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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.


3.1. Organizations, Ії bases of that function of administrative device

Change of mind to management є revelation of organization, within the range of processes; The management of the winery is there; That is because of the need for a mother to organize, and then I’ll need to shut down the mechanics of the core people, because of which the organization is organized. Understanding the organization to live in two aspects:

  • Institutional, if the organization means a singing group of people who are able to reach out to the rest of the world;
  • to the process, if the organization means the interaction of people between themselves.

In both cases, there are three keys to power supply for three power supply keys:

- How are the group members?

- Who is the boss for?

- Who the hell is a vicon?

Theory of Organizational Taxation Decile Concept. Classical theories, set up by F. Taylor and A. Fayolem. It’s stinky to recognize the basic organization of the following: the main idea is Chi; rozpodil pracі; coordination zusil; ієrarchі is more important and possessive. For the purpose of securing effective organizational activities, a vicarious possession of the head coordinating and motivating instrument was taken.

Chester Bernard, having pronounced a number of new ideas for a functional organization: delegate ownership from below to the hill; theory sprynyattya more important; the key is the value of information in official bodies; preparedness of the skin member of the organisation buty cinnamon for the older members. A special pidkhid polyaga is that the manager’s order can be reduced by special needs and pidleglikh abilities.

Warehousing concepts of M. Weber є: розподіл праці; ієrarhіya power; measure (system) of rules; lack of control, vote for the landing. The basis for adopting the decision is to serve the rules, instructions and procedures.

Nowadays, the organization of the theory is based on the deposits of the organization of the middle treasure and the synergy is the result of the duty.

Organizations - this is more than just a group of people, mean the successors from the United States, - a group of indivisibles, the same principles, interests, procedures, special values, and also the same forms. The organization can be characterized as follows: all the more formal is the appearance, as well as with a hat, you can see a certain good singing part in order to keep it adequate (adequate) for the whole func- tion;

As a result, elements are often in the middle, so their pose is for the purpose of realizing the whole function;

Total cost (including space) of the elements, as well as parts of the defined circuits and power due to the special specialization and cooperation of the elements.

Sliced ​​rice, which may be a different type of organization: a large number of suborganizations; zagalna meta, like a house to members of the organization; foreign pragnmenya, straightened to the attainment of the establishment of goals; єєrarchіya; formal structure, coordination coordination; vertical and horizontal pitch ".

Otzhe, organization - a whole social assimilation, in a kind of ignominious sensations, a bagato of people was identified for reaching a secured place. The head of the organization is not stored in sets, the number of items and elements, and the stock is stored, but in the interconnections, interactions. French dossier V.-A. Greykunas shche in 1936, having pronounced the formula for showing the number of all possible interactions in organizations, in order to demand the respect of the manager:

K = n (2 n - 1 + n - 1),

de K - kerivnik, n - kіlkіst pіdleglikh.

For example, if the organization is stored up for 4 people (kerivnik plus three letters), then there are 18 (in potential) 18 connections, for 6 persons (1 + 5) - 100, for 8 (1 + 7) - 490 at

10 (1 + 9) - 2376, and so on the increase - it is practical for the principle of geometric progression.

Triviality of one contact, such as at a curvier, for example, to pay attention, it is possible to sign up, to give up the rest of the work day for quick work: 480 hv: 100 = 4.8 hv.

In practice, go and manage, so as to reduce the number and frequency of calls and by yourself, we will give you the opportunity to pass the time and to show the low efficiency of your stay (long-term).

In the organizational structures, including the sovereign government, the victorious nature of the organizational foundations, the way to form the typical structures.

The base is the base of the structure, while when it is shifted vertically, the direction of the sovereign bodies is unidirectional, the same as the frame in the completed view of the church. Here the most obvious manifestation is, if one person on the skin is in vertical vertical position in their hands is in control of the processes in the sovereign body, a kind of win.

The main sign of the linear management of the plague is that, on the basis of the skin team, there is a curvature (organ, management), a skinned member of the team and organization as a whole, there is only one order of authority for the body. The linear type of structure of rigidly formalized and necessary formalities and supranosts, last ones. Winery is for Viktoria, a clear visit to life of the most powerful people, but in some cases tune-ups are not enough manifested, the bagateness of life is reduced, the lower versatility and effectiveness are presented.

The functional basis is leading to the formation of the sovereign bodies, which are specially priced to the specific functions management. Allowed to implement the functional functions of professional and specialized specialists, at the same time there is a problem with the problem of the coordination, disruption of the order and knowledge of the work.

Lіnіyno-funktsіonalna basis zabezpechuє poєdnannya perevag lіnіynih that funktsіonalnih foundations that dozvolyaє stvoryuvati structure in yakih odnі organi priymayut upravlіnskі rіshennya i Vlasna conductive їh in Zhittya and drugі zabezpechuyut їh іnformatsієyu randomness, planning, koordinatsіynogo that іnshogo nature scho dozvolyaє pіdvischuvati rіven sovereign upravlіnnya .

Program-based foundation of the mortgage in the organization structure of the whole complex, which is the complex program, and the order of the elements and the interchange. As a result of the integration of natural, natural, and biological resources for the selection of urgent problems of management.

The matrix is ​​the basis of total control and software management. This is the type of structure of responsibilities, as a rule, with territorial control. Vin zezpepechuє complex piddіd to management processes at the designated territory.

The main idea of ​​such a structure is the organization is guilty of taking horizontal and lateral communications between the middle organizations and the guaranteeing of suvor vidpovіdalnіst for xіd robіt.

Special administrative device for organizing vikon bagato functions. Behind the functional sign of the student for consultative, service and special services.

The lone kerivnik for the necessary needs in the special knowledge is to be turned in before the special profile for the consultation.

Planuvannya, financing, delivery, delivery and a number of the most important functions to specialize the servants of the service unit. Special functional functions are prepared for the preparation of the necessary information for the adoption of the solution.

The specialties include the secretary and the assistants of the kerivnik. Stink in the organization of organization that is important not to have and not to work with a robot, like a handler. Do not have any formal impetus, the special device can be inserted into the special contact of the warrior with the help, the oldest warriors, the middleman.

The leather type of administrative device has a wide range of advantages: recommendations, options, weather, parallel, functional and internal equipment of the device itself.

In case of recommendation, the advisory body is guilty of reconfiguring the core in the value of their services.

Pogodzhennyu p_dlyagayut deyakі nourishment, akі kerіvnitsvo organizatsіі vidіlyaє for the whole. The catering in the obyazkovy order of the guilty is negotiated between the middle line and the headquarters.

In order to capture significant pardons when you accept the decision of the organization, you need to increase the number of times you need to pay attention to them in parallel.

If you accept the functional solution, the priority is to be taken for the functional body.

With the great administrative apparatus of self-management and structure, sectors (groups, groups), private management.

In these viaducts, the administrative device has its own organization.

Remuneration in the organization is not automatically distributed. For effective delegation, it is imperative that you select the line and the functional-headquarters and the organizational structure of the line and the staff line-ups.

It is traditional to establish virological, financial and social duties before the linear dyalnost. Functional-staff headquarters of the assistant with the main functions.