Modeluvannya ekonomiki - Vіtlіnskiy V.V.

15.6. Accumulation of private bagatry

Macroeconomic dinamika in the Sargent-Tarnovs' model is determined by the accumulation of private co-ops. At his cherv, accumulation of private bagatry appear in the form of the state borough: the neemobi rizni side of the same process. The basic idea of ​​the given model is simple: the power, the democratic norms, the zobov's duties, the financing of the budget deficit, the vikorovoyuchi, the zokrem, the tax, the borg, the gros. Ці інструменти використовуть бізнес і поселення (податки, звичайно, з виід'ємним значком), scho form of the process of accumulation of private bagatia.

Yak zavzhdi, a model of the soup will ask for real, scho, odak, vizravdati low ekonomichnyh mirkuvan. In the first place, the model creates short-term effects, and in the short term, the accumulation of phisical bagatry (capital, znan, zemli) is imparted in the same way as the pseudo-services of the capitalists. Analogously, we did not discern the realiza- tion of the capital contributions, and the resource of resources was allocated to the market. In a different way, the borgs are to be confronted in the state by the state, and by private individuals and by business, for the economy of the type of Ukraine, for the private boroughs, in the dark, the model is tolerable.

Otzhe, real vartit active in respectable and non-permissive and differentiated function hours, and zmіni bagatstva (neskincchenno mali) z urahuuvannam (15.3) is a pririst realo vartostnyi groshe i sobstvennykh oblagaty:


It is computationally possible to increase the real cost of grocery and public services:


De - actual inflation.

Functionality That Majut namu vidpovіdno seniorazhu that really vartostі (new) borovovyh zobov'azan 'power on the big rink.

At the time, the material was engraved, but at the time of the hour the power of the country was financed by its actual actuality G for the raion of submissions T i served the burgs, accumulated up to the current (hourly) hour. Vona, ozhe, zobov'yana profinasuvaty first, chi bezvydsotkovy, nominalny defiitsit P ( G - T ), and takozh obesluzhuvuvati zinkinkuyu (nominalnuyu bezryzikovoyu) rate vsdotka r sostavnyi borg, accumulations up to this moment rB .

Ці завданя мууть бути вирішені шахом використання тієї чи іншої комбінації з грошової імісіїї The new borgues to the valley This is the rank, for the skin moment - we are justifying the financing of the budget deficit in the nominal virazhenny:


Analogic rivnyannya fіnnisuvannya budget deficit in a real virazhennіі отримаємо, підставивши (15.16) в (15.17):


Rіvnyannya (15.18) vkazuє, scho крім богових pozochok taіmіsії groschena power отримуєш one of the most importantly djerelo фінансування budget deficit, vlasne, інфляційний податок , який расчується поселенням і бізнесом з усіх forms of private bagatia:

In the macroeconomic theory, they respectfully emphasize the ineffectiveness of the taxes, the cotrines are ruptured from the active, the less the form of the groschen. Зрозуміло, що змістовно інфляційний податок pm characterize the world of the penniless (incest). Submission from oblikatsyy rally to a yak rіznitsya mіzh nomіnalnim і real vіsotkom on the power borgo, kotra takozh вимірює знецінення nomінальної витості державноі (держанішньогого) боргу.

Yakshto power does not go to seyoraju, then the rinkova vartnist state borgo postak yak kapitaltalizovana at the rate of real viscos Різниця між потоками майбутніх доходів і витрат.
Як випливає з рівняння


Єdinym dzherlo fіnansuvannya the accumulated borgu th and on-line vitrate - Maybutny reach the power, tobto maybutnі submissions, vartіst yakikh zveden (discounted) to the streaming moment.