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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

Rozdil 7. Organizational plan

Navalny tsilі

Having read Tsey rozdil, Vi:

  • z'yasuєte, for which there is a scattered organizational plan and yak posledovnіst etapіv yogo opratsyuvannya
  • diznaєtsya, as the main officials to incorporate into the organization of the legal form of business,
  • z'yasuєte principle of vis-à-vis consumer needs for personnel,
  • zrozumієte, specifically for information about the owner and the key manager of the business directory should be put into the business plan.

Keys of thermal understanding

Form of organization business

Consume companies for staff

Key management company


Organizational management scheme

Kadrova politics

7.1. The structure of the organizational plan

The privilege of the company, the success of the business, where you can enter the business and professional staff of the company and the team manager. Retrieved curvatures and qualifications of warriors may be able to take advantage of crises, and it will be senseless, unpaid, healthy, safe and sound. There is an organizational plan for that, in which personnel and nutrition are considered, a loan is more specific to the middle of the average business plan.

Rosroblyayuchi organizatsionny plan , pіdpriєmets maє on meti:

  • in the first place, reconcile potential investors and lenders with the fact that they are vibrant to the social and legal form of business;
  • in a different way, show how to get organized, to describe the manager , how to manage the role in the process of becoming and managing the company;
  • in the third place, to bring, what, the team manager and the senior staff of the company are practically realizable business plan.

It is recommended that you fill out the entire business plan to repair the vibration of the organizational form, the fragments are to be awarded the entire business order.

Farther in the organization plan, characterize the consumption of companies in labor resources, so that you can recognize the right ones (basic, additional, special) for the necessary business.

It is fundamentally important to submit a tax to the organization plan for the office of those who are the leading management personnel of the company. Organizational plan єє коротє практи корот корот корот характеристики характеристики характеристики характеристики характеристики характеристики характеристики практи практи практи практи практи практично чно практи чночно практи практи чночно практично чночно практи практи практи практи чно практи чно практи чночно практично чно чно практи практи I’ll overtake the description of the manager’s team of managers to improve information about the victorious helpers in managing the business. Urakhovucci, scho bagato company, especially small, get to know about the function and management of special services on the other side, the organizational plan of the need to add a description of the consulting needs of the company.

In order to ensure that representatives of the organization are represented in the plan, the main managers and senior consultants of the company, thoroughly guide the organization, show how to communicate with each other and manage. Often an organizational scheme of a firm is given a short explanatory text.

The end of the organizational plan to avenge the explanation of the personnel policy and strategy firms. Due to the fact that it’s possible to pay attention, I’ll be prepared and paid for the right-hand company. It’s possible to give a bonus about transferring for students who are interested in fostering nature.

From now on, an organizational plan, as a rule, is stocked up with the following:

  • Organizational form of business;
  • company needs for personnel;
  • hairline companies, management team and consultants;
  • organization management scheme ;
  • personnel policy and strategy.