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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,


  • I’m more interested in filling in the viral plan as I distributed the plan for the virobiotic direct distribution in that I want to reconcile the interests of the legal and legal entities (potential investors), but it’s possible to have an official agreement; b) healthy produce the necessary quantity of goods in properly dressed; c) the ability to add the necessary resources for the whole resource.

Looking back at the warehouse in the virobiotic plan, you can soundly violate such blocks (підрозділи):

  • basic virological operations ;
  • Machines and installations ;
  • syrovine, materials and components ;
  • virologic and neuropathic;
  • inward factor factors.
  • At the front-end “Main operating system”, you can draw a diagram of the out-of-town flows, so that you can see the following: 1) Sounds of the factory will wipe off the syrovine, materials and complete sets; 2) in the latest technology the products are pre-fabricated; 3) whoever I’m ready to produce the product will deliver (sell). In addition, at the end of the year (for consumption), you can see the operation, which will help to reduce the number of subcontractors, and give a description of the skin of them with an additional copy of the contract with them, as well as the signing of the protocol about us.
  • Підрозділ “Machines and installations” are stored: 1) from the list of machines and installations that are needed for a healthy technological process; 2) rozrahunkіv vitrat, tied with pribanny abo rent (leasing) technological possession; 3) Information about the lines of service and depreciation. At times you need to give a description of the main technical and operational indicators in installation.
  • At pyrozdіlі "Syrovina, materials and completing virobi" induce the following ways: a) usih views of the material resources, which will be in the viral process; b) specific postachalnіv syrovini y material; c) purchasing prices for all material resources; d) financial and intellectual minds postachannya their resources in the company; e) oversight of the necessary reserves of syrovini, materials and complete sets of virobi, as well as the ability to conduct special minds of the Siberian.
  • Підрозділ "Virological and neurological needs", as a rule, including information about the consumption of firms in specific viral and neurological needs (including administrative, storage, and private). Moreover, primitives are characterized by a wide range of territories, territorial distribution, protection by Maidan people for navantzavuzhno-rozantavuvannyh robots, transport hardships.
  • Nasamkіnets in virobnichnuyu plan obov'yazkovo voznachaetsya the most influential factors in virobnicho-gospodarsku dyalnіst company. The following factors should be included: 1) you can see the environment and see the material resources of the postal management, as well as the most economical situations in the country; 2) iMovirnist appear new technologies vigotovlennya okremich vidiv products; 3) legal omezhzhennya strictly legal processes (sanitary and environmental standards, vimogi to utilization rates virobnitsva, bezraki protscho).