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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

2.2. Features of the mathematical model of economics

2.2.1. Basic defining principles

Mystically encourage the economical and mathematical model of the field to ensure that you can be more concise with the mathematical description with adequate adequacy and accuracy of the model;

As for the mathematical model, I will describe the mechanism of the function of the singing, hypothetical, economic, social, economic system, then such a model is called economic and mathematical purely economical.

The model of economy, like a direct science, was formed at the 60th rock of the XXth century, although I want a long lasting history. The foundation of the fundamental economy, low on fundamental disciplines (mathematics, theory of theory, theory of systems, computer science, statistics, the theory of automatic control, is so thin).

The economical and mathematical model provides a more concentrated concentration of the most economical relationships between processes (processes) of the mathematical functions, irregularities and differences.

Overwhelmingly scho mathematical model - the whole object, which is being developed with a systematic analytics for the recognition of new knowledge about the original-origi- nal and more detailed information (from the perspective of system analytics), the power of the original-origin. Analizuyuchi diarrhea of ​​the identified food, it is possible zrobiti, zokrema, takі visnovki:

a) be-a-model є sub-active, you carry in your own character the picture of the system’s analytics;

b) be a model є homomorphic, so that you don’t have to (do not mirror) everything, but less than the power of the original, because you have a clear, well-known system;

c) it is possible to identify many models of one of the very same original origins, which can be achieved for the sake of achievement, step by step the adequacy of the skinny.

The model is imbued with an adequate source of originality, most likely with a sufficient degree of approximation, on the basis of a systematic analysis of the modeled process of visualization of the process of functioning of the real-world average system.

Penetration of mathematics in the economics of science based on significant difficulties. Tchomu often has a “winna” math, I’ve been developing for sale, decoding to look at the consumer, looking at the needs of physics and technology. And Ale Golovnі reasons to scream all the same with the nature of the economical processes, with the specific economics. Most of the objects, which is economical science, can be characterized by the understandings of “folding system”. Naiposhirenimim є rosumіnnya system yak sukupnostі elementіv, scho ubyuvayut at the same time and approve the song singing, нdnіst. An important attribute of the system is ентemergentism - the manifestation of such authorities, which are not tampered with by the зelement of elements, as they store the system. In addition, in the case of an economical system, it is not enough to cope with the method of supplying an element with upcoming elements of an environment. One of the difficulties of economical reach of the country is that even though there are no more economical facilities, yakі can be used to discern yakremrem (non-systemic) elements.

The complexity of the system is represented by the number of elements, the sounds of the other elements, as well as the sounds of the system and the middle. The economy of the country is all signs of a folding system. There’s a great deal of great elements, a better understanding of the internal sounds and sound systems of the world (a natural environment, the economy of the country is very thin). The people’s state thanks to the natural, technological, social, social processes, active subordinates, dominant people have a good culture, a system of ethical values, and a thin mentality.

The folding economy of the economy looked at the way that it was impossible to model the vivchenny with tricks of mathematics. Ale taka dumka in principle pomilkova. Modeluvati is possible about the nature of nature and complexity. I can make the most interesting interests for modeling; Here, the model can bring results that cannot be achieved using the latest methods.

I do not want to enter into absolute formalities of economic problems, wait for more formal problems, as well as situations where, in this case, developing science is mathematically modeled є not very effective.

Pіd modelulyuvannyam rozumіyut processes encourage, vivchenny and vikoristannya models. There are wonders of such categories, as abstraction, analogy, hypothesis to skinny.

The process of modeling includes three system elements:

  • sub'єkt doslіdzhennya (system analitik);
  • ob' досkt doslidzhennya;
  • model, a ya oposeredkovu vidnosini mіzh ob'єktom, yak vivchaєatsya, that sub'єktom, yaky pіznaє (systemic analitik).