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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,


  1. The main meta- marketing plan is that I ’m interested in legal and physical interests in a strategic company’s entrance to a company’s market, and also I’m able to fill in the situation for a whole market in order to protect my business. the process of formulating the goals of the marketing branch of business is two steps: 1) the sign of the main (direct marketing) marketing branch; 2) the formula of specific goals with specific goals, the special features of the market, the specifics of products and competitors.
  2. Organization of marketing activities at the singing stages of the life cycle of a product may include the following: a) getting hold of cobs - at the stage of entering the market; b) pay-as-you-go food for the whole range of goods - at the stage of food-to-drink; c) utrimination of the first part of the market with the firm leader and the protection of the vigorous visit with other firms - at the stage of stable stability.
  3. For the most part I want to pay a little part of the market of companies, the oath of sale, the structure of the system, the book with the price, the vitrat for advertising is skinny.
  4. The whole logic (last) of the development of the marketing plan is limited to: in the first place, the designation of the goal and the goal of the marketing department; in a different way, vibration and obgruntuvannya strategic marketing ; third, rooted in budget marketing; in the fourth place, the formulation of analitical allowances for the sale of goods in the company.
  5. Marketing strategy requires qualification so that I can buy specific strategies at a glance: 1) vibrator of the whole market of companies, nomenclature and assortment of products; 2) viznazhennya zbutu system and realizatsii products production companies; 3) the form of the policy of the price and the production of the company; 4) Violation of vibration methods of organizing advertising campaigns. With all of this, the marketing strategy of firmi maє transfer is pivotal: in the first place, it’s outrun of a particular type of marketing f_mi approach; in a different way, the description of the economical overprices of the products of the company was divided by the best producers. Apart from that, the foundation for strategic marketing should be set to become a vibrant market, and between the main ones, there are different types of marketing approaches to formulate a strategic form of structural characteristics of the whole market; stage of life cycle of goods ; resource capabilities of firm; marketing strategy rivals.
  6. The process of formulating a specific strategic strategy for realizing and realizing a product of healthy products:
  • Vibir type channel merchandising;
  • the number of personnel and the principles of encouraging the service of the winter (for the geographical sign of the types of goods);
  • Development of the training system, selection and stimulation of the service in the service industry.
  1. The remaining solution is to vibro channel commodity sales and zbutu firma priyma z urakhuvannyam k_lkoh real factors. Channel zero rivia company vibiraє for appearances of purchasers of great batches of products firmi abo great interest in customer service in the supply of sales services of the producer. For low price of single products, complete purchase of goods, we sell the goods as well as provide the necessary prices for the purchase and purchase of the goods system with intermediaries. there is a middle ground for a particular channel and a deposit of special features of production companies (comrade of a wide life, get rid of the skinny).
  2. The policy of the establishment of the company is in a gradual manner. The main etapi are:
  • Identification of the situation, so that the specific reasons for the need are identified, taking the decision on the new price (the design of the new products; the appearance of the product on a new segment of the market);
  • the value of the business policy for the market (the most frequent parts of the market and the sale of products; the business of reaching the business position));
  • analysis of product competitiveness through the establishment of a new elasticity of food and upper prices;
  • vibration of one of the models of value (orinto for a virobnic vitrati, for a drink, or for a galuzev competition);
  • recognition of strategic value (penetration of the market, “know the top”, price lines, premium prices);
  • Accept the residual product price for the product on specific markets.
  1. Prior to the most important system of state donations, strategic strategies include:
  • strategy for penetrating the market (setting a lower price for new products, with a new company entering a new market segment);
  • the strategy of “knowing the tops” (the establishment of enviable prices for new products with unique authorities, which are also covered by patents and the sovereign rights of authority);
  • strategy of value lines, or parametric value setting (setting price for products, as well as for those that are visible on the market beyond the level of technical and operational parameters);
  • strategy of premium prices, but a low price; a low price for a payment; a seasonal low; a low price; a low price for a single product; you need to know that it’s not a big deal);
  • the strategy of “opportunistic value-adding” (establishing visually high prices for a comrade, few shortages in Denmark at the moment, for satisfying a long drink for a short hour).
  1. In the process of conducting an advertising campaign, it is necessary to: a) clearly identify the value of the advertising campaign; b) accept vivazhene rishennya shchodo ways to expand advertising information; c) rozrahuvati primeds budget (koshtoris) vitrat for advertising goods, what should I get on the market.
  2. Predictions about selling sales products to the marketing plan. Yogo is possible for an hour, for a range of products, for singing groups. Zdeb_lshogo demand for more varied and varied forecasts (conservative, rented, optimistic) and even more dynamic sales of the main competitors for the market.