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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

3.3. The structure of the sovereign body

In order to manage the organization of the organization, it is reasonable to have more elements, so that you can be between them in their own interactions and to ensure that there is one function. Structural elements є pracіvniki, service and in lanka aparatu management.

Within the framework of the management structure, the management process is underway, including participants in a certain management function and management, and the rights are granted for the weekend. Because of the position management structure, it is possible to consider the form of cooperation and management activities, the goal is to reach management goals.

The structure of the sovereign body to lay down the body to the body in the organization of the structure of the sovereign government, the oath and the power of competence, the individual, the role in the management of the suspension processes.

Necessarily vrakhovuvati, scho mzhzh structures of the three sovereign bodies іsnuє organizatsіyna vzєmozalezhnіst. Zmіst the structure of a particular sovereign body can be less visible through the expansion of the sound structure of the object, yakim won the administration of the sovereign state organs. The structure of the sovereign body is also guilty of making decisions for the rational organization of the effective function of the special apparatus. Vidovdno to tsogo structure is guilty of vidpovidaty deyakim vimogam and form on the previous rules of law. They are reported:

  • Vimoga mobilnosti, vidpovidno up to a small number of warehouse i kіlkіst internal pіdrozdіlіv set for optimal criteria kerovanostі;
  • the possibility of promptness, the kind of visibility, the complexity of the internal and external sounds, the quickness of the recognition and the protection of the information, the acceptance of the organization of the resolution;
  • Vimoga ekonomіchnostі, yak umumovlyu є neobhodim_stv vznachati vartіst utrimannya aparatu management and vitrat for health management.

A particular problem in formulating and evaluating the structure of a sovereign body is to establish the current value of the potential norm of caroanost. When voznoznachennaya price norms are necessary vrahovuvati such officials:

1. Officials who are appointed by the commission of arrogance:

Significance zavdan, assignment of group special services for the Viscon;

difficulty zavdan;

rznorіdnіst zavdan;


zavdannya, so as to cause inadvertent care.

2. Officials, so as to lie in the individual cairn:

step of self-sustainability;

auxiliary staff;

dyalnist, a yak is not tied with a carnival;

management method;


3. Officials, so as to lie to personnel:

integration pracі;

informality of informal groups;

culture spіlkuvannya;

plinnit frame.

4. Officials of a technical nature:

vertical range of core;


rozmіshchennya in the field

clothespin lenichka vikonanna zavdan;


mortgage structure;

sociological elements;

steady pace of work;

the control;

інфляційна system;

technology for processing information.

First executions at the incumbent structure of the sovereign body є to read the map of the government, that is, the succession of the sovereign towns and villages, as it is in the governors of the country are more important, so that I can manage.

The collegial sovereign body - the warehouse is planted, so as to approve the basis - the core is given to the body.

In the one-sovereign state body - the center of the warrior and that of the third intercessor, who have the opportunity to take the decision for the next day.

Another zavdannya, like a whirlpool of the first, a pole in such a good condition, a way to redeem them more and more clearly in a competent state body.

The vertical and horizontal structure of pyrosis is vertical. With a horizontal structure, a large posad group is formed; I’ll see one curved stone (for example, one curved stone for six). With a vertical structure, there are small groups of land with a small group of crank houses (at the same time, seven sectors are closed by two sectors and two squares with a corral sector, and above them there is a corridor).

Bagato analitikov respect the greater horizontal horizontal structure, I am close to the other side of the world, I can help you to choose the right way, and you can do this.

In practice, re-navigate the vertical structures of the soil. From the results in the ministry to the ministra to the real special-vikonavtsya, it is possible to narahuvati the sim-vіsіm steps of the main posad. The IDB is empty. The transmission of control information is up-down and down-to-top with an additional limp. For the first time, the horizontal organization of sounds is more and more lacking, and moreover, there are elements of competition for the impact on the implementation of the competence of the sovereign body.

Until the third day of presentation, a view and description of the sovereign body’s posad and work is presented. Sacrifice between the sovereign state and the working month in order to ensure that there is no interruption, it is bound without interruption due to the realization of the competence of the sovereign body. More timid is the view and oath of servitude and servicing, and the subsidiary care of the administrative processes of the sovereign body (utmost attention, sound, transport, etc.). Posada described through the management of obov'yazki and reassurance, and overlook. Visiting a company for more than one hour to have a break at one’s own room and not for the frequency of their participation in the preparation and implementation of their current and independent state competences. The form of a posad will require knowledge and visions of the rules. For example: відповідність the oath of duty and physical ability of people; equal incentive and sanction; specialization and automatic replacement of that and more.