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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

Rozdil 8. Otsіnka rizikіv

Navalny tsilі

After reading Tsey rozdil Vi:

  • z'yasuєte essence of understanding pіdpriєmnitskogo riziku and see the most rizikіv,
  • zrozumієte, as an opportunity to step up and that way to react to the troubled threaten business,
  • diznaєtsya, as I get the concept of managing rizikami,
  • Z'yasuєte, so that you can help change the practice of education.

Keys of thermal understanding


Підприємницький Ризик

Concept of managing rhizics

Otsіnka step riziku

Minimization of negative insights




8.1 See the rizikiv

Be-yak dyalnist in the sphere of business is bound up with a rizik . Situations, if there is a freeze, at the middle of the day, like a vignette. Obviously, there is a need to clarify the fact that all the subcategories of the state donations are due to the minds of the most common and unintentional reasons, because it’s often impossible to pass on the message; inaccuracy of assessment of the trend of development of the internal and external middleware of Chi rivals; the availability of informational information when the business plan is folded is thin.

You can get help from investor in your business plan, you don’t need to show potential, you need to donate money to your project, but you can also get into it. The axis is that in the business plan it is necessary to thoroughly address the problems, problems associated with them, their assessment and the minimal impact on the results of activities.

The business plan “Estimation of business” has been charged with two meals: two, first of all, what kind of business is necessary, and there are many reasons for that; in a different way, one won’t be able to split up a viable plan for the minds of unintentionality, conflict, marriage of information.

From now on, in this current business plan, we need to demonstrate the good health of the businessmen, send them the latest tickets, sign up for the latest news and come in for the most negative ones.

Ісють різні тлумаченняdnostі riziku. There is a meaning in mind, that a rhetoric of coercion should be given to sub-projects, a supervisor, all the steps, and the reasons for the lack of forms and behavior. Criticism of commitments to the possibility of singing, unpleasant behavior, as well as risk (threat) of losing your resources (investor) in return for the appearance of additional gates.

Businessmen had a lot of different furnishings, so they could bring up to the last loss. Dosvid pіdpriymnitstva zasv_dchuє, shcho vrahuvannya yakomoga bіlsho і kіlkostі ymovіrno unfriendly for a given business, so that I can really control the rizik.

Transition of possible species of rizikіv to finish the great: the passage of verse to the graves of the pіdpriєmtsya. Існує is the significant number of classifications of classical types. There is a singing sign of the rhizics that classify the sphere of similarity, the reasons for the winnings, the extent of the water, the extent to which forecasting is possible, the permissible limits are acceptable, the degree of systematic nature is thin.

Characteristic of viral nature is characterized by the virosilicon of the following main types of risics: virological, voluntary and nonviolent company of their own goiters for contracts; financial (credit), due to the destruction of the company of their goiters before investors; Investing, entrusting you with the opportunity to invest in an investment and financial portfolio, which is stored in the same way as the main ones; market, interest rates, interest rates, currencies.
When you can see the appearance of the cutaneous appearance of the rhizic rhizna - the rhiznosis of the skin will be of the highest quality. Therefore, in the business plan, you need to look and see more than the best for the given business (table 8.1). For the most part in the business plan, riziki look at each other, as if they could win as much as possible:

  • unpleasant tendencies in the middle of the middle galuzi, to which you must establish business denominations;
  • Reactions of competitors (for example, you can lower the price for analogous products and their services);
  • seasonal sales cycle;
  • lack of competence for personnel, such as engaging in marketing, virology and management;
  • come up with new technical and technological achievements, so that you can bring up a new technical and economic old product to a given business;
  • redistribution of virobic vitrates over the planned;
  • hard work із possessed by syrovini, materials, completing virobіv, as well as credit;
  • the cycle of the flow of preparation is thin.

For more understanding in the business plan, the concept of managing the riches is more important than the remaining number of people in the two foreign groups. The first group can become internal (endogenous) riziki, which can be controlled by a specific sub-state grant. To another group, to master the standard (exogenous) rhizics. Generally, as managers, you cannot control without interruption, so as to be involved in foreign activities in economy, as a rule, you can’t control the environment completely. Zokrema zbіlshennya rates of taxes to lead to a change in net profit and cost for investment. Especially I think that the characteristic of markets is that they take shape for the minds of tireless legislation.

