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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

7.2. Zmіst basic distribution of the organizational plan

The process of dividing the organizational plan into the most frequent part of the process is due to take into account the legal form of the organization business. The laws of Ukraine will transmit the information on such an organization (div. Fig. 1.2). Skin in the form of organizing business as much as possible and short-lived (div. Table. 1.1). On the vibration of the formation of the organization of business, the influx of bagato of the different factors, most often the specialties of the sphere of the May business, the most important factors of the process itself, are important:

  • відповідальність (as a matter of course, put up to the risk of losing a special lane and hitting the most important participants in the project at times of failure);
  • tidings (for example, summing up the fees, yanking together for the organization in the business in the organization form);
  • financial consume (as a rule, take the oath of the necessary start-up capital for starting capital with powerful cats);
  • the ability to grow business (to transfer more business to maybuty);
  • management of health and safety (whichever knowledge and knowledge for management of all functional areas of business);
  • operative management (if you need to transfer money to a business of normal, quick, or inapparently reacting to winter in the middle of the company);
  • folding of liquidity companies (if you fold it, you will be more active in recognizing the collapse).

In the organization plan it is necessary:

  • indicate the main reasons for the vibration of the legal form of organization;
  • vote on the potential potentia of such a solution;
  • Describe the potential legal status of the company in perspective.

If the company is moving like a gospodar partnership, obov'yazkovo need to explain, understand, on the same way. If you are talking about an active partnership, then you need to get information about the partnership and the type of promotion, like letting go, indicate the address and address for the sake of the director. Copy of legal documents to be given in supplements to the text of the business plan.

Dalі in the organizational plan, as it was, I wanted to characterize the need for business personnel. For the most important problems, you have to work the whole way, like a little vikonan at the company, next time you go to the warehouses: functions, see the specific and specific order.
In practice, the future is the “tree of flowers” ​​of the company: on the other hand, you can recognize the foreign ones, and then specify them more quickly. With the new version of the menu and the certificate, you can sign up, bookmarks, some kind of language and other things, so that you can see it. On the basis of the information and information store the qualification characteristics, the installation and staff list.

The practice of business management took the simple and difficult form of giving a business plan to informational needs of staff (Table 7.1).

I especially respect in the organizational plan of the slid to be turned on the characteristics of the business and business enterprises. Opratsovuyu pidrozdіl “Vlasniki biznesu, a team of managers and consultants consultants” I would like to expressly require clear recognition of who I’m describing and how to describe. Before such events, as a rule, should be:

  • підприємці - fellow tribesmen of business;
  • active investor (that’s the contribution of your company to the company, which is getting better);
  • Provided business managers (employees of marketing services, financial services, technical director and business);
  • consultant consultants, experts (specialty, as if to help the most especially folding problems). When tsimu winikaє nourishment, whom and whom bazhano get to the robot. So you can know how to use the power supply, put together the so-called managerial health matrix (Table 7.2), for the other, you can see the functions of the manager, for the next week you need to get the consultant.

Dalі in the process of developing an organizational plan, you’ll need to learn more about the skin and skin care practices of the business plan. Here you can find out:

  • Inodi before the organizational plan to complete the inclusion of more external visas about the development of the calendar and the professional access to the skin from the main corns;
  • in the last VIPs (price, part) on the skin of the keys, there is a need for a short biographical report and the meaning of planting, which will be paid on them. The biographically qualified person is especially qualified to qualify, the candidate is more active and the candidate is more active, and the candidate must be able to work well. Gruntovіshі characteristics of the main curvatures and the change of landings, as a rule, give in supplements. Those themselves are reluctant to have positive characteristics with the latest robots, a list of specific achievements and prizes. Protein, if you want to increase your reach even more, you can manage greater hostility on potential investors, as well as you need to include without delay in your business plan.

Skladayuchi pіdrozdіl "Vlasniki bіznesu team menedzherіv i zovnіshnі consultants" slіd mother on uvazі scho potentsіynі іnvestori otsіnyuvatimut not stіlki zdіbnostі skin okremogo kerіvnika, skіlki zbalansovanіst knowledge kvalіfіkatsії that dosvіdu Team menedzherіv fіrmi in tsіlomu, їh sumіsnіst for efektivnoї spіvpratsі.

There is a wide business plan that requires an organization fee and a company management scheme, for which there is easy access, for those who need to be in order, there is a clear need for technical coordination.

Oversight of the organizational scheme of managing the company with the opportunity for such as etiri etapi.

It’s a hassle to formulate a list of the main functions (virobnitstvo, marketing, finance, region, personnel management so much). Dalі, for necessary, price and functions, it is possible to detail (breakdown on the function). On the other side, put together a list of organizational units of the company (workshops, services, services).

