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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

25.4. International Economic Integration as the Second International Internationalization

International Economic Integration and Form. International and international economy.

25.4.1. International Economic Integration and Form.

Happy New Year, we find this way of internationalization of the economy of the economy, integration of the country, I got the growth through the development of the country. Such regional relations are more and more limited in terms of the economy of the national economy of the rest of the country.

Economic integration (зInter - in Latin - ц лий ц)) is generally wider and more specific to the special facilities and organization structure (including the latest installation). At the boundaries of such unity on the territory of the Krai-participant, there are different events, see state gifts on special pilgrims, broken by decisive land, minds. The predominantly smallest international pratil, the settlement of goods, services, capital, labor, accelerated success of virobnitsva is predominantly meaningful to you.

The development of processes of international economic integration of such factors:

economical development of the country, group and region in the minds of irregular distribution of resources;

laws of scientific and technical progress;

trends in demographic situations;

the outward and necessary virіshennya global problems;

with a quick sign of the transport and communal measure;

market "unifikatsіyu" ekonomіchnogo development.

It is economical to develop simple to more folding forms (div. Fig. 25.2). With the simplest form of a є н ня н є є пре zone of preferential trade, as well as a transfer є pilgrim trading regime. This means that, even more so, you can change the same tariffs for importing goods, but at the same time they will be able to see the best prices in the country. Naybilsh show the butt of such a form є Preference system of the British Union (1932), which yielded 48 powers.

At the zones of commercial trade there is a special pilgrimage regime for the Krai participants, a certain transfer of trade accounts, on the front of the fence. Typical butts Je Єvropeyska asotsіatsіya vіlnoї torgіvlі (1960), vіlnoї torgіvlі area US - Canada (1988), about the lands Pіvnіchnoamerikanska vіlnu torgіvlyu (NAFTA).

The Vimaga Mutual Union carried out foreign trade policies, as well as a uniform tariff to the country, so as not to take part in the corruption. So please take the time with Benilux (1948), the European Union (1968).

Naibilsh folding form of economic integration, at the thought of ideologists, валют economy (and currency) union, any and all names are formed on the basis of completed economic and financial terms. Reconfiguration of the EU in the European Union (EU) - croc at tsyomu straight. The economic integration is guilty of the completion of the political, which means the establishment of the political union. Ongoing transfer of political police cordons among the powers, in fact, they are actually in possession of a federal power.