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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

5.4. Predicted swag sale

The head method of the whole marketing plan is є to increase the forecasting costs of selling product companies . Forecasting about sale sales may be:

  • after an hour;
  • for okrimy types of products (service) companies;
  • for singing groups spozhivachіv.

Leather zih pіdhodіv maє svoya overtake. Naychastishe obyaz sales in business plan are predicted for an hour. Tse yes є I can clearly visualize the dynamics and growth and seasonality. The dynamics of the sale are presented at the view of the graph, table and supervisions are explained. Often there is a significant variation in sales forecasts. For such vipadas, it is recommended to razrobiti:

  • conservative forecast ;
  • Nayimovirny forecast ;
  • optimistic forecast .

As a matter of fact, there is a need for sales and sales of products (services), then we forecast the availability of sales for skin care products for skin products. Such pidkhid yes I can show vagomost skin from products for business and those at a resource resource. Here, too, visually corrugated in a graphical form, giving information.

Inkoli dotsіlno buva predicting an oath sale for groups of residents. With this in mind, it’s important that I promptly confirm the information for the additionally signed contracts for the supply of goods, and lists for us to know. Such pidkhid lіpsha I will explain є sutnost and priorities of strategic marketing to firms.

At the end of the day, please respect, the marketing plan is almost completely reconstructed. There is a need to submit all the necessary documents to you, which should include the following: copies of the signed contracts; sheets about namіri; sheets on pidtrimku; materials with presi - stats, look, int'ryu; advertising prospectuses, leaflets I would like to have such material and not even more important for a clear understanding of the daily marketing needs of the company, ale the idea of ​​corruption, a little bit of argument for the plan for the marketing, and I owe the credit to the potential investors. Change of control power supplies to the distribution "Marketing Plan" is shown in table 5.3.

Table 5.3

Change of control power to the marketing plan

  • What is the type of marketing approach (mass marketing, concentration, differentiation marketing) are there any other companies?
  • Will you be focused on certain specific authorities and overprices of product companies (yakіst, price, servicing, guarantors)?
  • How will I realize the products of the company: through Vlasna service zbutu, but for another intermediary?
  • Why is vibrano the very same channel zbutu? How much stink are you?
  • Yakshcho firma matima vlasnu service zbutu, skilki there will be zad_yano pracіvnikіv, yak itself ikh them stimulate? For a principle, will the service of Zbutu be inspired?
  • What are the strategic goals of establishing a company?
  • Why did the vibrano itself have such a strategy for solving and how to match the most important strategies for the main competitors?
  • Yak price, installed on the production of firm, is it possible to share the market of firm?
  • Yak polіtika znizhok iz zіn zastosovuvatitsya?
  • What principle is laid in the basis of advertising policy of companies?
  • Yakі zasobi advertisements transmitted vikoristovuvati in business firms?
  • What kind of hassle is there more extensive advertising and information transfer?
  • How much is the cost of organizing an advertising campaign company? How much do vitrify for okremi periods?
  • How will serviced service products be organized? Chi will it be recognized by the authorities, whose specialized firms?
  • What special services can I offer to my fellow workers? How old are the servicing servants?
  • How are the marketing priorities of marketing in the process of development?
  • Yak znіnimatimyutsya oath sale in hours; for the surrounding types of products; for singing groups?
  • What are the dynamics of sales? What are the dynamics of selling the main competitors?