath of GDP per capita population. The reason for this is that it is independent of those whose indicators of rivals are being bargained as a whole, they are trying to save themselves at acceptable intervals, and the effective system of managing the sovereign borg is necessary and imposed.

One of the main warehouses of the financial and strategic strategy of the Ukrainian state, and the integration of the financial sector into the international financial space. To change our minds for a wider wide range of foreign resources, we will cope with transformational processes. I want to enter Ukraine with my financial system as a whole, I’m integrating the terms and conditions of your stay and expanding. We directly engage in the development of integration processes and the loss of mutual financial organizations - the IMF, Svitov Bank, RBD. Options with them - there is no access to cheap credit resources. Це підтвердження надійності країни on the international arena, a sign of dover. A water hour is required to save money, having secured the effectiveness of credit for the temple.