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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

3.3. Lastity of mathematical mathematical models

In the process of developing and implementing computer-aided mathematical models of healthy models, it is necessary to * 2:

  • * 2: {Varfolomeev V.I. Algorithmic modeling of elements of economic systems: Workshop: Textbook. allowance. - M.: Finance and Statistics, 2000.}
  • pobudova conceptual model;
  • call the algorithm from the conceptual model of the system;
  • knowledge of computer programs;
  • machine experiment with model system.

3.3.1. Pobudova conceptual model

Pobudova conceptual model to be stocked with such crocs:

  • statement of tasks
  • viznozhennya vimog shodo primary information and that way ії otriimannya;
  • form of hypothesis and admission;
  • viznenchennya parameters and the latest models;
  • obґruntuvanny vibration indicator and criterion of the effectiveness of the system;
  • folding zmіstovogo describe the model.

In zdіysnennі setting zadachі modelyuvannya ekonomіchnih ob'єktіv i protsesіv vikoristovuєtsya chіtke formulyuvannya tsіley i tasks doslіdzhennya realnoї system obґruntovuєtsya neobhіdnіst іmіtatsіynogo (Komp'yuterniy) modelyuvannya, obiraєtsya technique rozv'yazuvannya zadachі of urahuvannyam nayavnih resursіv, viznachayutsya neobhіdnіst i mozhlivіst dekompozitsії zadachі on okremі vzamopov'yazanі pіdzadachi skinny.

When picking up the necessary information and information, I need to extend respect to those who want to know more about the information about the model and the model, the model is more accurate.

Hypotheses for the incentive model of the system to serve for the "clearing" problem. Allowed to give you the opportunity to conduct the necessary simplification of the model on the basis of the rational hypotheses. In the process of working with a model of the system, as a rule, we can turn the batter's way to the next step and keep the result of the model and new information about the project.

At the hour of the visualization of the parameters and the stored ones, the cross of the first and the third, as well as the internal (endogenous) and the internal (endogenous) parameters of the system.

Define indicators and criteria of the system’s performance by guiding the image of the system’s functions and being the functions of the system’s parameters.

The fragmentation of the conceptual model will end with the folding of the shortlist, which will be the main document that characterizes the results of the conceptual statement of the problem (more detailed submission, based on the results).

3.3.2. Pobudova algorithm with a conceptual model of the system

Pobudova algorithm to find such warehouses:

  • pobudova logical scheme to the algorithm;
  • formuanny mathematicalheskikh spіvvіdnoshen (analitichnyh models);
  • conversion of the algorithm.

On the other hand, as a rule, I am trying to fit into the scheme of the model algorithm, which sets the external order (process) in the process model. After the detailed scheme is scrutinized, the leather element is transformed into the operator (group of operators) programs.

Reconfiguration of the algorithm is guided by the fact that it is powered up, as it is adequate and exactly like the image of the simulated process (in a particular situation) and the conceptual model is prompted.

3.3.3. Computing computer programs

Separation of programs for the PC including such lines:

  • vibration of calculating problems;
  • Programming (chi nalashtuvannya vіdpovіdnih parameters іsnuyihih program-methodical complexes);
  • testuvannya software zasobіv.

On the other hand, it’s necessary to save money, evaluate the integrity of the program, and program on the computer (hour) for the most realistic (running) modeled process, so that you can correctly model the data.

3.3.4. Carrying out machine experiments with a model of a system

On the whole, it’s up to me to fall for seriyny deceiving for the help of other programs. Etap is stockpiled from such crocs:

  • Planning a machine experiment;
  • running robots;
  • v_dpovіdne submission of results to the model (in tabular and graphical forms);
  • Submission of recommendations on how to optimize the functional mode of the real system.

Before working on the computer, first compute the plan for an experiment with an experiment with a combination of parameters and parameters, for any guilty model of the system. If you want to make sure that you have the optimal experiment plan, you can allow it to be implemented for a period of relatively small tests, and models to ensure that there are valid data on the functionality of the real system.

The results of modeling can be presented at a table, graphs, diagrams, schemes. Call for a simple form to enter tables, I want graphs to illustrate the results of modeling an economical object (system) in the most basic form. Completely transfer the interactive mode of the function to the complex, enter the results on the display screen and the printer.

Interpretation of the result of modeling the model by changing the view of the information, which was interpreted as a result of the machine experiment with the model, before the process is completed by the function of the original * 3.

* 3: {Petrov A.A. Economics. Models. Computational experiment. - M .: Nauka, 1996.}