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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

Rozdil 4. Product (services) and rinok

Navalny tsilі

Having read tsey rozdil, vi:

  • z'yasuєte metro rozrobki pidrozdіlu business plan "Galuz, company and products",
  • zrozumіte the logic and logic of the market,
  • zapam'yataєte last_this is the signature of the whole market of fіrmi and vibration of the fіrmi,
  • understand the essence of conceptual behavior of firm in galuz.

Keys of thermal understanding

The concept of behavior of firmi in galuzі

Privatility to a firm product

Patents , trademarks , property rights

Forensic Market

Segmentation of the market

Tsilovy rinok firm

Місцезнаходження фірми

Competitive position

4.1. Galuz, company and products

Підрозділ "Galuz, company and products" to study business plan, so that:

  • reconfigure the reader in the prospect of galusia, to the point of establishing vibrations of business;
  • spawn a dovir to a given business with a description of the overpricing of the features of yogo products (service).

In the structure of the whole, as a rule, you can see the following main warehouses:

  • Nowadays the situation and the trend of development of the galuz.
  • Firma, її products і (abo) servants.
  • Patents, trademarks, full rights to the product (services).
  • Strategy zrostannya firmi.

The business plan is to be evaluated by investors for singing criteria, one of them is a clue, but before it is necessary to set up a company, however, in order to get your hand out. Galuz iz rinkom, schwidko zrostaє, to look at, soundly, like a hiding place for a business. That is why I will repair the business plan, as a rule, if I begin to analyze it, I will become right at the galuz. For tsyogo it is necessary:

  • to bring the following information about the current mill in the middle of the galaxy and the latest development;
  • Describe the new products for the product and market;
  • familiarize yourself with the new officials, so that you can have a positive perspective, but negatively put a pin on galuzi.

Dzherelami information about the publicity book, statistical data, the results of the analysis, which you need to specialize in the public organization. Ця інформація зделільшого є available for the independent conversion. p_dpriєmets мус loudly rub the rubbish wiping away, the investor is especially sensitive to the smallest inaccuracies in this sphere.

In addition, a given user must have a clear concept of the behavior of a company in a galaxy (Fig. 4.1). With the help of the business plan, it’s necessary:

  • to give the characteristic of firmi;
  • clearly describe the product і (або) the servants, with such companies enter the market.

As a matter of fact, a business plan is being developed for companies, even if they’d just need to expand their activities, then Varto declined to describe the history of the development of the company (if it’s a lot, the heirs, the main achievements are empty).

Main warehouses of conceptual behavior of companies in galuz

Fig. 4.1. Main warehouses of conceptual behavior of companies in galuz

Let me give you a glimpse of the characteristics of companies, the following are the main principles and main types of business. It is not recommended that you go into the details before you go (if they are in the upcoming business plan plan), but it is important to enter:

  • strategic and tactical values ​​of firmi. Values ​​in business plan, as a rule, are strictly identified by the position of the company for the market; Інноваційної діляності; productivity; profitability; professional staff; vіdpovіdalnostі before suspension. For example, the goals of firmi can be so:: conquer the part of the market to the singer; become a leader in the singing sphere of activity; with the first pick-up, the largest assortment of goods (servants) is thin;
  • the main things to see are firmi (virobnitstvo, wholesale bargaining, distribution of bargaining, servants to skinny) that you will consume customers, you’ll be satisfied between the cutaneous appearance of the two;
  • stage of business development (cob, reprofiling; extension; viocremenny in the warehouse of a great company);
  • geographic areas, on a broader basis business enterprises.

