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Financial restructuring in Ukraine: problems and straightforward - Fedosov V., Oparin V.

Transfer table, graph and schemes

Table 1. The structure of revenues and views of the sovereign budget of the SRSR,%.

Table 2. The structure of revenues and views of the sovereign budget of the URSR,%.

Table 3. Rіven GNP per capita, USD. USA.

Table 4. The dynamics of the main macroeconomic indicators in Ukraine during the period of economic recession (1991-1996 pp.).

Table 5. Parameters of macroeconomic stability in Ukraine (1997-2001 pp.)

Table 6. Macrofinance indicators of Ukraine during the period of stabilization and economic growth (1996-2001 pp.).

Table 7. The forecast of the dynamics of growth of GDP per capita in Ukraine, USD. USA.

Table 8. Dynamism of the oath of financial resources in Ukraine (1995-2001 pp), billion UAH

Table 9. Indicators of Groshovo Masi and Stability of Groshino Single in Ukraine, million UAH

Table 10. Rosvitok banking system of Ukraine (1992-2001 pp.).

Table 11. The dynamics of the resources of commercial banks in Ukraine (1995-2001 pp.), Billion UAH.

Table 12. Loan payments due by banks in Ukraine (trade in Kinets Rock), billion UAH

Table 13. Structure of the VIP issue by sectors of the economy in 1996-2001 pp,%.

Table 14. Dynamics of indicators for the development of the insurance market of Ukraine (1995-2001 pp.), Mln UAH

Table 15. Structure of insurance services in Ukraine,%.

Table 16. Rivne of centralized centralized GDP.

Table 17. The structure of income and expenditures allocated to the budget of Ukraine for the fate of independence,%.

Table 18. Dynamics of the structure of the budget system of Ukraine (behind the budget lines) (1992-2001 pp.),%.

Table 19. Porvnyalny analysis edited by the Law of Ukraine “On the system of undergoing withdrawal” and the draft “Departmental Code of Ukraine”.

Table 20. Podatkova structure krask іz rozvinenoy rinkovoy ekonomikoyu (% of the total amount of patronage of patronage nadhodzhen).

Table 21. The structure of the Ukrainian tax system (1992-2001 pp.),%.

Table 22. Indicators that characterize budget deficit in Ukraine (1992-2001 pp.),%.

Table 23. The dynamics of the indicators shown in the budget of Ukraine for 1996-2001 rubles, billion UAH.

Table 24. Foreign countries of Ukraine, million dollars USA.

Table 25. The results of the auction of the ATSP on the primary market.

Table 26. The dynamics of the sovereign borg of Ukraine and the second relationship with the main macroeconomic indicators (1992-2001 pp.).

Table 27. Finance of Ukraine IMF, mln. USA.

Table 28. Credits granted to the Ukrainian IBRD, million dollars USA.

Table 29. Species of the Sovereign Borg and the main macroeconomic indicators (1992-2001 pp.),%.

Table 30. Ukraine is Ukraine.

Fig. 1. Organizational function of financial system.

Fig. 2. Bank system in Ukraine until 1987 p.

Fig. 3. The dynamics of the budget of the centralized GNP of the SRSR.

Fig. 4. The budget system in Ukraine in the hours of the SRSR.

Fig. 5. The structure of directive prices for socialism.

Fig. 6. The system of macro-financial indicators.

Fig. 7. Interchange of capital and financial resources in enterprises.

Fig. 8. The dynamics of the main macroeconomic indicators in Ukraine.

Fig. 9. The dynamics of financial resources resources, which are hidden in the real sector of the economy in terms of sustainable development, 1995 is worthy.

Fig. 10. The dynamics of the middle priority of the regional regional NBU rates and interest rates for loans of commercial banks.

Fig. 11. The dynamics of the direct investment of the economy of Ukraine and Poland.

Fig. 12. The structure of resources acquired by commercial banks of Ukraine.

Fig. 13. The structure of loans, represented by banks of Ukraine.

Fig. 14. Pitoma vaga credit, seen in the economy, from the laggard of abundant resources in the commercial banks of Ukraine.

Fig. 15. Dynamics of interest rates on the credit market of Ukraine.

Fig. 16. The dynamics of interest rates on loans and deposits of commercial banks.

Fig. 17. The dynamics of the issue of shares in Ukraine.

Fig. 18. The structure of victories on the stock market of Ukraine of the view of the last folders behind the camp on 1.01.2001 p. і January 1, 2002

Fig. 19. Structurally responsible trading bargains for the organized market of the valuable folders of Ukraine.

Fig. 20. Dynamics of the number of insurance companies in Ukraine.

Fig. 21. Dynamism in Ukraine in income and type to the budget before GDP.

Fig. 22. The dynamics of the structure of the form of revenue in the net budget of Ukraine.

Fig. 23. Dynamics are often direct and indirect income tax revenues of Ukraine.

Fig. 24. The dynamics of the structure of the main groups of views of the net budget of Ukraine.

Fig. 25. The budgetary system of Ukraine, is formed after the completion of the independence.

Fig. 26. The budgetary system of Ukraine, as amended by the Budget Code.

Fig. 27. The dynamics of Ukraine’s interest in the traditional financial market.

Fig. 28. The structure of the sovereign borg of Ukraine behind the strains of victorious koshtіv on the cob 2002 r.

Fig. 29. Dynamism to the hryvnia exchange rate to the US dollar (in Kinets rock).

Fig. 30. Galuzeva structure of the project portfolio of the RBD in Ukraine on the cob of 2001 p.