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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

8.2. Concept of managing rhizics

Samy Tіlki described the unimportant réziku without a week in business plan, quietly approaching, so that you can have a good time, and the first hour. For this, in a specific business plan, a report is required to be clarified, as it is possible to change the riziki and the second .

The concept of controlling the rhizics of maє include such components:

  • an assessment of the stage of risen, so that the value of potential negative consequences is recognized, as well as minor effects, negatively impacted on the result;
  • opratsyuvannya mehanizmu reakuvannya on possible negative accruals;
  • Drawn up calls for neutral compensation and negative compensation for possible negative accruals.

We want to get more information on the whole year, and on the other hand, we will be able to reach the business plan of potential investors.

Zagalniy pidkhid to an estimation of rizik_v also can be based on the lower warehouse, and the very same: the manifold and the internal and the new factors, which can change the size of a particular kind of rizik; Estimating the specific type of rhizic from a look at the liquidity of the project and the economic and social investment; Establishment of permissible rizika, healthy songs for changing rizika. Analysis of the risk of gain in the necessary necessary tributes for taking management decisions about the additional participation in the singing business project and interest for the loss of financial loss.

In the process of raising the price of a loan to all participants in the project: deputy, investor, non-repatriated, sellers, purchasers, insurance companies, and so on. The participants of the project are interested in ensuring that they can threaten their business, can help their competitors, and also have a chance of a competitive situation. You can find out more in different ways: see a folding analysis in the models for operating up to an intensive understanding and analyzing the number of days.

In principle, on the other hand, spiral, analizuyushchie step riziku be-yakoy sub'єkta pіdpriєmnitsky dіyalnostі. The essence of these principles is that in the first place, in the first place, lose your sight not to lie down one look alone; in a different way, lose one step from the “portfolio of riziks” is not an overarching loss of income for the future (behind a screw of force majeure furnishings); in the third place, the maximum amount of cows is not guilty of overcoming the financial abilities of the participant.

Business plan є obov'yazkovim kіlkіsniy chi prinaymnі yakіsniy analysis riziku. Two see the analysis add one one. Kіlkіsny analіz daє zmogu viznachiti osnovnі factorization riziku, naybіlsh nebezpechnі s tsogo Look Etap th robot іdentifіkuvati riziki, porіvnyati result schodo mozhlivih ekonomіchnih that sotsіalnih naslіdkіv, viyaviti vpliv rіshen, SSMSC priymayutsya in Minds neviznachenostі on kіntsevі result dіyalnostі sub'єktіv gospodaryuvannya. Kіlkіsniy analysis є the best, ale tіlki vіn yes є I can specifically identify the steps іmііrnostі okremіh rizikіv, and vіdtak ііісінісніність in the whole given project, the singing kind of performance.

The business plan has the possibility of the second method of assessing the steps, and the very one: the statistical method of analysis of social vitrati, the method of expert evaluations, the analytical method, the method of analogy.

The statistical method of business planning can be vouchsafed for the manifestation of a significant oversight of the analytical and statistical information, which will be able to lower the level by the value of the mean square indicator.

The method of analysis of social vitality is based on the identity of the zones of religion, with the understanding of the level of the height of the elements of vitality. You can visualize the zymic zymnym yamirnisty yak zones, within the boundaries of specific zbitki do not override the boundary value of the established level of the rhizics, so the zones of the diminished rhizics (absolute zone, normal zone, non-critical zone, non-critical zone, non-critical zone I’ll become a crisis).

For marriage, information and other analogs are corroded by the expert evaluation method. As a rule, the price of ballroom assessments of that kind is that kind of rhizic and that is the fill for the activity of firms.

For the fraud of officials with unintentionality, characteristic of evaluating projects in business, the analitic method (analysis of sensitivity) is victorious. Realization of the whole method of health, as a rule, is gradual. Before we recognize the main (keys) parameters, we can characterize the results of public relations; give a better way to factor, so that you can achieve the desired results, the value, the key value of the key parameters for all processes, and the way you can lower it. Grudgingly by this method, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the basic parameters and the factors I am infused with them. Tse zmogu іdentifіkuvati nayvagomіshі officials officials riziku and vimіryati "sensitivity" of the main parameters to the last tsikh official.

With the method of expanding the potency of a particular business plan with the help of cinnamon, we can give you some insights into how to fill in the most important factors, as well as give them an hour to live in similar projects.

In the business plan, the results of vimiruvanny riziku may be presented in the absolute, so in the case of the complete viral. In the absolute superecision, the image is defined as an extra part of the cue for the ability of those who have the cues to matime.

Ochkuvanі zbitki completely transferred in business plan. In order to ceaselessly stooping over the three times of real assets (lane, sirovini, paliva, energy), cost, value folders; loss of an hour; zbitkіv through a pogіshennya іmіdzhu (prestige) company. The reasons for the most serious problems are: political officials, economic, social instabilities, lack of credit and financial policies to force majeure, incompetent incompetence.

For the most part of the country, you can choose the right way to go (plan without going ahead) by going to the singing project (By) and going by the way (Form)

CR = Po - Pr.

For example, if it’s possible to buy new products, then you can use the formula for the formula

CR = (Co - Co) (1 - P) - Cp rP,

de Tso - price of goods; With - signified sobvartіst goods; P - oath overstock; Ср is the interest in the product with the required price; r is the interest rate of the interest rate.