Characterized by the products and services of the company, you need to ensure that you have a good warehouse, a warehouse, a business plan, and you should know more about them for the potential investor. For the most part, it’s possible that the characteristics of the products in business are served in simple and dangerous forms. As a rule, the business plan is to have such information about the products (services) of the company:

  • physical description. If you want to talk about a comrade, then you need to bring out the most basic physical, technical and operational parameters. Bazhano dodati photographs, drawings, diagrams of given products. If the company is under pressure, then you’ll be assured, then you won’t be afraid to help the clients, in addition, help them with the games.
  • product stability. Investors, Vlasn, don’t have to specify the parameters for the product, business cards, and buying. Add to the product, wait for the meaning of the vocal singing problems of the client (save the hour, but the resources, pay attention). That’s why it’s especially important to give such authority to the product of business, to see it from analogous ones, to shy it from the original, such that it’s completely unmasking. Product privacy can be characterized in different forms. For example, with utter respect for the design, the lower price is scantily torn with competing products.
  • Product development stage. Here it is necessary to comment, at an early stage of readiness before entering the market (project, previous version, promo part) is a business product.

The next paragraph, “Patents, Trademarks, Full Power Rights to the Product (Services),” is forward. Characterized by the products of the company, it is important to note the following: patents, copyright certificates for winners, but explain the main passages, as well as they could encrypt the intrinsic competition for the business. Prior to such exhilaration, secrecy, apply: "know-how"; trademarks; trademarks; promises and commerce; Exclusive rights of distribution of goods.

Take it easy, reckon with a representative representation of a business plan, have a good idea, you can help the investor with the most hostility and the best investor. The product of the servant can be much better, more likely to be quickened by chokes, which can be greatly appreciated by a reader. Prote tse foldable zrobity seamlessly in business plan. here they can help the last ziraz chi on-demand demonstration. In addition, I need to list experts, as well as know more about the goods or services of the company and can give a positive feedback about them. So vidomostyayutsya at the wiggly leaf chi sound and vmischuyutsya in dodatki.

In the remainder of the paragraph, “Galuz, company and product”, you need to expand your perspective on developing your business in Maybut:

  • extended distribution of virology and sales products (services);
  • offensive (modernization) products of the company.

Remained є is especially important, osklki can help garnish the bows about the stage of the life cycle of the product (service). Investors may don’t invest pennies in companies, as well as specialize less on one kind of products, not by any means proving more opportunities in Maybutney.

In practice, in the process of developing a business plan, a simple, often effective methodical method is often victorious - to keep the system of universal control powered by them. So much as they are, I’m guilty of respect, I’m guilty of yanki to deign to respect me. The control power supply should be more fully understood, if you want to redistribute the toy plan for the business plan, and read the business plan for them to include a business plan. It is possible for the whole group to act in such a way that they don’t be victorious as a concrete businessman, if the structure of their business plan and the knowledge of the business are not needed, they will not be required to. We’ll control the power supply for the owner of the Victory Day as a memorial, as an official in the process of developing a business plan. The control control power supply is almost completely “Galuz, company and product” is shown in table 4.1.

Table 4.1

Change of control power supply

“Galuz, company and products”

  • Hto є the main representatives of galuzі? What companies do you offer the keys to the market?
  • What factors do you know about success in galuz?
  • What is the scale of virobility in galuzini? Yaka dinamika obsyagіv sale in galuzі for remaining rock?
  • How old are the new wines in the galaxy?
  • What are the prospects for galuzi development?
  • Yakі new comrade new segments of the market boules mastered the galaxy for the remaining rock?
  • What are the new trends in the development of galuz?
  • What are the officials involved in new trends in the development of technical and technological technologies, in the laws and environmental factors, so it’s possible to get a little more for galuz?
  • What are the tactical tactical values ​​of the company?
  • What are the main types of business activities?
  • stage of development of business (cob, reprofiling, extension)?
  • Are geographical areas expanding into business zones?
  • What is the product of the chi service? Yakі yogo (її) technical, operational and any other parameters?
  • For the satisfaction of what kind of needs is the production of products marked?
  • Yakimi є dominion of products, what to shave її uniquely? Why are you buying products?
  • At an old stage of development є a product of a company (previous show; stage of work; a start-up is provided)?
  • Are they seized by the production of company patents, and I will protect the copyrights with the latest forms?
  • Do you have any opportunities for expanding the range of products, or the more complete products in Maybuty?