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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

2.2.5. Etapi economic-mathematical model

Basically, the process of looking at the food came into view. Zauvazhimo, scho in the winter galleys of knowledge, the storehouse in economy, stink to scoop specific rice. Analysis and finality of one cycle of an economic-mathematical model.

1. The statement of an economic problem and that of a yakisny analysis. The main thing here is to clearly articulate the day’s problems (full awareness), allowance, take action, give me support, and take into account your needs. Tsey etap including virozremennya najavlivshih rice and authorities of the region, which model, and abstraction of other orders; vivchennya structure of the object and the head deposits, scho to renew yo element; Formulation of hypothesis (I would like to come forward), to explain the behavior and development of the project.

2. Pobudova mathematical models. The goal is to formalize economic problems, to see specific mathematical deposits and problems (functions, risks, and irregularities). It’s worth mentioning that the main construction (type) of the mathematical model is identified, and then the details of the construction design (specific change of parameters and form, sound form) are specified. Thus, the model of the model is the stage design. It’s wrong to think, why do you need a better official for a Urakhov model, Tim is more beautiful than “pratsyu” and lіpshі yes results. The same can be said about such characteristics of folding models, such as the form of mathematical deposits (linear and non-linear), the history of official identification and negligence. Nadmirnost folding and detailing the model of the utilities process dosledzhennya. You need not less than the cost of real information and mathematical care, and first time you need to model with a more effective effect (if you have more models and more, you can change the priority for the effect). One of the most important features of mathematical models is the potentiality of problems for solving various problems. To that, navigate with a new economical task, without requiring to get the model “blame”; On the other hand, you need to try to fix the problems for more tasks, as well as any model (adapt them to the tasks).

In the process of encouraging the model to build two systems of knowledge of knowledge - economic and mathematical. It is logical, demanding that you grasp that in order to gain a model, so as to lay down to the kind of mathematical class. Often it is worthwhile to indulge in the slime of a deity forgiving forgiveness of the other principles of the model, so as not to create a suttural picture of the modeled object. However, such a situation is possible, if formalizing economic problems and leading them to earlier mathematical structures. Problems of economic science and practice in the middle of the twentieth century. Spirals of the development of mathematical programs, theory, functional analysis, calculus mathematics. As a whole, in the Mayboot, the development of economic science will become an important incentive for the development of new branches of mathematics.

3. Mathematical analysis of the model. By the method of etapu є z'yasuvannya of the ignorant authorities of the model. Here often zatosovyut mathematical priyomi doslіdzhennya. The most important moment is the completion of the solution for the formulated model (the theorem for recovery). Somehow, let’s bring it to mind, the problem is not mathematical, then the offensive robot needs the first version of the model; Follow the chi statement of the economic task, the chi modify the mathematical formalization. In the analogous model, there may be such nutrition, as, for example: chi zagagol є ta chi инеdine rishennya; yakі zmіnnі (nevіdomі) may come in at rіshennya; yakі will be with them; in the distinct boundaries and fallow of the vikhid minds of the mind stink; yakimi є tendency tsikh zmіn skinny. Analytical models are still more numerous (numerically) less important, and having gained power can gain strength beyond the specific specific values ​​of the internal and internal parameters of the model. The knowledge of the ignorant authorities of the model is great, it is often necessary to inform the authorities about how the authorities go to the ideal model. I nevertheless, models of folding economical objects with great difficulties are given to an analogous report. In quiet hikes, if you don’t get into it with analytical methods, go to the top of the model’s power, but ask the model to get unacceptable (inadequate) results, go on to the numerical methods until the last.

4. Preparation of information technology. The model of visuva horror videos to the information system. The water hours are real opportunities to obtain information, mix vibration models, so that they can be practiced until practical. At the same time, we take it to the point of respecting the principle of the ability to prepare information (for the singing period), or to prepare for the preparation of information technology. Qi Vitrati is not guilty of redefining the effect of vid vodorodnatodnі information.

In the process of training information, there is a wide range of methods of theory of theory, theoretical and mathematical statistics. The statistical economical and mathematical model has the resultant information, vikoristovuvana in some models, є vihidnoy for the functionalities of the latest models.

5. Numbers of rozvyazki. This step includes turning on the algorithm for numerical tasks, storing the program on the EOM, and running the program without any delay. It’s difficult to conceive of overwhelming the great variety of economic tasks, the necessary operation of important information technologies. Soundly razrahunki on the front side of the economy and mathematical model may have a bagaty character. The supervisors of the high standard EOM will try to carry out the number of “model” experiments, vivichayuchi “behavior” model with different values ​​of the minds. Upgrade, if carried out for additional numerical methods, may be up to date up to the results of the upcoming retrieval. Of course, the class of economical tasks can be expanded by numerical methods, which is significantly broader, lower than the class of tasks that are available for a similar report.

6. Analysis of the numerical results and that of Victoria. On the whole, final, this cycle of winery nutrition about the correctness and revision of the results of the model, about the practical rest of the rest.

Mathematical methods of conversion can cause incorrect approach to encourage models and, by themselves, sound the class of potential correct models. An informal analysis of theoretical knowledge and numerical results, which can be obtained by supporting the model, restoring knowledge, knowledge, and factual knowledge, allows you to know the shortcomings of the formulation of economic and mathematical problems.

Mutual calls etapiv. I respectfully respect the ringing tones of the way, as well as know the benefits of the fact that in the process of reaching the front, the way to go ahead is the model.

Already at this time, encourage models to learn how to set tasks to be superfluous and bring them up to a super folding mathematical model. Vpidovno to tsoy statement of the ekonomiko-mathematical problem_ to be corrected. The furthest mathematical analysis of the model (step 3) can show how small the problem statement modi fi cation formalization is.

Most often, you need to turn to the front of the model for the winery for the hour of preparing the first information (stage 4). You can come across, what is needed for information on the day and how much it costs to prepare a great meal. Todi to be turned around to formulate tasks and formal formalities, so that they can adjust themselves to explicit informations.

Fragments of economical and mathematical problems can be more complicated because of their structure, since mothers are great, then they often get involved, because there are no algorithms or programs for computers that allow you to solve the problem with the first and foremost viewer. It’s very impotent for a short term to expand new algorithms and programs, then you can simplify the task setting and model more: know and understand, know more and not more often.

Nedoliki, so that you don’t get into the wrong direction on the industrial stages of modeling, get stuck in offensive cycles. But the results of the skin cycle may be marked by self-importance. If you have more time, encourage simple models, you can quickly get the corridor results, and then go to the door to more detailed models, as well as improve your mind with new minds, which include clarifying the mathematical deposits.

With the development and acceleration of the economical and mathematical model, the deeds of this method can be violated by the special sphere, the number of theoretical and applied models is different.

The theory of mathematical analysis of mathematical models of economics has developed into a specialty of basic science - mathematical economics. Models, like living in the boundaries of mathematical economics, often engaging in uninterrupted sound with economic reality; I’m sure that I’ll be able to do it exclusively with idealized economic objects and situations. In the incentive of such models, the main principle is not to bring closer to reality, the ability to gain more and more analytical resources for the additional analytical data. The reliability of these models for economical theory and practice of practice is based on the idea of ​​serving as a theoretical basis for applied type models.

To inform the independent tsarins about the necessary training and the preparation of economic information and the development of mathematical protection of economic problems (the creation of databases and information programs, an automated program for servicing models). On this practical practical model, the role is played by the ability to have a more accurate view of the economic analysis, plan, management. The head job of systemic analytics robots is to lose the formulation and formalization of economic tasks and the synthesis of the process of economic-mathematical modeling.