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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

12.2. Keynes Model

The classic model gave an idea of ​​the task of creating a novelty in economics in the minds of repeated employment. Ale yak know rivnovagu, if the economy is characterized by masovim unemployment?

L. Harris * 1, secrema, meaning: “Keynes, having lost his sense of purpose in showing that he is not interested in doing other things, isn’t an irregular vipad. Zagalniy vipadok - the main reason for the manifestation of unemployment, and when you take it - more than a single vipadok. Gobble to reach bazhanogo I will become busy again, the power of goiters is obliged to miscalculate especially the politics of gratification of free employment, more automatically doyuchі rinkovі sily without the price of prytrimki not guarantee її reach. ”

* 1: {Harris L. Monetary Theory. - M .: Progress, 1990. - S. 269.}

Get involved, scho іsnu rinok pennies, vіdmіnny vіd rinku oblіgatsіy. Three kinds of assets are being looked at: pennies, regional bonds, physical capital. Vidnosna price of pennies, bend in the regions, - the whole rate in rubles for the regions. There is a hypothesis to allow, in the minds of income the norm is an allowance for physical capital (which is for an obvious supply of investment goods) expensive incomes for the regions.

Ozhe, a friend of the model - a model, like a penny-credit policy for viro business. For example, growing a penny with a hat for a friend of new pennies is proportional to the amount of pennies and pennies. Although it’s only a little bit bigger, it’s more expensive to lose money when the norms are lower than in the region (alternative type of assets), the norm is lower for the most part, the losses are small and small.

Let’s take a whopper from the criterion to the maximum allowance for the capital (fund) for the fixed rynya borrowed:

P = p ( F ( K , L ) - rK ,

That is matimo such a viraz for the need to think of an extremum gain:

Oskilki , then, just, let’s wipe the maximum:


tobto is limited by the productivity of the funds in the form of property of normal income (fixed income).

From now on, a lower norm for a little more than one year (12.10) means a lower boundary for a little more capital, and a smaller part for a lower product is lower for K , a lower one for a smaller transfer, and you need to pay a little bit more to share it with you. Sounds, having secured the entire cause-and-effect lance, is very small, and it seems very small that there is no big deal for food, I’ve grown up to comrade before the delivery of goods, that’s up to

Rozglyanmo more detailed rinok pracі in Keynes’s model. Nagada, in the classic model of income, it has come for repeated employment, and the importance of real wages viznachalos os think:


at tsomu rіnovnovazhniy kіntsevy product

Y 0 = F ( K , L 0),

de L 0 - the number of practitioners for thinking of employment.

It is permissible, for any reason, to drink E (for production), having appeared less for the proposition of Y 0 for the reason for repeated employment.

At the end of the year, as if having respected Keynes, in fact, the winnings of the Kintsev product are Y dear to Y = E , so that Y < Y 0 .

All of a sudden, you don’t have to work on the market, the fragments for decisive minds can reduce the product’s oversight due to the small number of people, only L <L 0.

From now on, in the classic model there is a real pay First of all, the number of borrowers in modelі Keynes popit for goods E viznachaє rіven zaynyatostі L, at tsomu L 0 - L i Je tim rіvnem bezrobіttya, yaky diktuєtsya Rink groschens tovarіv i.

There’s a clue here at the same time, they won’t be able to sell styli, they should be able to stink, but they’ll sell and sell more for less. I’m going to get to work on the fact that I’m crooked by the force, which was introduced for the hypothesis of maximizing the gain, but we can’t but Victor. From now on, the main new Keynes’s model is divided into the classic model from the fact that:

1) the level of marketability of goods reached for the level of forecasted consumption and actual positioning;

2) the actual one is willing to work out the power of recognizing the actual product, and later, the market for the workforce can be reached even if the market is for the store.

Keynes’s model is recorded with the Lq ( r ) wiggle - it’s popped into the oblast fallow rate.

