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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

15.6. Build private privacy

Macroeconomic dynamics in the Sargent — Tarnovsky model for identifying with the oceans in the business community and the accumulated private privatism. At my own house, the accumulation of private bagatelles to commit themselves to the formulations of the sovereign Borg: as a whole, I’m not sure of one side of the same process. The main idea of ​​this model is simple to complete: power, double-duty, wait for go-tos, increase budget finances, victorious, secret, donations, borgs, pennies. There are many tools for raising business and population (donations, naturally, with a familiar sign), which form is the process of accumulating private baggage.

I’ve been waiting for it, let’s say a model. I’ll forgive the reality, but, it’s the same, it’s possible to justify a low level of economic efficiency. In the first place, the model of the short-term efficiency, and in the short-term period, the accumulation of physical baggage (capital, knowledge, land) is significantly larger than the total number of important assets. Similarly, we did not see the implementation of the capital contribution, and the resource resources would be reduced to the market. In a different way, Borges are in good standing as a power, so by private individuals and business, ale for the economy of the type of Ukrainian, the business of private Borgs seems to be small, hypotheses of the model are acceptable.

From now on, the real variety of assets is respected by the uninterrupted and differentiated functional hours, and in addition to the weakness of (a little bit) and the success of (15.3), it is an increase in the real value of the pennies of the big states:


There are countable increments in real wartost pennies and oblast:


de - actual inflation.

Functions that May I name it in one way and that it’s the real vartosti of the (new) bargaining goiters'yazan powers on a large market.

At the forefront, the material is half-hearted, but at a skinny moment, the state is financially own real factual vitrati G for a bundle of tax-payers T i service borgs accumulated up to a given (in-line) moment an hour. Vaughn, hell, goiters, is obligated to provide first-time profits, who are unharmed, nominal deficit P ( G - T ), as well as servicing the market (nominal risk-free) interest rate and the dominant borg, accumulations to date.

The price you can get is more than anything else a glory. Victory day. TIєI CHI INSHOI COMBINATION WITH GROSHOVOE EMISIS that new borg_v on a vilnomu market Thus, for the cutaneous moment є we are fair the financial budget deficit in the nominal currency:


Similarly, the financial budget deficit in the real world, having been presented (15.16) in (15.17):


Rivnyannya (15.18) in case, besides the trade bargain and that penny power, we will deny more than one more important dzherelo financing, budgetary deficit, inflation, private payment :

Macroeconomic theories have a great deal of emphasis on inflated income, which is less expensive than assets, but clearly in form of pennies. Zrozumіlo, scho zmіstovno іnflyatsіyniy takat pm characterize the world ру znetsіnennya pennies (інфляцію). The deposit from the region is to cry as if they were the first nominee and the real one on the sovereign borg, as well as the other sovereign on the sovereign (internal) borg.

Yakshcho power does not go into seigniorage, then rinkova the power of the sovereign Borg post is as capitalized for the rate of real Rіznitsya between flows of Maybut income and Vitrat.
Yak viplivaє z r_vnyannya


With a single dzherel of financing accumulated Borg and current Vitrats є Maybutni come to power, as maybutnous tributaries, the majority of these are up to date (discounted).