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Commodity Innovation Policy - Kardash V. Ya., Pavlenko І. BUT.


9.1. The role of technical understanding of aesthetics and ergonomics in the competitiveness of a new product

The development of wimog is necessary to a harmonious unification of crown power and a natural calligraphy of virivic є characteristic rice spreading of its own market. Nin_, if technology, into business, service and development, in approximately the same way, even if it is possible, it is possible, under the condition of new products, it is possible only to start a new product, but in a new product, you will still be able to work for them in the process for them, in the process, they will be able to work for a new product, but they can do it in the process of building a new product. The very beginning of direct development, the most important warehouses of the creative, creative work of the people, yak take care of the main products of the innovation. Technological estetika and ergonomika to complete the special features of the interconnection of the system “people — technics — medium” (SLTS) with the method of harmonious development of the component components. Such a system is misplaced by the wizards, who agree with each other: the people, the technical capacity of the іyalnost and the medium, in such a way do the real people. SLTS, de people (spzhivach, koristuvach) є is a real functor, called ergatichny system. Be a yer ergonomic product demanding rozpachinati analysis of the prediction of human activity and the peculiarities of the functions of the system. Marketing marketing dostika spriyaut dosygnennyu head marks of such analysis - the role of the people in ros'vyaznny zavda with additional development of the system. Result for the time being with the shape of the psychophysiological characteristics of the May Day, the health of the ranks of the ergonomic offices will affect the effective system of the coristuvacha station (with the help of).

Tekhnіchna estetika vivchaє social-cultural, technical and aesthetic problems and the formation of a harmonious objective subject, just shut out the goods, for the sake of the most powerful minds of the people, who will meet with people. Otzhe, the subject of technical aesthetics ест vivchennya aesthetic aspects in the form of the middle of life people. The very reason for this is to become the theoretical ambush of the artistic construction (design), the lawfulness of the development, the principles and methods of the creative activity of the artist-designer (designer). Swinging goods, designers, designing special models or models, are designed to create a unique form of work and storage, pick up the necessary number, take advantage of your personal needs, and you will find your own personal image, you will find your own professional image, and you will be inspired by your own personal image, you will find your own professional needs, and you will be inspired by your own personal image, you will find your own professional needs, and you will be inspired by your personal picture, you will find your own professional needs, you will need your personal picture, you will find your own professional profile, you will need your personal picture, you will find your own professional profile, you will need your personal picture, you will need to find your own professional image, and you will be able to look for your personal picture. Thus, the design of the form є product yak with the help of tsіnnіst і robit yogo korisnym, zarzhnim, beautiful. The design is often part of a comprehensive scientific-practical activity for the formation of a harmonious, natural-looking middling of living and living people.

Termin "ergonomika" to resemble the Waltzers "ergos" - pratsya and "nomos" - law. Ergonomіka vivchaє funktsionalnogo stan, dіyalnіst people or groups of people for the minds of a vibrant virobnitstva, pobutu, dozvіllya s metoyu opіmіzatsії znaryad pratsі, pobutovyh goods_v, minds pratsі toscho. This is an applied science, which will lead to material and subject-specific knowledge of people and women, who will be able to do it successfully, who will be able to work with this technology to be safe for efficiency, to be comfortable with comfort and to get comfortable with this technology for rest and comfort, and without the comfort and comfort. Vidіlyayut two straight rozvitku ergonomki: coriguinal and preventive. The first line of consumption is consumed by modernizing virobic countries, and it has been mastered by virobnitsv i vivedeni rinok. The other one is connected with the projects of the new products. Methodological basis of ergonomics;

The main objects of the international conference are the “people - virb - sredovische” system. Before such incumbency be yakі systems, in the case of Kotrikh take the fate of people-operator. For example, great automation systems, management, to support people for work at the organization and organization, technology, control systems, for the type-of-operator, system, transfer programs, and other programs. You can say something that is ergonomics vivchaє interconnection between people and technology. Vona maє odnakovo vrahovuvati yak tehnіchnі, so i anthropologіchnі kladovі. Theoretical and practical heading ergonomika roz'yazuє in mutual with technical aesthetics. So, the artist's design is guilty as much as possible before respecting ergonomic wimogues. Water and ergonomics are based on the necessary natural skills and artistic results. The reason for such an organically-related relationship is є spіlnist ob' обkta doslіdzhennya obukh naukih directly, yakim є system "people - virіb - sredovische." Otzhe, vzamozv'yazok tehnіchno ест aesthetics and ergonomics are determined by the laws of the science-tehnіchnogo development of svitovo ї tsivіlіzatsіі, perspective yakogo on the cob of a new tisycholіttya felicate in a well-worn synthesized culture of a cultured culture of a new culture. To the protege of them, they are similarly defined and interpreted in the methods and methods that are followed by the whole, as well as those of the warehouse.