Rinoko robotici:


Penny Market:



Rinok goods:


Y = E. (12.15)

I’m more interested in the market for goods , having learned, for example, in addition, hypothesis, and deposits C ( Y ), I ( r ) є linear, so that I can drink on a living comrade who has a constant linear supply of goods:

C ( Y ) = a + bY , a > 0,

0 < b <1,

a subscribes to investment comrade loyal recession and growth rate:

I ( r ) = d - f ( r ),

D > 0, f > 0.

Todi Umova Rivnovagi (12.15)

Y G = a + bY G + d - f ( r ),

zvidsy otrimaєmo:


because the curve is equal to the market for goods ( IS curve) є the linearly-declining function r і, the same, for the fixed value r the same value YG ( r ).

Rozglyanmo now rivnovagu to the market pennies . It is permissible that scho drinks on the region Lq ( r ) to lay down in the form r :

Lq ( r ) = k - jr ,

Umova Rivnovagi (12.13), when I take it from the Viglyad:

MS = MD = LpYM + h - jr ,

abo (12.17)

because the curve is equal to the pennies market ( LM ) є with the constant linear function r , the same, for the fixed r is the same as the YM ( r ) value.

Zagalna rivnovaga on the market of pennies and goods to reach for think:


meaningly, the point of rivovagi ( Y 0, r 0) (the point of cross line IS i LM ) is ина one. The rest of the world on penny and commodity markets is uniquely signaled to the actual need for labor: Y 0 = F ( K , L 0).

The main scheme of the installation of the river is shown in Fig. 12.3.

Fig. 12.3

The first quadrant has the image of IS , LM , the fourth quadrant has the viro function of the economy (EF) as the L function, the third quadrant has the curve of power and position to work. Yak is possible to cause, the reasons for tying up all kinds of goods and pennies to the market are working through the WF, and even then, the market is not essential.

Although the transmission model (postulate) is classic, it’s an automatic tendency to keep busy, then Keynes’s model has such a mute. Honestly, nehai rivnaga on the market prazі vstavilas for the mind of renewed employment on rivnі L 0 ( L 0 <L 0). In order to have access to new activities L 0, you need to have a higher product range up to Y 0 ( Y 0 = F ( K , L 0)), you must have your own business, you can take up a penny's worth of money. LM 0. Yak bachimo z (12.17), as well it is possible to secure for exogenously given propositions of pennies ı fixed rate k , h less through lower price p , higher mechanism for lower price for fixed pay rate w 0 for Keynes model is not included. From now on, in order to switch to regular employment, the special state policy.

Yakshcho lіnіya LM non-linear, that is, around the point, at a point r 0 tsya lіnіya maє horizontally dilyanka, then winikaє lіkvіdna pasta. For the indicated form of LM business insurance on the financial market, it is irreplaceable that the price is lower due to the overhead propositional product Y 0 and work L 0.

I wish you such a special thing: the plan of planning Vitrat E buvaє nastіlki viskim, scho virobnitstvo Y can not reach it. All prices are as long as the netting point IS i LM is the maximum value for the rate r 0.

Keynes’s modifiable approach ари monetarism analysis of economics (deductible on the cob of the 70s of the XXth century by M. Freidman). What is the reason for the day-to-day viability of Keynes and Freeman? Keynes respected that he had the most significant impact on the winter of the main macroeconomic indicators, he would help him to a comrade, and to Freidman’s thought, the head would have control over the proposition of pennies. Monetarists also agree on the fact that speculative drinking for pennies doesn’t lie down in all bets, and in order to increase the amount of pennies to raise the price, not on the odds of the virobility, as it was in the Keynes model. For the most important things, a penny-credit policy cannot be blown away from the pre -otherm plan for the real oath of virobility and the camp is unbecoming, although we want to have a short term.

Yak to comprehend more of Ukraine and the indigenous countries, indices are governed by Keynes’s statements, and indices are Fredman’s: unrivaled level and controlled by the state’s influence - dynasty Keynesian; hyperinflation and weak control of the state - monetarist.