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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

6.2. Rating Management Concept

In a natural way, lowering the degree of complexity, both laboring and managing, securing, fragmenting the strategic and tactical plans of the EU, and lowering the level of transparency, we have to take into account the fact that we have to take into account the fact that we have to take into account the fact that we need to take into account the fact that we need to take into account the fact that we have to take into account the fact that we have to take into account the fact that we need to take into account the fact that it’s necessary, Such factorization can be better recognized as a result of replacing the group of indicators with integrated integrated assessment. The main criterion is to hang on to skin evaluation, to blame for such a * 1:

* 1: {Bogatov O. I., Lysenko Yu. G., Petrenko V. L., Skobelev V. G. Rating management of economic systems. - Donetsk: Southeast, 1999.}

Criterion 1 : Integrated comprehensive assessment is guilty of a lot of business.

Criterion 2 : Integrated comprehensive assessment of the quality of the products, since it is clear, clearly, in principle, in terms of proportions that are inherent in them.

Naipovnіše vіdpovіdaє criteria 1 that 2 is widely vikoristovuvana at svіtovіy practical assessment will become the EU, as a rating. The rating is an assessment of the quietest and most important aspects of the EU’s performance on a fixed scale. From now on, the rating є I will comprehensively inform the EU will become as if I will give in to the most burnt-out viglyad.

Unfortunately, up to ten o'clock, the rating didn’t lead up to 24-hour transformational procedures to take advantage of the ranking corridors of the rating (we’ve changed the rules of the assessment of real-life rating schemes).

The value of the rating management is shown below, but the situation is different.

Meaning. Pid rating management rozumіyut the concept of accepting rіshen potenstіnymi koristuvachami on pіdstavі vikoristannya ratingіv in the process of realizatsіі function management.

Because of the importance of the rating, the rating is controlled by the process, the rating is for the analysis, control, region, forecast and regulation of the EU’s activities. In addition, the methodology for ranking can be interposed with the rating function of the rating management, which will become the EU indicator.

The main characteristic process of rating management is that of those who rated immediately, I’m instrumental, and I’m manage management. The vibration of the methodology used to rank the rating is based on specific strategic management (realizing strategic planning). Remaining a member of a set of groups of values, which is better to understand the different aspects of the EU functions, which are in order for their priorities. Leather can be enjoyed on elementary basis, which can be sorted out by priority, so by term іх realizatsії.

I’ll take a look at the rating management system ст such as the particularity of the rating rating:

  • Rating є in є such functions ’management, as an analysis of a clean view, so that ан analysis of a high rivie.”
  • The principle of rating functionality has been laid down at the beginning of the rating assessment, the EU has low criteria, so that the rating is the result of the process of bagat factor analysis of the EU.

For a specific EU rating, management can have the following aspects:

  • Internal rating management.
  • Зовнішнє ranking management.

The subject of internal rating management is the EU and the competition. Remain vidigrayut the role of the base for the future. Meta of the internal rating management of the pole in the EU and the EU in the middle of the middle.

The official partner of the EU partner. By the potential corridors of the procedures of the final rating management in the minds of the world can be changed and invested in the institute, banks, posters of strategic syrovini, abilities and robots. For the effective stiffening of procedures of the outstanding rating management, the guilty ones should be reminded as follows:

  • Resources (services), which should be discouraged by the third-party rating management, for them are significant, which should be costly.
  • Most partners (counteragents) of the EU є nastily great, but to take control of the need for greater analysis of the greatest partners (counter-agents) of the EU as a whole.

Violate (formally) the strategy of the rating plan as the code for the class of all strategic plans.

Nekhay M - a lot of methods of rating ranking have been fixed.

Methods M 1 and M 2 (M1, M2 I M ) are called the last year and the next, if you mean the very same order for the rating estimation, the number of results is estimated.

A zagal can be respected, which can be stored in pairwise non-invasive techniques. It is permissible to be protected, as a matter of fact, a plurality of М Містить pairwise divided methods. Rozglyanmo bіnarne vіdnoshennya E , the name is as follows: ( M 1, M 2) I E todi y lish todi, if M 1 and M 2 porіvnyannі.

Obviously, sch Е є in terms of equivalence on many M.

I’ll get you up:

The ring is in the skin іz blockіv Ві, і = 1, ..., l The method is best described. Permissible

A lot of M was encouraged to stock up with pairwise non-comprehended techniques.

Significantly bіnarne vіdnoshennya such a rank: Todd lishe Todi, if rating, assessments are due to the methodology of M, victorious to develop tasks S.

From now on, do you call a strategy plan rating rating less than a maximum, if n? ? So, for n =? maєmo traditional system of planning, but for n? ? - rating strategy planuvannya.