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26.2. International Trade and Economic Basis

International Trade and Theory of Obligations and Necessity. Light merchandise market. Mainly see international trade.

26.2.1. International Trade and Theory of Obligations and Necessity.

The tradition and the most universal form of the international economic and social trade. This is the kind of purchase of all foreign trade, in other words - the whole form of international economic merchandise, such as the transfer of goods and the service for the borders, which are designated by the state cordons.

International trade is especially convenient in a folding system of public and private zv'yazkiv. First of all, in the minds of today, I’m heading the form of international economic vidnosin ії vidtisnulo international vinvestuvannya, nevertheless, international trade for its scale and functions zberіgє vinyatkovo important. Vona oposeredkovuє almost all see the international competition, including the virology, the international distribution of technology, the international technology transfer, etc.

International trade є an important incentive to develop and promote effective virology of the skin region. So, let’s think about it, but won’t want to, for the sake of a certain region, you can develop specialization, increase the productivity of your resources and such a way to increase your outrageous oath of virobnitz.

Isnuє bezlich theory, it’s straightforward to explain the structure of international trade flows. First theory of international trade of mercantile theory, divided and incorporated in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. The hangers of the theory did not insure that the country, as a country, should accept the import of foreign goods and services, and economically respected export. Besides, at the thought of mercantilist, kraіnі slіd obmezhuvati import and immediately want to export the finished virobіv, safely save a rush of currency (gold).

From the fundamentally newer minds the theory of absolute surrender came into being, the creator of a kind of buv A. Smit. Most of the time, most importantly, there are some countries with which you can have more than one country, and some you have more than one outside the city. On the mercantile market A. Smіt has fought for freedom of competition in the middle of the country, so on a separate market. The main short-lived theory is that those who won’t be unavailable from international trade in some countries are in some kind of comrade without any absolute repercussions in front of foreign countries.

Tsey nedolik theories of absolute repercussions Doloric theory of extraordinary repercussions D. Ricardo. Each country has special offers for export and export of goods, which can be significantly lower in cost, lower prices, and more and more. Tsey simple principle of robbing the call of bargain in exchange for the whole country. In the midst of solving the theory of international trade, you can name the theory of “viral value on the factor of virobnitsva” by E. Hekscher and B. Olina, the “Lontiwa paradox,” the theory of the “life cycle of goods” and that.

International trade was born at the old age. Type of new business trading of isov to local markets. Great geographic indicators stimulated an endless trade. In the XVI – XVII centuries, at the period of the so-called first-rate capital market, there was a revival of local centers of international trade in the United Market.

Absorption of the international pratu in the minds of the most technogenic civilization leading up to the frivolous swirling development of a new commodity circulation. In the other half of the twentieth century Svitova bargaining grow at a high pace. At period from 1948 to 1997 p. light trade turnover at 17 times. By channels of foreign trade, it is shy to pass 1/5 of all viroblenno at light products. The loyalty to the export of sports in 1997 about 5.5 trillion dollars. The tempera of growth of the retail trade and the transfer of the remaining two ten times the tempera of growth of the holy virobnitz. So, for example, in 1997 p. stinks became more than 10% and 4.5%. To major faktorіv scho zabezpechili іntensifіkatsіyu zrostannya mіzhnarodnoї torgіvlі slіd vіdnesti Naukova-tehnіchnu revolyutsіyu actively dіyalnіst transnatsіonalnih kompanіy, zagostrennya konkurentsії on svіtovih Rink tovarіv i poslug, regulyuvannya in napryamі lіberalіzatsії mіzhnarodnoї torgіvlі in the furrows of the GATT, posilennya regіonalіzatsії mіzhnarodnoї torgіvlі that vіdpovіdnu segmentatsіyu єdinogo light market.

The main indicators of international trade є : the value of the export to export to the country, the balance of trade, the export to the country in the export and import to the country.