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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

26.2.3. Mainly see international trade.

The main types of international trade є: tradition of trade, trade of products in the framework of cooperation, and commercial trade.

Trade tradition - the price of trade is between the sub-accounts of different national economies for the traditional rules, but for the formula: the goods are penniless (fall in place with food and drink).

Trade in products within the framework of cooperation - as a way of realizing production of sub-products of international virological cooperation, which is usually for transfer prices in the default mode.

Trading is necessary - the price of international trading lands is due to the purchase of certain products that are supervised by other goods on a daily basis through access to the balance of export and import operations.

Speciality of the private market - those that have a strong impact on international trade and international politics of the powers of that group. Historically, there are two prototype prototypes of such policies: protectionism and trade.

Protectionism is the policy of importing money, which is carried out by a method of national economy, stimulating the development of a high-tech virology. Instrumentation policies for protection of tariffs and non-tariffs. Tariffs come in for free bills (advalencies, specifics, holidays), and non-tariffs for licenses and quotas for export and import dyalnosti.

Freedom of trade - all the trade policy, as I can’t do with the protection of the bar. For the провед провед carried out power, we will exert ourselves without restraint in the temptation of bargaining and permitting the development of the first drink and proponuvannya.

Traditsіyno vvazhalosya scho naybіlshoyu mіroyu іnteresam Kraina vіdpovіdaє polіtika vіlnoї torgіvlі, yak, ґruntuyuchis on printsipі porіvnyalnih perevag, spriyaє ekonomіchnomu rozvitku i svіtovіy ekonomіtsі in tsіlomu, stimulyuє konkurentsіyu i obmezhuє monopolіyu, rozshiryuє colo tovarіv i poslug scho proponuyutsya spozhivacham.

Proteus in the economic sphere of absolutely free trade did not give rise to nikoli. Arrange all of the land of the Czech Republic to win the song of singing on the hat of the international flows of goods and services. Concrete forms of protection, re-realization, on real nationality, a patronage of the baggage carrier, exclude export and import and export regime. Positions of protection are stronger in the country, they are developing, and in the country they have a transition economy and less time at the other countries.

The main trend is the development of private trading on a regular basis in the history of liberalization. Significantly reduced the level of tariffs, packaged chimalo obmezhen, quotas skinny. Immediately grow protection trends in the regional economic cohesion, trade and economic blocks.