At the third stage, expand the matrix to the type "functions - organization organizations." Practically, the meaning is the table, de vertically recorded functions, and horizontally - the organization of one company. Yakshcho singing organіzatsіyny pіdrozdіl fіrmi vikonuє

Table 7.1

Personnel needs for staff

Categories pracivnikiv

Yakostі, necessary for the sight of the sight of dyalnosti (kvalіfіkatsіya, dosvіd skinny)

Reasonable number of staff

Vartіst staff * 1

Dzherela pokrittya needs at staff (internal, external)




* 1: {I ask the staff to turn on the salary of the public, see the winery, social insurance, pension payments.}

Table 7.2

Matrix of managerial health

Basic Functions

Take care of firm employees

Neobkhidna zovnіshnya

How can I help you?

office management

(hairline managers, key managers)


public relations staff

procurement of consultants consultants

1. Accounting region

2. Slipping

3. Planuvannya

4. Organizations

5. Management of finances

6. HR management

7. Zbut

8. Conclusion

9. Legal nutrition

10. Insurance


taku function, to scribble the icon in the table. As a result, leather for the first time is funded (functional) will be “designed” for the advanced structural design, which is for realization. When tsyomu need to be subject to the following rules:

  • usi iznacheni funktsії (pіdfunktsії) to have a little more fun (for the singing right maє vidpovіdati singing person), more than nothing else;
  • for the completion of the vocal performance function less than one half-hour (full-time win-win double-sided half-cycle);
  • in the process of detailed functions (distribution of functions on the function), there is no need to forget about the range of control (one of the currencies is not ordered more than 5 - 6 times).

At the fourth end, this time, add a diagram of the organizational structure of the company management, to show the whole organization of the company, the first and the second one. As a rule, I’ll add a short text to the armchair, I’ll explain the special features of the organization, encourage the company and the environment details.

In the process of operating pridrozdilu “Organizational management scheme”, the following is to respect the following:

  • The organization’s scheme of the mother’s butgood is agreed upon, as well as the previous boules are accepted in the front of the business plan. Sokrem, in the organization scheme may know the image of the solution to the structure of the service to the public (marketing plan), the technology of virological and virological education (virological plan);
  • Organizational Scheme MAє vidbivati ​​renewed and obov'yazkіv between representatives of the company and members of the team manager. Vona is guilty of the principle of principles of the system of management of the company, which is protected in the installation documents.

Підрозділ the organizational plan "Personnel policy and strategy" for reading the business plan of the announcement about the philosophy of the company staff catering. I have a whole lot of roses to clarify, because there will be more problems to do, preparation and payment of praxis. Sokrema, here mayu buti visvіtlenі nutrition:

  • specific lines set of staff state firms;
  • standards and procedures for additional staff;
  • the structure of salary pay, package pay, premium, participation in company incomes.

Reporting the need to characterize the mechanisms of motivation and winery business, a company without a hint. Details: I’m not guilty;

The change of control power supply to the distribution "Organizational plan" is shown at the table. 7.3.

Table 7.3

Control power before the business plan

"Organizational Plan"

  • Yaka is the legal form of organization business of vibran and what?
  • Yakin officials zoomed in on such a vibration and in whom do you want the potential of such a solution?
  • Yakshcho pіdpriьmnitska structure є gospodar partnership, then on the kind, vlasna, minds of yogo is twisted?
  • As a matter of fact, a cooperative partnership, then what kind of partnership is it and the type of partnership, why should I start, for the sake of directors? Chi є legal documents?
  • What are the best practices (specialties, services, basic and additional robots) necessary for a successful business?
  • What are the specific skills, qualifications, qualifications, qualifications?
  • How can it be transmitted to robots on the basis of robots and services, which may be necessary?
  • Yak peredbachuvana vartіst personnel fіrmi z urakhuvannyam usіh vinigorod, v_drahuvan on the social insurance, pension payments?
  • Hto specifically go to the core warehouse of firms (short information about them)?
  • How can I communicate with members of the team manager of the company?
  • Yakimi є umovit that form vinogorodzhenna dіyalnostі dermal with a member of the team manager?
  • Who specifically wants to work as a professional consultant, radicators from legal, bank, advertising and advertising?
  • How is the organization management scheme motivated?
  • Do you know the organization’s scheme with solutions, even though they’ve accepted the marketing plan of the virological plan?
  • If you need to transfer health kit to staff company?
  • What are the standards and procedures will be confined to the staff?
  • What will the yakimi rіven and structure of the pay pay to the employees of the company be?