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5.3. Strategy for real estate and realizatsii products (service) companies

We can be the right point for learning more about strategic marketing for business in business plans є description of mechanics and interests, so that you can become more comfortable with the company so that you can bring your comrade and servant to the house. Golovne zavdannya system zbutu - to protect the availability of goods in the right place at the hands of the public for an hour.

Rosrobka strategic zbutu that realizatsii product firmi transfer:

  • Vibir type channel merchandising ;
  • the number of personnel is determined and the principles of incitement to the service of zbutu (for geographic sign of abo for types of goods);
  • system development, preparation and stimulation of pracіvnikіv service zbutu.

Vibir type channel zbutu on the basis of the principle of value, fragments of leather in the main sphere of bagato, which is the reason for the parameters of the main advertising policy, the policy of product line production. Prior to this, there’s an element of strategic marketing (for a little vibration of the whole market) find the best system for free (I’ll need more time and more than enough for a great partner).

Pіdpriєmets mozhe vibraty be any indication in fig. 5.2 channel in zbutu. the cutaneous of them is the government of the Republic of Belarus and the Vitrat. Vibir type channel zbutu transmission є vrahuvannya whole complex factors_v.

Great purchasers of virobic products often sell their goods without delay, much to buy and purchase in great batches, and often try to sell products to any specific vimog. Spozhivach also can pass through the contacts to the non-contact contacts, as well as interested in technical assistance and the technical service of the purchase of the virob. Victoria channel to the zbutu of a zero transfer rivnya, whereby a side view of uninterrupted sales of goods is sufficient, so that you can cover all the supplementary vitreous virobodniks (in the morning, there are a lot of transport incidents). With the whole sum of all the pre-Duchat’s vitrats, there was no need to give a lesson, as if you would need to press on the middle men.

Tipi channel_v zbutu

Fig. 5.2. Tipi channel_v zbutu

For singing furnishings, moreover, vikoristovuvati in the system zbutu middleman. To such furnishings, secrecy, lay:

  • insignificance of single products;
  • teritorial rozgaluzhenіst market;
  • complete procurement of goods by living skinny.

Rishennya shchodo vibor channel zbutu to lay down as well і vіd bazhannya kontroliuvat system zbutu. Zrozumіlo, what is more rivnіv maє channel zbutu, tim less abilities yogo kontroluvati matima virobnik.

The middle of the channel at the bottom of the bed is to lay down the product features of the company. For goods that are in wide use, there is a wide range of costs for zbut, and for goods that have been redeemed at the university, there’s a lot of room for exchange.

Nadannya the servant to get help from the virology at the hour. To this, the enterprise of the sphere of services itself є I won’t need a channel for zbutu and an intermediary. New enterprises, as a rule, do not have resources for building a viable trade measure and glance at the services of trading agents, as well as take over sales of their products.

The business plan itself may know more than the main results of the work of the vibrator channel zbut. Zokrem, at the business plan it is necessary to enter the type of vibranium channel, enter zbutu (full service to zbutu, wholesale traders, distributors, traders, agents) for the reason that you have zoomed in on this vibir.

if the company transfers the service to the zbut, the business plan is fully:

  • to enter the number of services to Zbutu;
  • familiarize yourself with the principle of incentivize service to zbutu (for types of goods and for geographical areas);
  • Explain the basic principle of the system of material vinogorodtsy pracіvnikіv service zbutu.

Politics of entertainment. One of the most important elements of strategic marketing є politics of privacy. Visiting the price of the product (service) of the company - a better and more complicated way, the price of fuel is the same as the main parameters of the company, such as sales, income, dynamics, competitiveness of products. The point of view is to establish the price, so that I would be able to evaluate the goods we are living with. Yakshcho price is lower for an estimation, then a potential potential will be spent. Navpaki, the price is envied zmenshuvatime drink i, zrozumіlo, benefits of company.

In the process of developing policies, it’s completely possible to follow these steps:

  1. Identification of the situation, so that the identification of specific reasons for the need to accept the decision of the price, for example:
  • sowing a new product;
  • wihіd іz old goods on a new market;
  • a look at the old tsin z urakhuvannyam zmіn zovnіshnіh і internal factors іn skinny.
  1. Viznachennya value of price policy, specifically of which the company is established, is that the price of:
  • zbilshiti oath sale of products;
  • zbilshiti part of the market of firmi;
  • pіdtrimati camp fіrmi to the market is skinny.
  1. Analysis of competitive products through the use of new prices and elite prices.
  2. Obrahuvannya vitrat firmi on vigotovlennya and realizatsii single products with a method of identification of elastichnosti vitrat and lower mezhny prices.
  3. Vibir model of value. In practice, find out, models for:
  • virobnichi vitrati;
  • will drink;
  • Galuzev competition.
  1. Vibration of strategic value (penetration into the market; “know the top”; price lines, premium prices to the point).
  2. Accept the residual solution about the price on that product on specific zbutu markets.

At the current price there is a load of bagato of different factors: the power to sell products, the level of competition, the economic situation, and the main reason for this. Ale on practice pidpri ,mtsi, as a rule, take the chotiri chotiri main factors:

  • sobvartіst products;
  • the revelation of the unique power of products;
  • prices of products-competitors and products-deputy;
  • the possibility of the abolition of an adequate income.

