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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

5.2. Marketing strategy

Central to the strategy for be-yo-yo-firmi loan-to- strategy marketing . A company for that isn’t, so that we can supply our products to the market. The growth of the company and the size of the profit taken away lie down to the point that, for good reason, you are quite satisfied with the consumption of your customers. The main components of the foreign strategic firms (finance, virobnitstvo, prior development) may have a chance to get access to the final foreign marketing. Immediately, the marketing strategy itself is not worth the resources of the company, and it’s becoming aware of the latest trends in marketing.

A wide rozumіnnі strategіya marketing - tse system of specific strategies shodo vibration and form:

  • whole market of firm ;
  • nomenclature and assortment of products;
  • zbutu systems and realizatsii products ;
  • politics of privacy ;
  • ways of organizing an advertising campaign;
  • Product policies and company policies.

Changing the meaning of specific strategies may be dependent on the specific characteristics of the market, the characteristics of the self-company, goods and services.

Growing up to the “Strategy for Marketing” plan, as a rule, can be repaired from the value of the final marketing strategy company. For the sake of reading the business plan, the article is:

  • in the first place, for a certain type of marketing approach, there is a company;
  • in a different way, on the basis of specific authority and overtaking of the products of the company (availability, price, service, servicing), respect will be bent.

The basis of the development strategy is laid on the vibration of the entire market. If you can, you can be sure that the marketing and marketing approaches are complete before the strategic strategy is developed:

  • structural characteristics of a given whole market (a whole market; one segment of a market; a segment of a market);
  • stage of life cycle of goods;
  • resource capabilities of firm;
  • one-stage step of a firm product;
  • competitive marketing strategies (Fig. 5.1).

Structural characteristics of the market

Rinok u tsilomu

One market segment

Most segment of the market

A type









Organization for a wide and healthy market from one basic marketing complex

Organization for one group of residents iz from vikoristannyam special special collection of the very same group of residents

Organization for a group of residents із vikoristannyam specially specialized marketing complex for the skin group of residents

Fig. 5.1. Please come to the strategic marketing strategy

The business plan itself has enough information to explain why having the vibrations of that type of marketing approach and at different speeds of the company will be pursued a strategy of winning the whole market.

Realization of foreign strategic marketing for health:

  • vibration of the production channels to the products (service) company;
  • Forms of price policy;
  • vibrator ways of realizing advertising campaigns;
  • the form policy of the product for the product (service) of the company.

The efforts of marketing strategy elements are clearly interconnected and can be reconciled in different ways. This means that the skin company is in good shape to the so-called marketing sum, so to speak about the combination of tools and marketing, so that you can cope with specific market minds in order to reach your goals in the best way.