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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

26.3. Сутність і form of the international rukh kapitalu

International rukh kapіtalu і yogo form. Rice of international migrants.

26.3.1. International rukh kapіtalu і yogo form.

International ruch capital (international migratory capital) is seen as a change of capital in the country in the guises of the largest realm of Victoria. Representative of international financial credit represent one of us, we know that we have less than two subdivisions of gratuitous state thanks to a drive of international goods from which there are more goods and services.

Theories of international capital We take a look at the factor of virobnitstva. They are mainly due to the main reasons for the vivos of capital resources є: the price is normal in terms of profit in the other countries, the competitiveness of the technological nature of the sub-markets, the development of technology and technology are more affordable.

The main contributors to capital on the international market are transnational corporations, powers and international financial institutions.

In the other half of the twentieth century vivіz kapіtalu uninterruptedly zrostє. Export capital of the country at the pace of growth as commodity export, so the oath of the GDP is industrialized.

The international ruch capital, which is more than one year in the international economy, is responsible for the significant economy:

spriaє zrostannyu dinamiki svitovoї ekonomіki;

I have perished the international law and international law;

zbіlshuє oaths of reciprocal trade turnover between the countries of the country.

Vivіz kapіtalu vigіdniy is not less than the exporter, and the first accepting krai. Foreign investments include expanding virobility, increasing the number of working hours, developing the sphere of services, eliminating new technologies, increasing productivity and technical improvement of industrial devices. Stimulative inflow can help Vivis to capitalize on the sale of international trade.

There are three main forms of delivery for export: export of primary capital, export of capital investment, and international assistance.

The export of capital investments means investment (investments) in industry, transport and tourism, behind the cordon, a new public holiday, and private business. Pіdpri капmnitsky capital to be delivered in two forms: direct and portfolio investment. For the first time, the exporter capital exporter є take the shareholder of the company and the Volodya controlling packet of shares, the other - the exporter of the shareholder of the foreign economy does not have to have full control over him.

Portfolios of investments of interchangeable development reached the Persian Light. The main investor at that time was England. Since the beginning of portfolio investment, they got stuck and again lost in the 1960s.

Significantly more extensive at our time is direct investment, real investment in real estate, land, funds and public funds, as a rule, at the time of setting up new enterprises (controlling enterprises) and for installing them. International direct investment and investment are widely stalled by transnational corporations, an important channel for the international movement of private capital.

Direct investment allows for immediate and vagous supply for the entire economy and may have a tendency to intensive growth. So, on the cob of the 1980s pp. Іх zagalny oath having become 450 billion dollars., And even for example, the 1990s pp. - ponad 3 trillion dollars.

Pozichkovy capital should be exported at the grocery pawnshop credits in the order of aboriginal money, investing pennies on bank rakhunki behind the cordon.

Internationally, I helped you out with grants, subsidies for refusing unpaid consultations and engineering assistance, supplying property, internships and paying for the cordon.

A small market for positivistic funds can be recognized as a mechanism of accumulation and redevelopment of financial resources, which will inevitably increase the number of capitals and other expenses for creditors. Intentionally, you can add to the sweet groovy rink and the sweet rink of capitals. The main intermediaries for the private market of postal capitals є TNB, financial companies, stocks, central and international banks, national and international financial-credit organizations.

On the cob stages, the development of the gospel of state thanks to the government of the capital of the authorities for a small number of prominently developed countries is necessary for the export to the periphery. The support of the European economy has gradually expanded the following process: the development of a stable and functional economy. Nine capitalize and provide industrial benefits for the country, middle and high, for the future, for development, for all the “new industrial areas”. Among the largest exporting companies to the capital are the USA, Great Britain, France, Nimechchina, Japan, Hong Kong. Since the oath to export is direct foreign investment is lower than 90% of the country’s rooted countries, which are immediately the main importers. About the whole fact that even more than 70% of the global oath of investing in the United States - Europe Union - Japan.

In the middle of Ukraine, I’m developing, the largest region for the sale of foreign capital є Pivdenna and Pivnichno-Shіdna Azіya, as well as China.

In 1990-rr. There were high indicators of activity of foreign investors at the territories of Central and Central Europe.

26.3.2. Rice of international migrants.

The main rice of the traditional international migratory capital can be respected:

two roles of power at the vivozi capital;

the strength of private capital between industrialized countries;

In the future, there are often direct investments in order to secure the investor’s control over inordinate investments.

The geographical structure of the private market for postal capitals in the image of capitals is between the countries, groups of the country, and the regions through international financial centers. Establish the number of credit and financial resources for them, establish service services for trading and migrating capital.

For the effective function of the financial center, it is necessary to implement such minds:

high level of economic development of the country, de financial center;

the active fate of this land is at svitovy trading;

the appropriateness of the differential capital market and the effective banking system;

liberalization of currency and tax legislation;

more geographical position and political stability in Ukraine.

Provision of international financial support is possible in the tradition of new things, which are gaining strength. To the tradition, secrecy, lay: New York, London, Zurіkh, Frankfurt, Tokyo. We are affirming ourselves to the financial market of the new center, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Panama, Cayman Islands and Antilles Islands.