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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


26.1. Svitogospodarsky zv'yazki that ikh of the form

Interconnection of national economies is possible through international economies, as well as being one side, head, most dynamically, and more, there is a different number of interconnected systems. between national statehoods.

The development of international economy is based on the international cooperation, change your mind as a result of suspension of the business of different kinds of spacious differentiation.

International economic vidnosini, in the main trade, were disbursed before the wisdom of the holy statehood, a little Malaysia, the university is regional in character (for example, Europe - Close Scheme, Europe - Africa). Winnings and patronage of the gospel of the statehood of international and economical vidnosini expand and expand the sphere of their own insanity, instill a global character, to become self-sufficient, to be governed by the law. International economic vidnosini є the form of recognition and development of the state gratitude, the internal mechanism.

Traditsyno in the form of international economic visions, we see the historical first type of Saint-Petersburg zv'yazkiv - international trade in goods and services. The change of factor factors lies in the basis of such forms of international economic relations, such as international capital, international migration, international trade in technology (international technology transfer). In addition to the form of cooperation with the international currency, I want to have the best and most international trade, and we have gained great independence from the state of honor.

The current rzhven of junior economical zv'yazkіv is characterized by:

the transformation of bilateral international economy in bagatalog, significant loss of international cooperation in the state of thanks;

zrostannyam scale and yakіsnymi zmіnami the nature of the traditional international trade - is from the essence of commerce won’t be redirected to the tool for servicing the national virological processes;

Intensification and globalization of capital;

an active exchange of scientific and technological knowledge, we will accelerate the development of the sphere of services;

Remember the scale of migratory work;

accelerated and expanded processes of integration and economy of the country and region.

The main rice of the ancient era is not protest, but a tendency to spontaneity and vzamozorozumіnnya. You can talk about the processes of convergence models of national economies, economic and social values ​​and social functions; about the proximity of economical regions to the development of the republic.

In general, robust visnova can be used, whichever of the current international economies are characterized by the development of processes, intensification, globalization, integration. Special features of the development of international economic vidnosin of the 1990s More information on the color of the garment.