It remains the price to become established with the same and the most important factors for the given business factor. At tsomu can be but victorious political strategies. the most popular among them are:

  • Market penetration strategy . There is room for new products, with new companies to enter a new market. Strategies are established at an underestimated price and with a goal to get more and more profitable and more frequent parts of the market. The first step in the development of the product market is one of the most important obligations of the Russian Federation, as well as the possibility of changing the quality of products.
  • The strategy of "knowing the top" . It is also possible to commit to new types of products, aly quiet, as well as unique authorities, which are protected by patents and any other rights of ownership. Establishment of a strategic transfer є reinstatement of enviable prices, as a result of which the "know the top" of the market. Due to lower prices, products are also reduced due to the knowledge of the largest group of users, since they could not have allowed them to buy a unique product earlier.
  • Strategy of value lines (or strategy of parametric value setting ). To make sure to establish the price for these products, as well as to identify those who are on the market for the same parameter. The basis of strategic prices is laid on the basis of the pet price of the singing parameter, which is also realizovuvanogo product market. With a grudge of the multiplicity of pet prices on children, the value of the next parameter in the new version is the value of the sale price.
  • The strategy of premium prices (or a low price index ). Maє bagato varіantіv. At the time of the victory of that one whose appearance is lower, the sign is marked by the nature of the straightforward nature (Table 5.1).

Table 5.1

See that straightforward zosozuvanny zizok іz price

View of the bottom

Наслідок зниження ціни

1. Lows for payments

Prompt Payment

2. Seasonal books

Reduced vitrate on zberigannya products

3. Lows from the total turnover

Збільшення кількості postійних кієнтів

4. Lows in the process of buying goods for a new market

Promotional product penetrating a new market

5. The books on the goods, a certain knowledge of the law

Accelerated realizatsії remaining partії product

  • The strategy of theopportunistic price decision ”. To be victorious is to extend a seemingly short period of time to goods (services), there are only a few things given to a given person that are lacking (separated) to satisfy them with a high visibility. At tsyuyu vipadok vzhadzhach not a makibor and vindication pay the temple price for such a comrade (servants).

Dependently on the features of the business, the company can be either a strategic strategy. Ale in the business plan, you need to explain why the strategy itself and the main strategies to compete with the main competitors were so bad. The business plan also has the requirement to characterize the price structure of the company and the government, laid down in the basis. Importantly, also explain:

  • yak the same price of new products help establish yourself on the market;
  • yak won priyatime pіdtrimuvannya і zbіlshennyu parts of the market firmi;
  • yak won in gross margin;
  • yaku policy is a book іz price will be stashed.

As a matter of fact, firm companies are much cheaper, a similar analogue of competitors, then in the business plan it’s necessary to explain why you’ll reach the price tag. If at the time the business plan was completed, the business plan was already a detailed price list, then the first warto should be placed in the business plan, in the shortened view.

Advertising campaign. We stockpile an element of strategic marketing є advertising campaign. In the process of public review, it is necessary:

  • clear visibility of specific values ​​of advertising campaigns;
  • take the decision about the ways of extensive advertising information;
  • with budget for advertising.

The business plan has demanded the main principle of advertising policy of the company. With all due respect, keep in mind the concept of advertising, the tools of real estate and the scale of the skin care technology. Give all the information to the business plan for the budget for advertising costs (Table 5.2). The budget form gives you the opportunity to know how to immediately pay attention to the organization of the advertising campaign, and itself:

  • Yakі zasobi advertisements transfer є vikoristovuvati company;
  • for some types of interests there will be widespread advertising and information;
  • skills for organizing an advertising campaign;
  • yak qі vitrati rozpodіlyatimutsya for okremi periods.

In general there may be a lot of goods, for the necessary requirements, characterized by the warehouse and the policy of the sale of goods in the company, so that you can come in more specific:

  • publicity (unpaid advertising in the case of masovy information - statistics, information, in-kind books);
  • personal sale (if you are aware of the goods of the company of one company, but there are potential purchases from the process of them);
  • incentive to zbutu (fate at the exhibitions, fairs, special demonstrations of goods).

Table 5.2

The budget vitrat for advertising dіyalnіst fіrmi

See more

advertising information
















for rіk

1. Radio

2. Newspapers

3. Television tower

4. Chronicle

5. Booklets

6. Rosilka by mail

7. Shield advertising

8. Svitlova advertisement

9. Inshi see


Policy of product production companies. Prior to the marketing strategy, it is necessary to establish the same product and product policies, so as to solve the problems of the service of the company products. the business plan needs to provide the basic picture of the procedure for guaranteeing servicing, security:

  • Chi will guarantee service and health with specialized companies, whose products will be rotated to the company;
  • Chi will be serviced by servicing the surroundings of the part business, chi will be turned on before the operation windows.

Maybutnya marketing strategy. As it was meant earlier, the importance of the dermal type of marketing marketing activity is fallow in the middle of the development phase. In addition, it’s important in the marketing plan of the economy to see if this is the way for the strategic marketing to go through the stages of becoming a business company. At singing parties at the business plan, you can give a graph of marketing marketing activities for okrimich periodov.

A financial security plan for marketing. Realization of vibration marketing strategy will require more vitamins. Acts of vitrati, for example, on organizing an advertising campaign, you can finish the business accurately, inshi - more approximately. As a matter of fact, for clarification of the marketing vitality, it’s necessary to go all the way to song singers, then you’ll stink out buti clearly formulated in the business plan, so that you can read the bulletin board, the number was taken.

Evaluation of foreign vitrates for the implementation of strategic marketing and programs, which should be protected, become the basis for informational basis for the development of a financial plan. Submit such information at the business plan is recommended with the help of a diagram, graph, table. Such a form can be explained in more detail by an organization organization marketing company on a whole and on a separate resource basis by elements. This is also an additional tool for the promotion of skin care products for strategic marketing.