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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

3.2. The sovereign body is a system-co-authoring element of the organizational structure of the sovereign government

Sub'єktom sovereign governing vistupaуп power as a whole. Ale tse doesn’t mean that all organic organizations, organizations, organizations and establish to take part in the management.

The power is limited to functional and practical features of suspension. All prices and directions and characteristics of the power of the authorities, their services and services, and their participation in the form of real estate are governed by the law.

Organizational structure of the sovereign government is especially special for the sovereign and legal right, it is enriched with the suspension and political nature, the social and functional role, the goals and the power of government are in suspension. This includes the warehouse, organization, and interchange of human resources, technical and technical interests, as well as visualization of the form of real estate management and real estate management. Zvidsy vidokremlennya organizatsіyno structures of the sovereign government from the bagatogrannyh zviazkіv power and suspension ії її specifically-rozumіnnya.

The sovereign body is inherently a system-co-ordinating element of the organizational structure of the sovereign government, there are some requirements for the form and realization of the sovereign-governing control, which is why there is no reason for them to be left without any additional storage facilities:

You can see the different characteristics of the sovereign body: functional, yak rykrivyut yo yak structure, yak vikonu znacheni funktsionі power; sociologists, like looking at one of the collective of people who have seen a suspension for the rest of the year, have taken possession of a new state at the official sphere of state duty; juridical, in order to insist on the supreme importance of the designated structure (collective of people) of the necessary competence (superior functionality and re-consideration) or even the most important rewards; Organizations, in order to focus on the consistency of the given structure to the state power, on the internal incentives - the organization of elements and interconnection.

Thus, a sovereign body є is a single structure of power, formally constituted by a state for the purpose of closing it behind it for its purpose and function. Followed by the sovereign body of the sovereign government, as well as economic activity on the basis of sovereignty; establish the sovereign state, as if bound, as a rule, to the saints of the social and spiritual servants; a kind of state organization, like a vikon organization of functions in the different spheres of social life. In the first place, I manage and realize the management of the decision and the other, in the rest - the material, social and spiritual products and services.

The basis of the organizational structures of the sovereign administration is laid down by the organizations of legislative power. In the stupidity, it’s the most ambitious scale and fold the part of the sovereign apparatus, as if I’m practically able to control all the information and the freedom of the sovereign primitive. Also, the provision has been effectively delineated by the team, so that they can reckon to celebrate the immediate control of people.

I have a guilty plea for guarding my mother and I’m “piercing” the vertical, I want to protect myself from passing through, differentiation and concretization of authority, especially directive, more than anything else State Self-Government, brought Ії to the Viscountry and the order of conduct of the vimpovidnim vimogam (norms).

In the organizational structure of the sovereign government, there is a self-control of the system at the supervisor's view of the special educational system with its own control objects, competence, procedures and forms of organizational, material and technical staff, Ale tilki tsya p_dsystem, the yak “from below” is associated with the populations - the nose and the Dzherel of power, including the one that corresponds to the current rivie, and “above” - with the organs of the sovereign power of the sub power of the state. Zavdyaki tsomu zberigatsya systematic power, the system of suspension and the system of sovereign government.

Please be careful as well as provide power for evaluating the organisation's authority between the representative bodies of the sovereign government and the self-dependent, horizontal and horizontal organs. A democratic legal authority has a legal order of organization of representative bodies: everything is demarcated by legal authority, and with some lower governing body, go to lawful legal act. Rozdilena legislator and vikonavcha of Vlad, with some kind of leather mechanics formality dyalnostі. For the whole thrift, you should shuffle gowns about those who are representative of the sovereign government and the majority of self-confidence that they do not have to take part in the sovereign government and do not absorb the power of the organization. With such an interpretation of the name of the organization’s sound signals, it’s important to wait. In the first place, their interdependence is manifested through the mechanisms of stream and protivag, which is especially special when the personnel catering is adopted and adopted. In a different way, representative organizations are significantly invested in wicker organizations with a sub-budget, as well as financial, credit, tax and other regular regulation. In the third place, the representative organization has adopted the law to adopt the latest regulatory legal acts and formulate the legal ambushes for the suspension of life and to establish the regulatory framework for the functioning of the authorities. Significantly underestimated, underestimated significance of horizontal organizational sounds - it means that it is not right to sound and that it is not possible to control a complex system of suspension. Before the speech, we will relax and control the government, the remnants of the vote will be given, and the competition will be subject to competition and protest.

From now on, if there is a greater degree of control over the power structure of the sovereign government, there is no control over the ownership of the property, however, it is traditional to take control of the whole structure, but only the management structure is process) manifest, parties, deposits practically all the organs of sovereign power and the majority self-reliance, such as those in general and realizable state-governed.