From a glimpse of the gravy into the end, the results of dyalnosti slid razrіznyati dynamic and static riziki. A dynamic rizik can be made up of performances of non-repayable sermons of vartosti to the main capital of the hereditary people who take up singing management rishnos, but non-transfer of serpentine funds to the provincial middlemen. This type of riser can be the reason for the loss of money, so for the income (for the hidden benefits). Wait for a static rizik to bring to zbitkіv, fragments of the first day’s characteristic is associated with the loss of real assets, as well as with the loss of income through the underdevelopment of the state donation grant.

Table 8.1

See rizikіv and the reasons їх winnings

No. p / p

Kind of Riziku

Reasons for the winnings


Rhizics, due to the wrong vibrator, economic values,

Non-prioritized priorities for foreign and market strategic firms

Incorrect forecast of market conditions on the markets of products, resources, capital, praise

Inadequate appraisal of consumer demand for living and high-tech virobility


Riziki, due to the lack of security of investment (project) financial resources (investments)

There is no shortage of cost for self-financing

The reality of the real dzherel zovnіshnogo investu-bath

Nedoliki vibra method finance

The loss of Dzherel’s financial support to the project in the process of realizing


Risiks, due to incompatibilities with planned lines in realizatsii pidprimnitsky idees

Nedotrimannya graph_planning vitrat

The loss of forecasted terms of revenue revenue


Marketing riziki

Nevidpovidnost price, transferred to the business plan, that real market value

Vіdmova postachalnik_vid forward contracting

Inadequate rescue service

Zaiva kіlkіst staff, not justified by kіntsevymi results dіyalnostі

Not properly primed segmentation of the market for zbutu

Pardon the vibration of the entire segment of the market, strategy of selling the product, organizing measures of purchase, logistics systems and transfer models of realizing the product

Inadequate results of marketing achievement through non-organizational organization

Pomilkova strategy and tactics

Ineffective advertising

Nevrahuvannya seasonal cycle of sales


Riziki, connected with the system of partners and partners

The system for modifying partners and contractors


Riziks, entrusted with unspecified competition

Penetration into the market of significant number of diversified and primary firms

Winnings of new firms-competitors

Expansions from the side of foreign exporters

Door product-vice-deputy

Reduced competitors price for similar products

Zakіnchennya tab. 8.1

No. p / p

Kind of Riziku

Reasons for the winnings


Riziki, due to security rights to patented virobi

Inadequate oversight of patented technical, marketing, design solutions

Low patent patent rate

Trivial_ lines of patent patent

Low Riviera zhereberezhenya komertsіynih taєmnits


Riziki of the unspecified vitrat i zbіlshennya koshtorisu

Neperedbachene zbіlshennya rinkovih prices on the resource

Increase in interest rates on loans

Vitrati on a non-distributed business plan

Pay for thermal robots

Penalty sanctions, arbitration bills

Reduced deposit rates on money, as well as on bank rachunks


Rhizics, due to conflict situations (from legislation, huge)

Nevrahuvannya in the business plan of the feasibility of new environmental, ergonomic standards, licensed and in.

Зміна patriotic policies, penalties and sanctions

Dodatkovі Vitrati on "Public Relations"


Riziki, related to the conflicts in the process of formulating the singing song for the project and development of streaming music

Vykoristannya timchasovo vіlnykh koshtіv on line consumption consume companies

Finance and design projects and services

Dependent normative in overhead vitrat


Riziki, povyazanі zі vprovadzhennyam іnovnovatsіy, venture business

Unsatisfied business results in the process of development and innovation Innovative redistribution of vitrats in the process of delivery

Lack of predictive technical parameters in the process of carrying out science-based, design and technological development, in order to become the basis of an innovative project

Ongoing results and excel technical and technological capabilities.

Winnings of non-profitable economical projects in the process of realizing innovative projects